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  1. I haven’t read this one yet. This is a new release. But from what i’ve seen online “Mastering Diabetes” by Cyrus Khambatta and Robby Barbaro seems to be helping a lot people reverse diabetes through a high fruit based whole foods vegan diet.
  2. @Yannik wow he sure does! Thank you for pointing that out 3 other books I’d personally recommend checking out that encompass the whole foods plant based diet and lifestyle with an emphasis on fresh raw living foods is the 801010 diet by Douglas Graham, Becoming Raw by Brenda Davis, and The Raw Food Nutrition Handbook by Rick Dina. 3 great books imo that explain the science and practicality in switching to a whole foods plant based diet predominated by raw foods, fresh fruits and veggies, and the potentially profound, health creating power of the lifestyle.
  3. @Leo Gura Here’s 2 more you might be interested in
  4. @Leo Gura Here’s the series of books i’m referring to:
  5. Hey @Leo Gura Have you ever looked into the Medical Medium protocol? Anthony William is the author of the book series that a lot of people seem to be getting real tangible results from in terms of reversing chronic illness in their body and restoring health. He also has a book directly on Thyroid health and from testimonials I’ve seen its been a serious game changer for people. If you just google Medical Medium Anthony William you’ll find the books on Amazon as well content from him online. I believe cleansing is a part of it, mono eating, juicing, and removing the offending foods while adding in the ones that rebuild and restore. A sort’ve No BS approach to directly addressing the health issues without all the fluff. Just wanted to throw that out there. Hope you have a great day (:
  6. Very well said man I agree. Supplementation can be huge, as well as exercise and just general healthy living like you said. Hopefully whatever issues Leo is dealing with he’s able to get them resolved. I’m just sharing my personal experience and research as well and what I believe I’ve found to be a possible solution (:
  7. To Leo, I’m not claiming to be a professional of any kind, this is clearly not medical advice. In regards to your health issues. Chronic fatigue, thyroid issues,etc. I honestly still believe it is related directly to your diet and other possible lifestyle factors. You said that you’ve tried just about every healing modality but from my understanding you’ve never tried eating a raw vegan diet for any significant period of time if not any period of time. At least 90 days of eating exclusively fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Being sure you’re eating enough calories according to your caloric needs and eating relatively low fat (i’d say around 5%-20% of total calories coming from fat, I stress the low fat because some people eat a high fat raw vegan diet consisting of mostly nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut, etc with little amounts of fresh fruits and veggies, and can ruin their health In that way imo) Also doing your best to get a variety of fruits and veggies, getting in lots of micro nutrients and minerals, leafy green vegetables, maybe some green powders like daily green boost (barley grass juice powder), Spirulina, wild herbs if you can, etc. I truly believe the solution to your health issues as well as society’s is much simpler then we presume. I just ask that you keep an open mind and give it a trial just like an other practice, psychedlic, healing modality, etc that you’ve tried. If my hypothesis is true, and you can heal the body physically (reversing chronic ailments and creating optimal and vital health) through radically changing your diet to exclusively raw foods or maybe even just a high raw fully plant based diet. Can you imagine the transformative power that could have synergistically with your teachings? What that could mean for the world if that message was spread? If you want to check out some books that teach the lifestyle based off science and not just raw food dogma imo. I’d recommend the 801010 diet by Douglas Graham, Becoming Raw by Brenda Davis, The Raw Food Nutrition Handbook: An Essential Guide to Understanding Raw Food Diets by Rick Dina and Karin Dina, Mastering Diabetes by Cyrus Khambatt and Robby Barbero, How Not To Die by Michael Greger (last one isn’t fully raw, just heavily scientific researched based on a plant based diet). I hope you give this a try one day. I continue to hammer this home because I believe this is one relative truth that might be missing that could potentially take you and your teachings even deeper, heal a lot if not all of your physical issues and ailments, and can potentially do the same for mankind. I hope your enjoy your time away from creating content and that it’s truly valuable, Thank you for all that you do. Much love, Jalen
  8. @JalenS23 @Leo Gura thanks for the reply. Yeah I agree. The calories thing can be the biggest challenge for most people. The easiest way I’ve found is by making bananas my staple. I’ll buy one to two 40 pound cases of bananas each week for about $20 a case from Whole Foods. (Most grocery stores including Walmart should be able to sell a case of bananas for a discounted price as well other fruits in bulk if you talk to them) That comes with like 80+ bananas in a case. With each banana being about 100 calories a pop, I find it an easy staple. Throw a bunch into a smoothie, freeze them and make banana ice cream, dehydrate them if you’d like (dehydrators aren’t at all necessary to eat this way) or just eat them on their own. They’re def the bulk of my calories. I usually save the bananas for the tail end of my days. For my breakfast and lunch I usually consume the more juicier fruits, juices, coconut water. I also include frozen berries, some green powders like Spirulina or Barley Grass juice powder, maca powder. Leafy greens in my smoothies. Even some flax, hemp, or chia seeds. I’m also not a big fan of preparing big complicated raw gourmet meals. I find them super time consuming, generally hard to digest, and can potentially be unhealthy if they’re super high in fat and full of salt, complicated poorly combined ingredients, lots of nuts and seeds, oils, etc. If I do eat a salad, which is usually like once or twice a week rn for me personally. Its usually just mixed baby greens, cilantro, alfalfa sprouts, lime and avocado. I like to keep my diet simple and can get by with about $100 a week. Sometimes cheaper, sometimes more expensive. I find It all depends on really how the person wants to eat as well the access they have to quality produce
  9. @JalenS23 @Leo Gura This post was inspired by your recent blog post (1/29/2020) I think the raw vegan diet implemented with your teachings could be an ultimate path for light-workers
  10. Making the biggest impact on the collective consciousness starts within by dramatically transforming our own levels of consciousness, love, health, and personal development. I believe one of THE most direct and transformative ways to do that is through adopting a Raw Vegan diet and lifestyle. A diet consisting solely of fresh ripe raw living fruits and vegatbles, nuts and seeds. This Is truly for light-workers and those who want to embark on the hero’s journey. This is not an easy task. This can take years of social un-programming, the battling of addictions, paradigm shifts, and deep detoxification on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. But in return of the spiritual work and detoxification, we will have truly cleaned out our vessels to become a super conductor of light and love. To experience a level of health, vitality, happiness, love, and synchronicity with the universe that we may have never known was even possible. And then we can now pave the way for others. I think this is one of the most powerful integrations that can be made with Actualized.org teachings. @Leo Gura Here are some inspirational videos i’ve found of people sharing their experience after making the transition to a raw vegan diet and the profound effect its had on their entire being. They all have more videos on their YouTube channels going in-depth into how you can start.
  11. Personally I like to make big smoothies. Like 12+ ripe bananas, frozen blueberries, maybe some Spirulina, maca powder, coconut water, sometimes spinach or a green powder, sometimes a little chia, flax, or hemp seeds. Thats one big reason people fail on raw diets is simply due to not eating enough fruit and calories. 100% you have to eat a much larger volume of food and that can be hard for some people especially intially. But your stomach should eventually stretch and get used to the volume of food and it’ll become second nature to sit down and have a meal of 5 or 6 big mangos. Or 10 bananas. Or 20 little oranges. Or a big salad, or a big green smoothie. Etc. I can still manage to get 3000+ calories a day eating fully raw (i’m pretty active, I know everyone’s caloric needs are different)
  12. Honestly, I feel the same exact way with cooked carbs. Thats why I strive to eat fully raw and get my carbs from fruit. As much as I love the taste of Japanese sweet potatoes for instance. Those things are like sleeping pills and feel way too heavy on my system. They can be good for grounding occasionally but just seem way too dense and even clogging to my body. Idk if they effect everybody like that, i’ve heard a lot of people feel great eating cooked carbs like sweet potatoes, rice, oats, squash, beans, etc. But when i’m eating fully raw, lots of fruit and some greens, keeping it low fat around 10% of my calories coming from fat. My energy is through the roof and steady all day. Like pretty insane. No crashes, no blood sugar spikes, not a stimulated form of energy, 0 caffeine, Just steady clean energy and consciousness, even rushes of euphoria. The only cooked food i’ve found that doesn’t completely knock me out are really steamed veggies and to a lesser degree than the sweet potatoes, steamed quash. And maybe Quiona on its own but I don’t find it very tasty plain since I like to keep my meals simple. So for the most part, I choose and strive to stay away from cooked food completely because even the less sedative options like steamed veggies still seem to take my away from feeling as good consistently in all areas of life as when i’m eating fully raw. Maybe, because Idk if you’re open to just jumping into a fully raw vegan 30-90 day challenge, before that just to see if anything resonates and makes sense, give the book the “801010 diet by douglas graham” a read and see what you think. I think its much different than a typical fad diet type of book. It really goes into to our anatomy and brings in the science into what might be the most natural and optimal diet human bodies were designed for. Its a complete paradigm shifting book on diet imo. It also explains how to eat this way, meal plans, its all pretty simple. And lots of testimonials. Easy quick read. If you do and even give the lifestyle a try, I’d love if you shared your experience. My only disclaimer, is that when going fully raw and excluding all cooked foods and animal products. Your body will likely go through a detoxification phase. So you might feel worse before you feel better. Some people experience flu like symptoms for a period of time and then they feel the best they’ve ever felt. Or you might just jump into it and feel amazing off the start. I’d give it time though. Its def a lifestyle and not just a diet. It can take time to fully transition.
  13. I agree. But I think eating a whole foods plant based diet when getting most of our produce from the grocery store is pretty practical for most people. So many plant based staples you can buy relatively cheap and in bulk. Beans, Rice, Quinoa, Sweet potatoes, Oats, Fruits, Veggies, etc. I also think they’re pretty easy to prepare. Even doing a high raw or fully raw diet can be very practical imo, but I would say going raw generally takes more thought, planning, and time. But honestly I find making a smoothie (like your super healthy blueberry smoothie 😉) doesn’t really take too much time or effort. Nor does eating some bananas, or maybe making a simple salad and blending together your own fresh dressing if you wanted to. Thats one of my favorite things about eating this way is just how simple and quick it can be. Instead of preparing a big meal, cooking with a bunch of ingredients, I can just peel some mangos and have a full meal. Or if I do want some cooked food, steam up some plain sweet potatoes or steam up some veggies and boom. Super simple and I find it delicious. I do think growing your own produce is the most optimal forsure but like you said not practical for most, so we go to the next best option. “Good, better, best” as John Kohler would say
  14. I totally feel that. All we can do is research and experiment for ourselves. I noticed those same contrasts between eating animal products, processed foods of course, and then going vegan, then the diffference between vegan processed foods and vegan whole foods, and then noticing the difference between getting a majority of my calories from cooked healthy whole foods and getting a majority of my calories from fresh raw foods. The difference going high raw as well as going periods of time eating fully raw had the biggest contrast for me hands down. Personally, the high fat raw doesn’t work for me. Too many nuts and seeds, avocados, overt fats seem to clog me up and slow me down. I really feel my best doing a more 801010 approach. Getting most of my calories from fruit and keeping it low fat. A book you might enjoy reading if you haven’t already is the 801010 diet by Douglas Graham. It basically lays the foundation for this way of eating and living. And thats great that you’re enjoying your smoothies (:
  15. True, I can see that. I really don’t know have the answer. It might just lead to us deciphering between thriving and surviving. What environment(s) do humans best thrive in with the most natural conditions maybe. Whats the most ethical and environmentally friendly ways to live, which diet(s) best suits human anatomy. The answer to those questions might be more simple than we think or more complex than we ever imagined.