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  1. I was quite suprised that he was honest about this. Later I realized that he told me "sometimes therapy is better when with a drug therapy" so he did not want to waste therapy sessions for my money I suppose ge may had an intention like this. Becasue i described i had no will to do anything in this liife and also about this thing were being not disturbing me at all but it is disturbing and this a paradox.
  2. Experience any perspective on your own. I did it as well. According to my experience, energy flows in different way when you're upright and many kind of healing occurs. Laying down is also good for some scenarios. For my experience, It is best when I have absolute no energy or have terrible back pain to stand upright. It is all up to you. Experiment on your own all I say.
  3. It's just you're wanting to debate, we all know you're not a beginner. Nevertheless it is less 1 in a million or trillion or whatever chance that anyone who have no single idea about enlightenment would encounter my post in actualized fucking dot org's rat post of this on 129th page and acknowledge and then take it granted that no enlightenment is possible.
  4. theres is no enlightenment and all of these forms of you are deluded in doing including op.
  5. Theres no enlightenment, you again deluded your experience into limited being
  6. your parents did it. two people of you. so it is more likely thats going to happen same as well for you.
  7. Find out who's understanding is it? Where this is arises from? Let's imagine for a second that you are talking about a sun. A particular sun that has orange color. Now you say that It had been rose in the sky from the horizon. Now I ask you to find the horizon literally. Now don't just try to think for an answer. Rather put this question (as you read it, you put it) inside the basket and lets brew the question there for a while to see what happens. I gave you the instructions above. This is the same issue happening here. The same "so to say" computer crush error that would happen whenever you boot your computer up. It is the same. This is beautiful. Yes it is strong force of gravity exactly. I think you got a glimpse of it. Are you capable of not observing anything that's not existent? . . . h . m . m . . . I believe you are a great storyteller if you'd just start to show us/ prove us that you're. Why don't you just start? Then you'll discover your true face while this process is unfolding.
  8. all problems arisen from misidentifying The eye, I
  9. I don't think anything in particular, in these improvisations I don't think of any form or transformation. I don't put myself in any stage but if you want to have a taste in piano instrument, that's how would It sound.
  10. Are you digesting the food you ate last time? /or is it being digested? Are you growing new cells in your body? /or is it being grown by? Are you consciously converting oxigens to carbondioxides? /or is it being taken care by? Are you breathing right now? /or the muscles work for you to breathe in? Are you working the muscles as the same you drive a car? /or muscles itself do the thing by itself? Do you read these lines? /or is it being read by Are you thinking an answer right now? /or is it being thought for you? When you go from a place to next place, do you carefully plan to move and take steps i.e balance your body to switching from left leg to right leg each time? /or is it automatically done for you? Can you sometimes be an arrogant yourself? /or is it being done for you? Can you sometimes be an happy yourself? /or is it being happening for you? When you browse the internet, e.g, do you plan to read what you want to read? /or is it planned for you? Can you sometimes be X and other times be Y, or, sometimes be doing Z and other times be doing G? /or is it all done for you? Can you spot yourself/ identify your true sense with any thought or idea that you are free to choose? /or is it chosen in front of you? Can you choose next spot for your acne? /or is it automatically chosen by your body and pops randomly? Can you really tell when will your next time to be diseased? /or is it automatically happening so-to-say- random? When you look at 2 + 2, did you give any effort to resolve it to 4? did you even notice I did not said, or put = ? after, what is 2+2? /or did it just automatically happen for you? Can you spot any thought that's from you? /or they are spotted in front of you, ? like a cloud appears and disappears in the sky? Did you really went through all questions? /or did you just notice that somehow the "time" passed by and you hit the last question over here?
  11. No literally, there's a twist on this: Literally buddha was nobody. If you get it, you might have instant Enlightenment.
  12. Anything that the "I" can perceive, is not the true being. Who said that? Everything that "I" perceives is the true thing. So where do I look? So don't look anywhere else. You're all that you're here. That's all. But how do I leave the "I" behind? Show me the "I" you're talking about first, then we can drop it anywhere you want. How can I undone being the perceiver? ? How do you turn this on? (hint for geeks; AOE2) I know there is an infinite possibilities opening up from realising that anything perceived is not me, but I still can't take the leap. How do you know that? What leap are you talking about? What do you want from life?
  13. Subject is the object, Doer is the done Thinker is the thought Seer is the seen Hearer is the heard Feeler is the felt the thinker cannot be found, the Self is deluded by the thoughts of "non-existent-thinker" the seer behind, cannot be found, the Self is deluded by the image of "non-existent-vision-of-person" the person who hears sounds cannot be located, the Self is deluded by the sounds the person who feels depression or happiness, cannot be located, the Self is misidentified itself with "feeling the feelings", Self is the depression and happiness without doing=>feeling of "happiness, depression" the person who observes everything going on cannot be located, the Self is deluded by the things he thinks he's "OBSERVING". Self is the things that itself is observed. The all observed is the self. Observed = Self. Things that are observed = Self. No doer, no observer of observing, no observed things thus no observer, only observed.
  14. Let me tell you about enlightenment You wake up in the morning, you realize you were dreaming, that feeling is enlightenment. You look to the clock in the morning and see what time is, that's enlightenment. You get up, make your bed, prepare yourself for your day, that's enlightenment. You go job, do whatever you necessary need to do, that's enlightenment. You get a coffee, get some bagels, and eat them, that's enlightenment. You read news, infuse with the flow of life, check markets and trends, that's enlightenment. You plan your investments, your future, think about past, that's enlightenment. Explanations for mind/intellectuals Could I just leave this one by saying "YOU" You get the feeling of flow of time You see that is not to do any of "YOU", it's just happening // [same as above] You see there's nothing to curse for food and diets You get the feeling of flow outside of "YOU" You realize there's no one to be affected by To be continued
  15. While owning property(s)? (No taxes or at least taxes cancels out unemployment pay) I decided to live rest of my life on my own. I have enough knowledge to provide myself every primal need that a human does. Farming, electricity, water, sewer systems and so on. I just want to own only one house for rest of my life. But the obstacle is "governments" and their stupid taxes such as property/income/breathing/farting taxes. I won't be ever contributing to society and neither do they to me. I can live without any dependencies on governments. I need to find where I can accomplish this. Why you might ask? It's not important to ask why but here it is: I had enough of this life and It's all non-senseness. I've concluded to "Instead of giving myself a suicide, I will give the suicide to the society" If I can't find a way, I will become someone wild and probably die with a shot of police while trying to do so. If that is what my destiny is, I am not afraid of it. Do not ever try to falsely believe that I need psychological help. That would be last thing I need, maybe you need some psychological help if these lines are disturbing you somehow? It would be the last thing you'd say "get some help" to me. If you are about to write these lines, do not waste your time/energy. Instead if you really want to help me, respect and answer my question. TLDR: I want to disappear with a house but this should not make me pay any taxes just because I want to live life on my own without needing any dependencies like electricity and water EDIT: I've posted on this question several forums online and what I've concluded from others after a while of their comments is I cannot fully go alone in wild. There things needs to be taken care i.e health is the obstacle that I cannot go away with. I adjusted my plan to find the so to say "BEST DEAL" out of the options
  16. Lol actualized
  17. Thanks. I put that in my inventory. If that's what my destiny is show them up. They aren't only ones who can hold a knife. Health is the only thing which bothers me right now. Unless I pursue doctor skills, I will leave a gap behind. Except major disease or injuries, they're naturally had to be handled by experts. I guess no one run away from that. Why others are so silent about this topic? This is an important topic for everyone, not if extreme like my plan. You all need to figure out the "BEST DEAL COUNTRY" for yourselves.
  18. Although a lot have been said here and in other forums, I am not here to argue with you. I have a plan which is not strictly defined and open for modifications. Flexible. So I take your words and consider the best option for me. Though I cannot avoid the "ignorance" word thrown towards me that if I am ignorant to figure the life out, then I don't know any other word to describe what an "ignorance" going on here. The way of life is to leech and be devil. You cannot be life without being a devil. You'd be dead. Everyone has their own agenda and bible to put forth words to describe how "good" and "peaceful" they are behind their evil agenda. Actually this is enough capacitance put here to show how devil is spoken through the lips of "ignorance"