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  1. @Harikrishnan the inner game principals work everywhere. When dealing girls like you discribed i would focus on building comfort more than gameing in the start. Also you got to be more careful calibrateing.
  2. @ShugendoRa that can be very addictive.
  3. @Nahm I thought you were flirting for a moment. Building up intimacy from the start is a good idea though
  4. @Nahm did you just read my aura?
  5. I have to disagree i consider myself good in bed and i dont consider myself embodyment of masculinity im also addicted to sex. Im my oppinion experience is key and knowing what turnes on a particular girl you re having sex with. (quiting porn and lasting a long time also helps)
  6. @Natasha i think that certain people have a sharper intelect than others. These are the jnana yoga people.
  7. How do you guys think are the people with the strongest intelect in our society?
  8. This video motivated me to channel my sexual energy. For the past few days i have been trying to masturbate but not let myself orgasm. I just stay at the plato stage for as long as i can. After i take a cold shower to relax my nerves and take the sexual desire away. It works perfect and gives me a ton of energy.
  9. @Gili Trawangan i dont know for sure but supose they are a moment of tapping in a memory in a very intense way. Just like you are reliving it.
  10. I have practiced yoga shambahavi mahamudra by sadhguru for a month now deja vus have become very common espacialy when i do the practices. Also dreams get more intense and some of them i have forgotten have came up in my awarenes.
  11. Do you guys think her frequency paintings work?
  12. Hi guys Teal Swan is a spiritual teacher who sells the so called frequency paintings. She says that they are so intense that you can actualy feel them. And they are also used to help us manifest more of the frequency they represent in our life. Have any of you guys experienced or feelt these paintings?
  13. Hello guys, just looking for some ideas about healthy ( or not as bad ) forms of escapism. Things such as reading or traveling.
  14. Yoga is very powerful. Cold showers also.