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  1. @Highest still having somewhat of an ego, but seeing it as a background noise, basically not identified with thoughts, but more the true observer of a thought, maybe very little mind chatter whatsoever. But then again I’m not enlightened so what the fuck do “I” know
  2. @Joseph Maynor if you are arguing and or disagreeing is that not EGO? ?‍♂️ On some level???
  3. You act as if all Enlightened people agree. That’s a myth; it couldn’t be further from the truth. Ego ^^^^^^^ this is what I’m talking about.
  4. @Joseph Maynor cause I’m calling bluffs around here, I still have an ego lol also cause I’m getting info from people who I honestly think aren’t enlightened whatsoever, that claim they are!
  5. @thesmileyone I battle with anxiety, I always ask my self who is this “i” or “me” who has this anxiety, it really helps, just keep inquiring.
  6. @Good-boy also kundalini + 5MEO sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen.
  7. @Good-boy also where are these “other” people come on man...
  8. @Good-boy kundalini can still happend even after someone is enlightened.
  9. @Barna I do the same shit, when I get anxiety, I go well who’s the “i” who has this anxiety & it chills me out fast...
  10. @Good-boy will see, It has gotten worse, but it’s also purging shit, i have a real fucked up case of ocd anxiety, it may take a while, Lots of purging going on. if or when I do it depends on when my kids getting out of the house & on top of that in have no time, I own 4 buinsesses that are very hands on, can’t go tripping balls whenever I want. Also there have been tens of thousands of people that have gone through kundalini & eventually have become enlightened Without 5meo, I wouldn’t be re writing the wheel.
  11. @Good-boy @Good-boy ahh who am I kidding, I love this fuckin forum ???
  12. @theking00 gotta ask yourself who’s the “me” that nothing good happens to??
  13. @Good-boy need proof before I take that shit, Sorry. Only bullshit I hear is that it raises consciousness, the kundalini ripping through me is doing the same shit & it’s natural.
  14. @Good-boy ? This forum almost isn’t helping me anymore, everyone rides 5meos dick lol meanwhile no one is enlightened from it ? yes it’s a tool, but I don’t think it’s putting people over the 600 mark to enlightenment. If I heard more cases that it was trust me i would have taken it already.
  15. @Good-boy I’ll be honest I was thinking the same shit, hopefully he gets full blown enlightenment this round.
  16. @Shin @Shin are you enlightened yes or no???? & no bull shit answer like I’m in a non dual state sometimes, it’s a yes or no...
  17. @Good-boy yeah are you enlightened yes or no ?????
  18. @Good-boy there’s been 1 comfirmed case, Martin Ball & the dude can’t sleep, sounds super enlightened. ?
  19. @Good-boy yeah cause sooo many people are enlightened from that bull shit..?