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  1. This is for everybody. I am working to become more familiar with all of this. I take this stuff as the most important understanding that someone can have and am going to observe and listen carefully mostly in the background for a while. I will continuously work on my consciousness and eventually become stronger and gentler for it, like a master. Thank you for your existence.
  2. Hardly anyone cares about their fellow man. You know what, i was never going to go here but fuck it, here we go. And I am not victimizing myself so do not make this mistake. Society is almost entirely blue and orange and therefore there is a system of total indoctrination in place; hardly anybody has ever thought about it being any other way. The only way to believe you are holistic in your thinking is to be integrated non holistically and this is exactly what happens. Everyone wants to believe they got their shit together and it is not at all obvious to them that the ego is feeding itself. I get on by believing there wouldn't be such an amassment of asshats in nature if there wasn't good reason for them. I was raised into a blue family. As it was turning orange my parents got divorced. Once this happened i turned into the pawn of game among them. I started doing drugs when i was 13 and this was completely normal because most of the other kids my age were as well. A clear sign that there is a general problem. At 14 dropped out of school and went to work for my dad's business. I thought i had it made. The unseen problem at this point is that stupid people do not value education or even thinking for that matter, because they are stupid. It doesn't help either if you think the world is 6000 years old and rush limboughe is your raping your eardrums on a regular basis. At 16, started getting closer to being a man, ie slowly becoming fair game in the real world of assfuckery. I worked my ass off for a decade after this for pennies. This is because i am a fox. Not a pussy, i just have a heart, and the standard mentality of our time is "if you can fuck somebody over well shame on them". Anyways backup. By the time i was 20, i was a full blown heroin addict, and this was fine. It gave me a reason to keep working. My dad was a drug addict/drunk also, so not really a big deal. He hid it very well though. I made money by figuring out how to steal it because i hardly got paid anything. This carried on for five or six more years like this and i eventually quit. I went to work at other places and would never get fired. Because i did excellent work. Being that is was completely obvious that i was a junky, instead of getting fired they would just make sure that i got paid every day so that i would make it work the next day. Every place i worked at did this. I cannot count how many times i overdosed. Btw, i have never committed any actual crimes other than possession, in which I currently have a charge that i do not plan on turning myself in on anytime soon. By the time i was 23, i naturally became yellow, just with a problem. This is the main reason why i quit working for my blue orange father. At this point i didn't even give a shit about the money I just couldn't get my point across to him. The thing is all of my employers and basically everyone i crossed paths with were very similar to him and i eventually realized the game i was playing without even realizing it. We are programmed to think that getting up to go to work and doing something you really don't like doing is the thing to do, and i never actually bought into that. I tricked myself into believing that by introducing a more solid motivation into the mix to actually motivate me. This was actually because i wanted to help my family and also because i was subconsciously damaged by a manipulating predator. Anyways i went way off track. The point is is that this is a large portion of the world. People that believe nonsense and use low conscious behavior to navigate the world hold the lead at the moment. If you are inclined to think that this is just ridiculous and that stories like this are rare unique tragedies, you are wrong. This is the vast majority of the world you live in. Be perfectly content in having nothing to do with it if you choose. All i do is work on remodeling my mom's house a couple hours a day, fix their cars and other stuff when needed, and do consciousness work (and learn blender and programming stuff๐Ÿ‘Œ). This isn't just because everyone i knew is now dead either. It's because i know my neighbors and their neighbors, and all my family members, etc.. You must be the lone wolf if their are no other wolves (fox doesn't really work here).
  3. @Nahm ahh, i see. Thank you for assuring me that to go further into this.
  4. Omg that why flouride is in the water! No just kidding, i couldn't help myself there. I really have no idea who Mr. Traumatik is.
  5. Is lack of energy something that can be easily explained or something you need an entire book to fail to understand it? Just curious how this works. For example can you simply say "Sleep is just something we do"; end of story? Or can you say that you feel like sleeping at 2pm because what you are engaged in is something you really shouldn't be doing and if you were doing something else you wouldn't be tired. This might sound dumb but i have a really hard time contemplating this. Somehow i feel this is deeper than you just being a clockwork thing.
  6. Your experience is the dream. There is nothing being created and that's why it is passive. Any resistance is illusory.
  7. ๐Ÿ’–I hope you all go kill yourselves. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿฑโ€๐Ÿš€
  8. What is Hatred? I'm not talking about plain old stupid racism or something coming out of a stupid person but straight up rage energy fueled fucking hatred toward somebody or something. Is this even a thing? Are there clearly distinguishable levels of hatred? Can you max out on it? Or is this just the misinterpretation of a cocktail of other emotions?
  9. @Cortex i don't think that drug use corresponds to escaping reality. Drug use is more like switching between different modes of reality. Some people are better at certain game modes than other are. Also, some drug use is down right disgusting no matter what angle you take at it and some drug use is the opposite of spiritual as it brings the lower self out to the fullest. It is hard to believe the state of some minds and the extent in which they "threw in the towel" on life. This goes for entire families as well as individuals. I understand where you are coming from but where is there to escape to?
  10. @Andreas im pretty sure they are just labels. There is some analog to a frequency spectrum so, maybe. I probably shouldn't have replied eh.
  11. Try to imagine a single wave hitting your eye. It doesn't end there, that's what it becomes. Then it morphs your brain and , in turn, your entire body. You are your senses, your senses are the objects, and the objects are nothing onto themselves.
  12. We create objects or phenomena by interpreting them into existence. However, we "ourselves" were also interpreted into existence. Where do you draw the line between anything? Do things need permission to become open to sensory input? No because they already have it. That how you scratch your arm when it itches or become born or die. Now to question of whether or not this actually exists. The way i see it, yes and no. A single wave, from my understanding, can be thought of as the summation of an infinite set of other waves. So a single wave is infinite in it's potential and therefore is all there is and all there can be. But wait, what if you take an infinite amount of infinite sets? There is no discernible characteristics of this particular wave. It becomes nothing. So this is as real as it gets and is made out of absolutely nothing. How much existence does something really need to satisfy?
  13. @Sashaj Maybe there are objects, but their state is indefinite and therefore have an existence that is entirely dependent upon the method used to decipher their meaning.