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  1. @Dumb Enlightened it’s interesting, some people will shake it off as “just energy”, if you felt my just energy you would be singing a different tune. It’s changing something within me that’s for sure, much calmer, like eerily calm.
  2. @Dumb Enlightened my kundalini is very awake, ask away. Mine got awakend 10 months ago on an sds sit, my crown chakra blew open 2 hours into the sit after I truly gave up to the pain. when it happend I thought I was enlightened cause energy was pouring out of the top of my head for about 3 minutes. ego came back in after about 5 minutes of sitting in a state of bliss. since then these are my symptoms. -3 rd eye opened & pulsates all day long -spinning sensations during mediation -Krya’s or jerking body sensations or pulsating. -nightnares -crying or purging, I never cry. -tingling all over my body -feelings of tingling or re-wiring in my head -hours of bliss & bad anxiety, the best of both worlds -this energy is no joke at all, if you actually ever awaken it just let it do it’s thing, it’s purging past traumas & it’s smarter then you, let it do it’s thing. Also I didn’t choose kundalini, it chose me, all I knew about was enlightenment, I had no clue what kundalini was. there’s even more shit that I can’t even rember, there’s a good book on Leo’s list enlightenment through the path of kundalini really helped me a lot. You don’t need kundalini to become enlightened but it’s a good pre-requisite in many cases.
  3. @FoxFoxFox the deeper I get into my kundalini the crazier & deeper it seems to go, had no idea my own body could do the things that it has done. But again trying not to create any stories about it, when Krya’s come, they come.
  4. @Leo Gura is meeting Rupert next month in NYC pumped.
  5. Just wondering, I’ve heard many gurus have at some point. But not all.
  6. @Preetom adyashanti, Rupert & Peter Raulson I believe his name is all said they would do self inquiry basically from sun up to sun down until their awakenings.
  7. @yangmilun 2017 battled with OCD anxiety or pure O it’s one of the most fucked up cases of anxiety, I’d rather be a hoarder lol fast forward to today the pure O anxiety has tamed down to like 1-5% of my day instead of %100 in my opinion self inquiry & medation, sds sits & more self inquiry have gotten me to this point. & yes all because of mainly Leo, & other gurus I have listened to over the past year & a 1/2 anxiety is pretty rare for me now unless I’m under a ton of stress. Now im sure as hell not enlightend but I am 95% better then what I was. Im getting mixed reviews from people some say enlightenment extinguishes anxiety, then others say you’ll still have issues, I’ll let you know once I’m there lol
  8. I’ve been sick with the flu the past 2 days laying in bed, so I figured let me use this time to do self inquiry, I just feel like I’m either doing it wrong or my ego is doing a great job of not letting me have any kind of real breakthrough happen.
  9. @Arhattobe not trying to be cool or woke my friend. Just looking for help or tips so I’m not chasing my tail for 40 years
  10. @Arhattobe yes “I” am very impatient lol , I’m in a better place then I was 2 years ago for sure, but I still have bouts of anxiety especially on highways & bridges , feel very out of control on them & not comfortable at all.
  11. Or is enlightenment the only end all that will dismantle anxiety & depression.
  12. I guess I’m just wondering, I think I would feel bad taking it knowing I have 2 little kids, maybe it’s an ego defense mechanism....
  13. @Kensho anytime you take a substance like 5meo I’m sure you’re at risk for something to go wrong..then again you can say that about driving to work as well
  14. @mandyjw I’ll be honest, I have new buisnesses thatbare very hands on & young children, there are no weekend get always
  15. Just about every time I do regular breath mediation these Krya’s take my body over, I’m not trying to get attached to them, but they do happen automatically, apparaently they are clearing chakras & purging shit. anyone ever delt with this stuff, don’t know if it’s helping me or just getting in my way of Enlightenment. my kundalini awoke about 9 months ago & been dealing with these energies ever since. they are also getting more powerful with time. Also after this happens my 3rd eye pulsates like crazy & I feel very blissed out after. thoughts?
  16. This puzzles more then anything, it seems the people that are “enlightened” are on this forum more then anyone ? but honestly how is sitting on here arguing about enlightenment with people helping you if you are enlightened???? Also how come all of the heavy hitter Main stream “enlightened” people aren’t on this forum? many of these “enlightened people” you would think they would want to help us. But most of them seem to be smart asses that like to type with their chest puffed out & don’t seem enlightened at all. Go ahead, enlighten me ?
  17. I basically inquire as to who “I” am all day on some level, really digging hard & trying to break the ego at any means necessary. I guess I’m just getting frustrated at this point almost a year & a 1/2 & all I have is a shit ton of kundalini to show for it.?‍♂️ But wait who’s the “I’m” thats getting frustrated? Lol
  18. @Serotoninluv when I finally truly awaken I wonder if I’ll ever do Bjj again, requires ego lol
  19. @Serotoninluv they say once you become a black belt it’s actualy the hardest belt to compete at cause the rabbit hole is soooo deep bran new black belts to 20 year black belt could compete in the same bracket.
  20. @Serotoninluv I’ve been at this self inquiry/ sds/ mediation for a year & a 1/2 at this pint all I have to show for it is a kundalini, my 3rd eye pulsating all day long & less anxiety then a few years ago, looking forward to a real breakthrough.
  21. @Markus so what the fuck are we really searching for then? Most seekers are searching for freedom from their neurosis, anxiety/ depression Ect ect ....