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  1. Personally I like to make big smoothies. Like 12+ ripe bananas, frozen blueberries, maybe some Spirulina, maca powder, coconut water, sometimes spinach or a green powder, sometimes a little chia, flax, or hemp seeds. Thats one big reason people fail on raw diets is simply due to not eating enough fruit and calories. 100% you have to eat a much larger volume of food and that can be hard for some people especially intially. But your stomach should eventually stretch and get used to the volume of food and it’ll become second nature to sit down and have a meal of 5 or 6 big mangos. Or 10 bananas. Or 20 little oranges. Or a big salad, or a big green smoothie. Etc. I can still manage to get 3000+ calories a day eating fully raw (i’m pretty active, I know everyone’s caloric needs are different)
  2. Honestly, I feel the same exact way with cooked carbs. Thats why I strive to eat fully raw and get my carbs from fruit. As much as I love the taste of Japanese sweet potatoes for instance. Those things are like sleeping pills and feel way too heavy on my system. They can be good for grounding occasionally but just seem way too dense and even clogging to my body. Idk if they effect everybody like that, i’ve heard a lot of people feel great eating cooked carbs like sweet potatoes, rice, oats, squash, beans, etc. But when i’m eating fully raw, lots of fruit and some greens, keeping it low fat around 10% of my calories coming from fat. My energy is through the roof and steady all day. Like pretty insane. No crashes, no blood sugar spikes, not a stimulated form of energy, 0 caffeine, Just steady clean energy and consciousness, even rushes of euphoria. The only cooked food i’ve found that doesn’t completely knock me out are really steamed veggies and to a lesser degree than the sweet potatoes, steamed quash. And maybe Quiona on its own but I don’t find it very tasty plain since I like to keep my meals simple. So for the most part, I choose and strive to stay away from cooked food completely because even the less sedative options like steamed veggies still seem to take my away from feeling as good consistently in all areas of life as when i’m eating fully raw. Maybe, because Idk if you’re open to just jumping into a fully raw vegan 30-90 day challenge, before that just to see if anything resonates and makes sense, give the book the “801010 diet by douglas graham” a read and see what you think. I think its much different than a typical fad diet type of book. It really goes into to our anatomy and brings in the science into what might be the most natural and optimal diet human bodies were designed for. Its a complete paradigm shifting book on diet imo. It also explains how to eat this way, meal plans, its all pretty simple. And lots of testimonials. Easy quick read. If you do and even give the lifestyle a try, I’d love if you shared your experience. My only disclaimer, is that when going fully raw and excluding all cooked foods and animal products. Your body will likely go through a detoxification phase. So you might feel worse before you feel better. Some people experience flu like symptoms for a period of time and then they feel the best they’ve ever felt. Or you might just jump into it and feel amazing off the start. I’d give it time though. Its def a lifestyle and not just a diet. It can take time to fully transition.
  3. I agree. But I think eating a whole foods plant based diet when getting most of our produce from the grocery store is pretty practical for most people. So many plant based staples you can buy relatively cheap and in bulk. Beans, Rice, Quinoa, Sweet potatoes, Oats, Fruits, Veggies, etc. I also think they’re pretty easy to prepare. Even doing a high raw or fully raw diet can be very practical imo, but I would say going raw generally takes more thought, planning, and time. But honestly I find making a smoothie (like your super healthy blueberry smoothie 😉) doesn’t really take too much time or effort. Nor does eating some bananas, or maybe making a simple salad and blending together your own fresh dressing if you wanted to. Thats one of my favorite things about eating this way is just how simple and quick it can be. Instead of preparing a big meal, cooking with a bunch of ingredients, I can just peel some mangos and have a full meal. Or if I do want some cooked food, steam up some plain sweet potatoes or steam up some veggies and boom. Super simple and I find it delicious. I do think growing your own produce is the most optimal forsure but like you said not practical for most, so we go to the next best option. “Good, better, best” as John Kohler would say
  4. I totally feel that. All we can do is research and experiment for ourselves. I noticed those same contrasts between eating animal products, processed foods of course, and then going vegan, then the diffference between vegan processed foods and vegan whole foods, and then noticing the difference between getting a majority of my calories from cooked healthy whole foods and getting a majority of my calories from fresh raw foods. The difference going high raw as well as going periods of time eating fully raw had the biggest contrast for me hands down. Personally, the high fat raw doesn’t work for me. Too many nuts and seeds, avocados, overt fats seem to clog me up and slow me down. I really feel my best doing a more 801010 approach. Getting most of my calories from fruit and keeping it low fat. A book you might enjoy reading if you haven’t already is the 801010 diet by Douglas Graham. It basically lays the foundation for this way of eating and living. And thats great that you’re enjoying your smoothies (:
  5. True, I can see that. I really don’t know have the answer. It might just lead to us deciphering between thriving and surviving. What environment(s) do humans best thrive in with the most natural conditions maybe. Whats the most ethical and environmentally friendly ways to live, which diet(s) best suits human anatomy. The answer to those questions might be more simple than we think or more complex than we ever imagined.
  6. I totally agree. Thank you for this conversation Leo. I hope you enjoy your break away from taking videos. Looking forward to your return (:
  7. I’m meaning more in terms of spiral development and dysfunctions within our psyche. Of course, I know so many factors play a role. But what if food is one of the biggest ones that have a direct impact on levels of consciousness and spiral development. Something that we can strive to improve the quality and quanity of over the years because it might be one of the most direct ways to improve society, our health, the environment, and raise the collective level of consciousness
  8. Isn’t it fair to say that humans are probably the most dysfunctional species with unconsciousness and sickness running amuck. Yeah its something thats been done for thousands of years. I completley understand that. But I don’t think that in of itself means thats its most optimal. There had to have been a time before humans discovered fire where we had to eat raw foods. Maybe the introduction of cooking is what disconnected man from nature, pure love, pure consciousness and connection. (Not to demonize cooked food, thats not my point). Maybe applying fire to our food wasn’t the best application and that lead to us cooking foods that we aren’t biologically adapted to eat like animals, raw grains unless sprouted, etc. One of the most touted benefits i’ve seen claimed and have experienced myself by transitioning into a fully raw vegan diet, or at least very high raw, is more spiritual connection. When you lighten up your diet to just fruits and greens essentially with maybe small amounts of nuts and seeds. Your body is then able to detoxify at a much faster rate and you start to remove old stagnant waste that I believe is the link to dysfunctional behavior. You’re also now eating foods (raw foods) that are grown straight from sunlight and have the “life-force” energy. Energy that I believe can truly raise your level of consciousness when you eat those foods while at the exclusion of the offending foods. So maybe just in terms of a raw vegan diet being a tool for spiritual growth past whether it being whats natural or most optimal. Maybe you can give it a 30-90 day trial experiment and see if the lifestyle has any weight (:
  9. Hmmm. I just feel like there’s still a difference between being able to adapt to withstand tough situations, like surviving in extremely cold environments and needing to eat meat purely for survival. Compared to living in an optimal environment that much better suits our needs. Sunlight, warm temperature, fresh water, fresh produce. Would you be physically comfortable living butt naked in a cold environment? Shouldn’t that say something? Past all of that, what about our digestive tract? From everything I’ve seen. Our digestive tract is most similar to our primate relatives. A frugivorous species. I think humans are frugivores. Fruit is really the main food that in its raw natural state is appealing to the senses, beautiful colors, aromas, tastes amazing on its own without seasonings or salt, we don’t need to cook or process it. We’re naturally attracted to it. When you see a cow, do you have any instinct to run up and take it down like a carnivore? To eat it raw with all of its blood and guts? Probably not haha but of course, cook it, add salt, disguise the unappealing taste of meat with plant seasonings and now it’s palatable. It seems clear to me that we aren’t designed to eat meat or any other animal products. Of course we have and we are able to, in a sense we have adapted to it due to necessity out of survival, but I don’t think that means that its optimal or necessary in today’s world for most people. (Unless you still live in tribal cultures or somewhere where eating meat is the only option for survival) I think our bodies are designed to and thrive when we get most of our calories from fresh raw, unprocessed plant foods. With the staple calories coming from ripe fruit. Of course, I wouldn’t say fully raw or fruitarian is necessary for everyone, it can be a tough transition to make to completely let go of cooked food. I’m also not advocating for a strictly fruit only diet. I think leafy greens can be very healthy, as well as moderate amounts of nuts and seeds, avocados, superfoods like Spirulina, maca, some veggies, etc. I also still recommend eating clean cooked plant foods especially when transitioning to a fully raw vegan diet, if thats what one desires, like sweet potatoes, squashes, steamed veggies, quiona, buckwheat, muclessless whole plant based cooked foods. Lastly, in terms of just going vegan. Clearly nowadays, if you have access to a grocery store. You have the choice to choose plant based options. The science is there that a fully plant based diet is suitable for health in all stages of life. So yeah, other than personal preference survival. I don’t believe eating meat from a grocery store when you have the option to buy fruits, veggies, beans, rice, sweet potatoes, etc, is a necessary survival that justifies supporting the direct killing of another animal. Something that I think is one of the most direct reasons of why there’s so much dysfunction and violence in the world. Most of the world is consuming literal death. Animal products, processed foods, lots of heavy cooked foods. Those foods breed animalistic consciousness imo. There’s a spectrum, some people are still able to develop their consciousness juristically like you imo, while continuing to eat animal products and lots of cooked foods. But on the other side of the spectrum I think is where we have the psychopaths, the murders, rapists, devils, etc. which is the effect of the foods that rot the body and the mind imo. I think the connection food has on behavior is mind-blowing. The root cause of the disconnect from pure consciousness and love imo. So much so that if the world magically changed their diet to a high raw or fully raw vegan diet overnight. (which I know isn’t practical) Most “evil” I believe would completely disintegrate, or at least a very large amount. And society would be much more consciousness, compassionate, and have little to no violence. The only way I think you’ll really understand what i’m saying is if you give a fully raw vegan diet a try for at least 30-90 days.
  10. True, but I don’t think that takes away that humans could have originated in the tropics and that tropical environments are where humans are best suited for. I wouldn’t even say humans are truly adapted to live in Alaska and colder climates even though we can, in order for us to do so we have to use modern technologies. If we were to walk around naked in Alaska, we’d freeze or be very uncomfortable. And of course, that’s not an ideal environment to grow fresh produce. Fresh tropical fruits and veggies. So I’d say yes, it’d be hard to eat an optimal diet (imo, fruit based raw vegan) in an environment that humans are not suited for. But that doesn’t take away that the optimal diet for humans still might be a fully raw, fruit based diet and that its best equipped in tropical environments. With that being said, I follow people from all around the world that still manage to eat a fruitarian, raw vegan diet in colder climates. Still, I would love to see you experiment with this diet for 30-90 days more from the personal development/spirituality perspective. You might also experience a new level of health, vitality, and even complete healing of certain ailments like adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues that i’ve think i’ve heard you mention. If you want to check out some people on YouTube that eat this way and teach the lifestyle I’d recommend checking out Loren Lockman, RawHealingMastery, Raw Intuition, Raw Food Romance, RawVeganRising, Ted Carr, TannyRaw, RawTropicalLiving, Sweet Natural Living, RawNattyN8, John Rose. I feel like most of the raw vegan/fruitarians that I’ve seen online seem to be on the upwards trajectory of spiral dynamic development and are ultimately light workers. I would just love to see this lifestyle integrated with Actualized.org and your teachings (which is my self bias, but I think if you experienced the transformative power and potential of this lifestyle you might see why)
  11. Maybe not in an objective sense, but whats if its possible for each species to have a species specific diet. A diet that our bodies and all human bodies are physiologically designed to eat, and one that we can eat in its raw natural state without the need of processing like cooking. In the same way that cows eat grass, birds eat grains, lions eat meat, squirrels eat nuts, a diet that fits their digestion system seemingly perfect and one they can eat in its raw natural state. What if that diet for humans is a raw vegan diet. A diet consisting of mostly fruit, leafy greens, maybe some veggies, and a small amount of nuts and seeds (preferably soaked imo). From my experience and research, a fruit based raw vegan diet, or at least a high raw vegan diet (mostly fresh raw plant foods with fruit being the staple, little to no cooked food, 0 animal products except maybe some honey, I know some raw vegans that consume honey and other bee byproducts ) seems to be the most optimal diet for humans when it comes to digestion, energy levels, spiritual connection, healing dis-ease, etc. Leo, I truly think this way of eating has the power to transform the masses to a MUCH more conscious society possibly more directly than any other method (Except maybe 5meo and other psychedelics 😉), I think this diet has the power to change somebody dramatically on every single level with their level of consciousness being one of the biggest. Its amazing. I would love to see you experiment with a fully raw vegan diet for 30-90 days. Getting most of your calories from fresh fruit and keeping it low fat. Excluding all animal products, and excluding all cooked foods for the duration of the experiment. Being sure you’re consuming enough calories a day. 2000-3000 calories I’d personally recommend for a male. I would highly recommend reading the book “The 801010 diet” by Douglas Graham. Its basically the blueprint foundation for transitioning to eating a fruit based, high carb, raw vegan diet and making it a part of your lifestyle.
  12. @Girzo no problem! And I feel you. But honestly I think there’s a big difference in an almost vegan diet, which can be very broad, there’s tons foods that are vegan that can really irritate our bodies imo, even some whole foods like grains and legumes can be very hard to digest for some people and be problematic, and a fully raw fruit based vegan diet. If you’ve never experienced going a considerable amount of time eating fully raw, at least 30 days excluding all cooked foods, all animal products, eating relatively low fat (less than 20% of your total calories coming from fat) and being sure that you’re still consuming the amount of calories that your body needs from fresh fruits and vegetables. (Mostly fruit and leafy greens is how I personally eat) You might be very surprised at the complete transformation and healing that can happen not only to your body, but your mind, and can even help immensely with spiritual work imo. Of course though, going fully raw vegan can take a lot of time to fully transition into. But, you could possibly give it a 30 day trial just to see what it effects it has, it could potentially be life changing.
  13. Have you ever tried a lower fat fruit based raw vegan diet with the exclusion of all animal products and cooked food? (Also known as the fruitarian diet but typically still consuming greens, maybe some vegetables and maybe small amounts of nuts and seeds), Maybe with the exception of raw honey. I’ve found this diet to not only being the best for healing the body from digestion issues and so many other ailments but possibly the most optimal diet for our bodies especially combined with spiritual practice. Eating this way can completely open our bodies and minds up energetically,spiritually and I believe can naturally raise our level of consciousness to actually pretty high degrees. A whole foods plant based diet, fully vegan can also be very healing and a great foundation. But the fresh raw living foods with an emphasis of your calories coming fresh high water content fruit I believe can truly transform our lives in magical ways. Could even potentially help solve a lot of systemic problems we encounter in the world if more people adopted this lifestyle and way of eating (violence, greed, gluttony, selfishness, obesity, environmental destruction, anger, low consciousness, lack of empathy towards other beings, etc) I would love to hear Leo research this lifestyle and experiment with it and share his experience one day as well. @Leo Gura A great book imo that explains most that you need to know about this lifestyle and how to start is the 801010 diet by Doug Graham. If you’re looking for some inspirational content on YouTube, you can check out some raw vegan YouTube channels like Raw Healing Mastery, RawFoodRomance, LifeRegenerator, Loren Lockman, Robert Morse, Sweet Natural Living, Ted Carr (who does include some cooked food now to help more easily put on muscle weight, but he still advocates a fruit based diet, did it for 10 years and actually put on a considerable amount of muscle doing so) Raw Intuition, OkRaw, Robert Lockhart, LightSampsLiving, John Rose. A lot of these people’s content seem to have a grasp on spirituality and seem to have a higher level of consciousness. Raw Healing Mastery, Robert Morse, Even Loren Lockman. Very similar, non dual style teachings and messages that coincide with Leo’s content. Would love to hear feedback from anyone who explores this lifestyle (:
  14. I think this is a very good example of a conscious rap song and music video by the rapper J.Cole who plays a character illustrating stage orange in full effect. I’d love to know what you think