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  1. New Video!!! Reconnect Interpersonal Relationships - Binaural Alpha 639 Hz The 639 Hz (Solfeggio "FA") frequency is the frequency associated with relationship repair, re-connecting and having more harmonious interpersonal relationships. The 639 Hz frequency can encourage the cell to communicate with its environment. This video combines the 639 Hz frequency with a binaurally created Alpha wave to assist you in: Bringing you to relaxed yet awake state of lucidity (like day dreaming) but not tiredness. Thoughts and emotions may pleasantly drift though your mind bringing calm. Stress Reduction
  2. New Video!!! Cellular Cleansing, Stimulate Pineal Gland - Binaural Beta 741 Hz The 741 Hz frequency which is the main frequency associated with cleansing electromagnetic radiations and other toxins. Further benefits of this frequency include improving ones ability to solve problems and heightening self-expression. The combination of the 741 Hz and the binaurally created Beta wave, will stimulate the pineal gland and relieve the effects of tinnitus.
  3. New Video!!! Serotonin Release, Normalize Nervous System - Binaural Alpha 764 Hz The 764 Hz frequency which is a frequency associated with normalization of ones central nervous system. This video combines the 764 Hz frequency with a binaurally created Alpha wave to generate an increased Serotonin release bringing mood elevation, headache relief and an overall better feeling body.
  4. New Video!!! Awaken Intuition, Creativity - Binaural Alpha 852 Hz The 852 Hz frequency is thought to be the frequency best associated with awakening intuition. Be more aware of the hidden agendas of others. This video combines the 852 Hz frequency with a binaurally created Alpha wave to activate creative portions of the brain for music, art, invention and problem solving. Overcome issues due to being more receptive to re-evaluation. Also a type of inter-awareness or self purpose.
  5. New Video!!! Return to Oneness, Introspection - Binaural Theta 963 Hz The 963 Hz (Solfeggio "SI") This tone returns the being to its original, perfect state, a return to oneness if you will. 963 Hz reconnects with non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world. This video combines the 963 Hz frequency with a binaurally created Theta wave to induce introspection, relaxation, meditation and deeper sleep.
  6. New Video!!! Stimulate Pituitary Function, Introspection - Binaural Theta 635 Hz The 635 Hz helps stimulate pituitary functions. The pituitary gland regulates the many hormones that control various functions and organs. This video combines the 635 Hz frequency with to create binaurally a Theta wave in the brain. This combination can assist with induced relaxation, better meditation, a deeper introspection and a deeper sleep.
  7. New Video!!! Normalize Immune System, Stimulate Pineal - Binaural Beta 835 Hz The 835 Hz frequency which has been associated with stimulating the body's immune system functions. This video combines the 835 Hz frequency with a binaurally created Beta wave to stimulate the pineal gland. It can also assist with minimizing the effects of tinnitus.
  8. New Video!!! Normalize Endocrine, Pituitary System - Binaural Delta 537 Hz The 537 Hz frequency which is the frequency associated with normalizing the endocrine system which includes human growth, metabolism, sexual function and development. This video combines the 537 Hz frequency with a binaurally created Delta wave to engender a feeling of well-being and stimulation of the pituitary gland, releasing rejuvenating growth hormones.
  9. New Video!!! Stimulate Pineal Gland, Creative Thought - Binaural Alpha 662 Hz
  10. New Video!!! Lower Blood Pressure, Mind Body Connection - Binaural Alpha 432 Hz (151)
  11. New Video!!! Rejuvenate Energy Fields, Motivation - Binaural Beta 285 Hz (150)
  12. New Video!!! Normalize Heart Function, Lower BP - Binaural Alpha 696 Hz (149)
  13. New Video!!! Greater Introspection, Cleanse Cell Toxins - Binaural Theta 741 Hz (148)
  14. New Video!!! Fostering Creativity, Cognitive Abilities - Binaural Theta 528 Hz (147)
  15. New Video!!! Normalize Immune System Function - Binaural Delta 835 Hz