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  1. @Preetom kundalni is the boss when I let it be the boss. Until it really wants to be the boss then hopefully I’ll be awakend.
  2. As well as working out, I feel like all the above with self inquiry & heavy meditation can help get you there, thoughts....
  3. @Good-boy every time I close my eyes to mediate I get kryas (shaking/wiggling) 3rd eye pulsates a lot still, apparently I’m supposed to let these kryas happen, they are purging chakras/ old traumas so they say....still not enlightened though, but im not seeking as much as I was (self inquiry) just trying to be present as much as possible. The krya can & will happen up to an hour if I let them. Meeting Rupert Spira in 2 weeks, pretty pumped about that.
  4. @FoxFoxFox funniest thing about Echart is he preaches being in the now, meanwhile self inquire got him enlightened ??? “who’s the “i” that I cant live with? There’s two of me”?
  5. @Aakash it’s called balance brother, balance. I own 4 buisnesses, have 2 kids & I am married, as well a do BJJ & lift, as well as mediate/ self inquire basically all day long.
  6. @MrDmitriiV I would have never believed awakening kundalini was true until my crown chakra blew open & energy poured out of my head or when i shake like I’m having a seizure every time I mediate due to kundalni. the best part about kundalni is after having it awaken there is no more doubt that enlightenment or chakras are real or not. as far as 5MEO is concerned aside from Martin Ball who else has become enlightened using it? Then again apparently enlightenment is a deep rabbit hole especially according to guys like Ramaji 600-1,000 graph, so maybe 5MEO could get you there, i just don’t know anyone besides Martin ball who claims this.
  7. It would be much appreciated much like you’re sds & self inquiry videos.
  8. I’m not sure what to do, they will happen for an hour straight if I let them. I understand it’s kundalni but will there be a breakthrough at some point or am I just gonna jerk & shake the next 30 years every time I close my eyes... lol ?‍♂️?
  9. @Joseph Maynor me 2 I’m married ? hey Joseph I’d like to hear you’re story shoot me a message.
  10. @Joseph Maynor well said, but the guy that helped pull you out of a dark hole, would you break his balls? Thats what it would be like in my case.
  11. @Joseph Maynor I do, I’m sold on most of his work, but if it wasn’t for him I’d be rather fucked so I always try to show him respect even though there are some things I disagree on such as pscadellics for instance. One of the coolest things is you can actually see him mature as the years & videos go on, it’s been said before this awakening thing is a deep rabbit hole & opinions on things are going to change always. For many of us he’s the 1st guru we’ve ever had.
  12. @Joseph Maynor even if you only listen to Leo for a short while he is still helping tell the world about awakening. To me that’s good enough, if or when the day ever happens that I truly awaken I hope I can help people like he has in some way shape or form.
  13. For some reason, I’m not grasping what exactly it is, either I’m stupid or no one has explained to me properly.
  14. @Richard Alpert it exhist, I’ve been dealing with it for about 10 months.
  15. @Joseph Maynor 5MEO & kundalni doesnt sound like a match made in heaven at the moment.
  16. @Mikael89 I was joking, 5MEO has 1 confirmed case of enlightenment, I could care less about them in all honestly.
  17. @Joseph Maynor maybe I’ll ask how much 5MEO helped his enlightenment & when I see adyashanti, shinzen young & Peter Raulson I’ll ask the same thing ?
  18. @Angelo John Gage meet us homie it’s only $45 me & one guy from the forum are going & my brothers in laws are going with me as well. Not sure the web site it was a few months ago, check Rupert Spira. Com or something
  19. @Anna1 many people say you should only have one, I’m still going back & forth as to what I’m going to say to him, don’t wanna waste it, the guy is one of the most enlightened people walking earth, don’t wanna fuck this up lol
  20. @Anna1 I am meeting Rupert in a q & a setting in NYC lol