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  1. I feel like the world is in a VERY precarious place right now... People need to really consider their next decisions very carefully. I've been having dreams about this recently. Otherwise, keep up the good spiritual work! I've said my piece.
  3. Interesting idea of a journal- if you are an actual alien though dm me.
  4. Now this is a journal I'm interested in reading!!! Where's the fucking popcorn. ? ah heeyyy what do you kno?, here it is ?. ? Ok so don't mind me continue.... lol...
  5. @Average Investor yeah I'm super reserved when it comes to crypto... and like for me personally to say hey... this looks like a hot time to buy at the moment... it probably is.... so yeah just hodl lol-- will let you know if I hear anything else of course.
  6. Hey so something interesting one of my buddies at Vanguard investing mentioned to me-- it's official now- but venmo and paypal are now both integrating crypto into their platforms-- meaning that they'll let you hold and trade now. So with that said... it might be a good time to take a 10-15% investment swing at it.
  7. @DaHonorableCourt so I have a lot I can say on this subject obviously only backed by my real world experience-- so I'm going to give the most "holistic" kind of advice I can give at this point and I guarantee you it's not what you're going to expect. Here's what I'll cover: - The importance of investigation - How many mentors I've paid for - How to get mentors for free - What kind of results can you expect if you get mentors & how much should you pay (IF) - Where can I find mentors? The importance of investigation: So first off, be aware that when you first try to find a mentor-- it's more like you're diving headfirst in to a snakepit. Which brings up the first tenant of mentorship-- investigate before you invest time and or effort. So what do I mean by investigate--- first off you want to know how much they actually make and what their results are actually like. Because this is going to be who you're attaching yourself too-- for better or for worse-- hitched to the wrong wagon and you will lose precious time. Money-- that comes and goes... TIME-- one of the best wishes I could have for someone is that anytime that was robbed from you gets returned 2 fold. Now this is not something you should do BUT I will tell you I've done it-- on basically all my mentors I've done background checks.... I've found out criminal past, I've found where they live and how much they pay for rent-- I mean I've literally dug hardcore into even their acquaintances' lives and had their friends feed me the dirtiest secrets about them-- I have PORN videos made by a mentor of mine, I have text messages to escorts from another, I have voice messages from another exposing other people in the industry-- I mean I probably go much too far in reality but this to me was all apart of the investigation process-- I want to establish fact patterns to make them more predictable to myself and to know when I get lied to. Doing investigative work is also a very humbling experience-- you learn for example weird stuff, like hey the person you're learning from only has 8 clients-- I have 15 wow. It's a good way to dispell illusions and see people for what they truly are (i'm not assigning right or wrong I'm just objectively helping myself parse fact from fiction). How many mentors I've paid for: Now the next question is how many mentors do I personally have?-- So people I paid to teach me and consult me personally-- 9-- with 5 currently still mentoring me. And the 5 I currently have now are just clean cut, no bullshit ballers. I'm talking about people that are all multimillionaires that don't have any shady background-- in fact if you looked into their background it's extremely nerdy by comparison-- instead of being arrested for assault and possession of cocaine-- two were like Magic the Gathering Card champions... Instead of getting into a pissing contest with an old business partner over an escort you both had feelings for.... he was winning a championship for Karate practice and getting married lol. So that's kind of the dichotomy. But let me just say this one thing-- I do frequently learn from everyone-- the best salesman I've ever learned from had like 5 felonies so you do need to not judge based sheerly on background, take it into consideration and weigh out your decision making based on what is apparent is all I'm saying. How to get mentors for free: I can't even begin to tell you how many amazing people I've met in my life that I haven't dropped a penny on. 2 number 1 start ups in their country were my best friends (1 still is the other died unfortunately)-- 1 guy on the 50 fastest growing business list in Europe. A famous guitarist, that has introduced me to a grammy nominee guitarist- (all of the people above are in my mastermind group) And just so many other people-- the number one sales rep at Zillow, a millionaire digital marketer with an actual laycount near 1.3k that has 2 master degrees and worked on optimizing nuclear missile defense for the US military previously (YEAH SERIOUSLY-- Rockstar results with everything in life) (talked to both just yesterday) A top 1% in the state of New York life insurance agent. A BILLIONAIRE that just lets me pick his brain every once in a while. I mean I could exhaust a thread on just people in general that I've managed to network with and get helped by. And initially when I was first launching my business I was very pathological about the people I choose to help. It's like that Steve Jobs quote-- "I've never found a person that when I asked them would they help me was unwilling to help..." And a lot of these guys I've mentioned, I mean they're like the father you've always wanted, have made a ton of money with them, you just can't separate a bond like that. But back on point-- when I was launching my business-- all I did was seek out paid mentors that could directly help with my end goals-- and then I would pay attention to people getting amazing results, and I would contact them-- I would say hey, I learned how to do xyz from my mentor, did you know about this? And most of them would reciprocate by showing me something I didn't know. And that's how our friendships actually started to develop... I would show them 1-2 things, help them in little ways, then oh btw what are your thoughts about xyz? I went from no clients whatsoever helping a complete stranger doing over 30k a month-- to over a dozen clients now getting invited to Tony Robbins with the guy (on his dime) who is now doing 120k a month and inviting me to stay with his wife and him at their place in LA or Brisbane whenever I get the chance. But I want to highlight something here-- when it's free or even paid for that matter-- but definitely free-- you have to progressively and slowly work the relationship-- because who the fuck are you... Do you know how many people I personally have that have gotten in front of my face with a "hey can I intern at your business", as their opening line? To me that's kind of scary-- I don't even know you and you're assuming I want to put you through some kind of longterm commitment? Are you just going to steal my processes? How I approached them either was I slowly showed them things I was working on, or problems I was facing, and just asking them hey what are your thoughts on xyz? Getting their opinion-- people love that. And I just let the rest unfold. What kind of results can you expect if you get mentors & how much should you pay (IF) Let's start off with how much should you pay for a mentor. Here is the HONEST TO GOD TRUTH... ready? $2,000 tops. You heard it here DONT FORGET THIS- $2,000 TOPS. There are a lot of people out there that will make you pay $8,000+ to learn from them. The thing is what have the even done for you yet? Remember what I said -- INVESTIGATE FIRST. Any stupid fucking experiment you do should be cut off at $2,000 remember that. If you aren't getting results after $2,000 NEXT. And I mean that-- you see marketing gurus for example tell you shit like oh-- if you don't get the results you didn't apply yourself... I say YOU FAILED AS A TEACHER. You will know with 6 months time and $2,000 whether it's working for you or not. And believe it or not this is how the big boys play--- they say hmm I have 2k-4k to blow lets see if this works--- aANnnntttt -- nope didn't work fuck that. The ONLY caveat to this is IF (which I don't believe in) you are a social networking master, and you buy in a mentoring group that's like $20k because you know you'll make more than 20k from the people in it--- Honestly though put me head to head with anybody who paid 20k to be a part of a secret mentoring group-- I GUARANTEE YOU I would be able to network better than they could or generate more money than them selling the same service at the same prices--- people don't understand this-- and this is a huge principle here I want to impress. EVERYONE BELIEVES THERE IS SOME SECRET SAUCE HORSESHIT THAT THE WEALTHY PEOPLE ARE HOARDING INFORMATION TO THEMSELVES THEY DON'T-- YOU CAN FIND EVERYTHING ONLINE FOR FREE-- YOU'RE JUST FUCKING STUPID. THAT'S IT. DON'T YOU GET IT- YOU'RE AN IDIOT!! EVERYTHING IS OBVIOUS. Yes there are the "tips" there are the little "tricks" to be more effective-- but 90%+ of all the results you see and get in life are the execution of the fundamentals-- don't EVER forget that. Where can I find mentors? Online, in person, through friends and family, ask around six degrees of separation you will find someone-- the importance is just on the fact you search for these people, once your mind is attuned for looking for opportunities you wont miss them Any other questions I'm happy to help-- all of this has just been my opinion.
  8. Lol I saw @UDT comment on this... and I thought I'd give my opinion. And it's just that-- an opinion, we learn "new things" everyday so try to keep an open mind. For the most part I'm actually quite the optimist-- one of my first business mentors I had who was doing 800k a month only made his first million when he was basically 50. At the time he moved into his parents home too... But that said one thing about this guy--- He basically was like this turbo car his entire life, and all that happened was he got the right engine put in. There's a saying-- im not sure whos wisdom it is, but essentially "it's easier to raise a kid right than to fix a broken man".... just a tiny bit harsher way of saying old dogs don't learn new tricks. The book Happiness Hypothesis cites multiple medical and research studies that suggest that if you don't have A LOT of experiences (including a ton of traumatic) before about age 28.... you pretty much are behind the 8 ball... Brain chemistry suggests that we learn the most and adapt the most openly between 18-28... its about a decade of neural development. Once you get to be 29, 30... well you start learning from TRAUMA... as in you don't think about doing anything new, you learn and change moreso in response to events... which is like burning your hand on a stove. So while your mind is at its most open and adaptable- (18-28) you should be working towards being the person you think you want to be. I honestly never see a scenario where you shouldn't be doing that, but honestly not everyone is blessed with a clear insight about who they want to be in life. I'll tell you I'm just now starting to get to a point in my life where I'm starting to glideeee over problems... meaning that I have such an amazing heuristic understanding of a lot of different dynamics (personal and job related) that any problems I'm getting hit with now it's just like pssshhhh been there done that. EASY. (don't get cocky though, I also have heuristics for learning and tackling new and challenging problems-- that's all) So in summary- is it all over when you're 30? No-- not at all, but if it takes 10 yearsish to be the person you always wanted to be that means you'll be 40 before you are that person (for better or worse age is just a number but it should incentivize you to really switch on more)
  9. @Preety_India I actually use to journal my dreams... had to stop because I felt like I was going to lose my mind basically.... kind of too many clairvoyant experiences for me to feel comfortable with.... you're brave for digging into this... In the past, I use to have out of body experiences when I slept--- but I would transition from awake like I am now, to out of body seamlessly - meaning I wouldn't lose "consciousness"... anyways I started experiencing basically very odd phenomenon and had to stop because it kind of felt like I was getting into something I shouldn't be dealing with. This is all true btw... I don't talk about this basically AT ALL because it sounds like I'm from Pluto when I try to share that haha. But in any case, one of the oddest stories I have isn't even mine. My friend's mother committed suicide years ago... really tough -- I can't even imagine it... anyways he kept having this recurring dream of 7 dial noises... you know how when you press a number on your phone 1-9 theres a unique tone associated with it?-- that.... anyways one day he decided he was going to dial the number he kept hearing in his dream... sure enough it was the number of his mother.... it's amazing and horrifying how much we keep bottled up in all honesty. Best friend
  10. What's up Preety... hope you're doing swell... you're always so nice to talk to! Wishing you the best!
  11. Nature is interesting... P.S. I love dogs and birds lol.
  12. @modmyth There's a quote by rumi I particularly like. As someone myself who was probably one of the most jaded people of all time (kind of joking but a little truth in jest here) I can say the only thing that made sense to me the more I went through the motions is- "You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens''. At first I had no clue what that meant... but both poison and medicine are an acquired taste. I had so much "medicine" in my life, of a broken heart, lies, deception, manipulation, and not enough "poison", being love, kindness, appreciation, etc. Funny how I even label those things inversely than what you'd think... but love is poisonous, and we know that deep down.... and harshness is medicine... we also know that deep down. Time tells all about the nature of those things. I also feel like adding, it's very odd how memory works.... we internalize our experiences based on the perception we had at that time period. So memory is an incredible unwise and fallible thing. We might have a "good experience" and a "bad experience", but if we were to relive those same experiences today, we might label them totally differently IF we label them as an experience at all. An example you might have someone who you really loved... but that's love within the context of your perception at that point in time. Upon growing, and gaining more wisdom... it may become apparent to you that your position is a lot different than what you once thought it was. Maybe that person was 1) a leech 2) a catalyst for you to change 3) a person of convenience because you had no better options Maybe it really wasn't love... which might make it hard to not feel foolish or stupid... but maybe it was you looking for some kind of quality in that person that you actually lacked in yourself. In that case you're usually better off without them. We rationalize and compartmentalize these experiences to avoid looking into decaying parts of our own emotional complexes that confuses us more than we care to reconcile... but usually everyone looks for reasons to overlook the obvious. I'm not trying to sound like Mr. Depression, so I would try to lighten this up a bit but I have nothing better to say at this time.
  13. @SilentTears Meatheads, dimwits, and halfwits... oh my! Lol , thank you. ST. ?
  14. @modmyth What if everyone wants to be there for you, but seeing that you don't believe it deep down... the inner thought manifests itself outwardly? Our thoughts have a way of doing that, either through words, body language, or mannerisms. I had a lot of that actually when I was much younger. I realized that the problem was actually 110% with me... our own perceptions and filters of insecurity shade and tint what we call reality. The differences between people have largely to do with self esteem, not just intelligence,. And these differences of perception are magnified by our place in the world among that viewpoint. One person can give the same compliment or the same insult to two different people, and based on their own viewpoints their reactions will be different. If you tell someone with crippling low self esteem nice jacket, they might think of it as some kind of backhanded compliment or a dig. And if they had high self-esteem they might say, oh thank you I got it at Brooks Brothers and anyways.... If you insulted the person blatantly the low self-esteem person might throw out the jacket and / or relegate it to a closet never to be worn again. Where as a high self esteem person may have a layer of confidence that even distorts the insult to accept it as a compliment- Nice jacket Fonz-- Haha yeah ayyyyy, I'm going to go jump a shark tank later... anyways... They'll both remember the situation differently. One person might think of it as a reinforcement of a negative belief. The other person might even see it as what objectively was an insult as an immature expression of how much someone cared about them. Furthermore you can often time carry around beliefs that run you that are completely untrue. And the realizations that your entire basis of belief of the situation was pure fiction will bring up some of the cringest memories you can think of later on. I think we've all been there where someone said something and it just bothered us for a reason that didn't exist... some events larger than others... how much of our life is run off of similar but larger illusions? It's all subjective. But the people you interact with are also riddled with their own layers of insecurity as well.
  15. That's what good self esteem is all about. +1
  16. @modmyth Yeah, no clue why Japanese do that, I believe even Japanese make fun of this today. The story was that the Chinese first introduced them to writing in the 5th century, and they then obviously appropriated it to match their spoken dialect. So Huǒ in Mandarin became Hi in Japanese since they don't use tones (they do use pitch accents, however). So this worked for a while... then Japanese monks introduced Hiragana and Katakana... then in 1900 the government refined the whole writing system- but you can fact check me when, IIRC that's the date. Anyways they wanted to keep the Chinese in order to honor them and the tradition they helped form in the country, additionally, it's so ingrained into the culture at that point it would've been kind of crazy to just axe it and have relics left behind by their ancestors that they could no longer understand. It would be sort of like the US all of a sudden being like... look guys... we're going to forget about English at this point and switch to Spanish. So yeah it just had most to do with tradition, but nowadays the kind of running joke is that as the language has evolved, Chinese has technically become useless. Especially, since you can spell any word with katakana and or hiragana, for example again 火(read hi)... but you could easily just write it ひ or ヒ ... The cool thing is people who are proficient with Kanji (Japanese Hanzi) can fumble through China since the definitions, for the most part, are identical. Anyways, even the Japanese millennials have no idea why they still use Chinese and funny enough what we're seeing a lot more of nowadays is laziness haha... Japanese are stealing a ton of English words, basically, about 10% of their vocab now are Japanese modified English words, just so they can write it in katakana instead lol. Example Radio= old way: 無線 (musen)... new way millennials are writing it ラジオ (rajio) LOL. Cowboy= 牧童: bokudou... new way カウボーイ (kauboi) LOL! As far as naturalization to get true acquisition goes, it really comes down to a ton of reading, a ton of watching TV with target language subtitles on, and a ton of radio- combined with anki. You need to forget about your native language when acquiring a new language... like completely... it seems uncomfortable and counter-intuitive, but as long as we grip onto our native tongue we end up thinking of learning languages as a math equation- 1 +1=2... but as you know with Mandarin, languages completely shape the way you think... so you can't have "english smelling" Chinese... that's not how they think. So yeah get content with uncertainty. What I've personally noticed in my studies, is a phase where at first you have no idea what they're saying... then you can make out the consonants, then you might understand about 30% of what they're saying... as long as you keep studying you'll get down to the point where you're at 90%+ and at that point you've really acquired the language fully.
  17. @modmyth hey thats awesome to hear modmyth! I can recommend checking out If you're learning Cantonese the traditional series works too. This reminds me of a story I heard of chicken farming. So chicken farmers take the newly hatched chick, and basically when the chick is just hatched it becomes this odd process of sorting what chick belongs in what bucket- the female or male bucket, since their sexual organs are not yet visible. So I'm not going to tell you how they go about determining the gender of the chick, because it doesn't matter, the message is still good. There's a process that sexing farmers learn that usually takes a bit of time to figure out... but as they practice more and more and more, their speed rapidly increases in identifying the chicks gender. Eventually, chick sexing farmers spend less than 2 seconds on identifying the chicks gender. To the outside world, or novice, this looks incredible-- how could you be that quick at identifying a chicks gender while barely paying any attention? Well it's similar to learning Kanji, Hangul, or Hanzi for us... in the beginning, it's like ummm what is this... but as we progress we slowly build up an intuitive reflex where we can quickly deploy the right answer unconsciously. This is basically my experience with reading Japanese which is unique in itself... because unlike mandarin, one letter can be pronounced like a dozen different ways in Japanese for example- 日- this can be pronounced hi, bi, ka, ni, nichi, depending on what words come before or after... it actually makes almost no sense. And the best way for me to learn the language then, is not by studying every letter case by case, but by reading Japanese news, or social media, until I can't even tell you how I know that word is kibun, while the other is genki, it's just that I can look at it and tell you, no that's actually what it says.
  18. @Raptorsin7 classic moment lol. Hey something I wanted to tag on too @LfcCharlie4 I'll tell you another strategy I really like... is spend your early 20's getting skills that allow you to make 100-120k a year. Live SUPER frugal during this time. Meanwhile try to scope 3 properties... I mean just make sure the countries you buy these properties in have dynamite legals... like for example if I was to buy properties in Mexico, in certain tourist areas, I can't actually own them... I can only have a real estate holding company hold them for me despite the fact I spent like 80k on it LOL... like WTF. When you get the first 3-4 properties under your belt, as long as the deals are right, you should be able to "kind of sort of" retire... you most likely will be able to profit 2-3k+ a month from these properties passively a month. I'll tell you as I get older... the more I truly realize, real freedom is being able to do WHATEVER YOU WANT, when you want....
  19. Hey @Raptorsin7 sup my guy, @LfcCharlie4, I'm actually not a secret millionaire but I've produced millions online lol. As far as the subject you're speaking about goes... I actually have a side business I manage where I give financial consulting on everything you mentioned in this post- the service is available in 27 different countries. I think everything you're saying makes total sense. I can speak from experience as well; i've been in the investor mindset, and I've been in the hardcore fractal spending mindset (I spend 125% of what I make).... Anyways my primary business revenue is 15k a month which is actually mouse nuts, but I've been patient because I'm going to push into 50k a month, then 100k over the next few months. This isn't like some fantasy land garbage, my best friend makes 120k a month doing exactly what I do in my business, I just needed time to get some systems in place so I didn't have to hire 3 employees for scaling. Anyways I feel like everything I told you is important, only because it's a metric to base your beliefs off of... without an actual number you can't compare me to someone who might be more successful than me. I find this particularly important because while you can learn from everybody, some people are just better to learn from than others. So without too much further adu I'll run through a couple of my thoughts off the top of my head 1) If you're going to do crypto do it with a Robinhood App account because it's EASIER to get your money out of it. - My thoughts on crypto: I didn't put any money on it, because when it was inflating I had a strong belief it was going to pop soon. I called the cap at $19,000. Told all my friends to get out; even knew a guy who took out a 40k loan to put in bitcoins.... next week BOOM GONE. The way I look at cypto is it's speculation, not investing, and if you think of it like investing- consider it HIGHLY volatile/ HIGH risk investment, so only put 10% of your investment cash in... when you think you're at a market cap, sell half keep half... really can't lose that way. 2) ETFs are becoming a favorite, if you're looking into ETFs and S&P 500, I recommend M1 Finance App... they fully check out as legit and they're insured. But long story short you can buy fractal shares.. so like if you want to buy a stock in amazon you don't need to cough up $1,800 at once lol. You still get equal play on the action. Pretty much getting the financial independence you're looking for (which is way more conservative compared to what I'm doing is as simple as this) First, take advantage of your 401k, Roth IRA, and HSA accounts because these save you on taxes - Second, Invest consistently, long term - put a set % from each and every paycheck into your investments, no matter what. Ideally, at least 20% of your paycheck, minimum. Preferably more. -Third, don’t time the market - invest long term consistently, regardless of where the price is. -Fourth, invest in a low-fee index fund that covers the entire market - like VTSAX. Vanguard and Fidelity both offer extremely low index fund fees. -Fifth, wait. Let the markets do their thing. I would add a 6th on this thing, and the 6th in my opinion is while you're doing all of the things you're reading above, start your own business. Get your priorities right from the start, however.... like you might choose to pass real estate exams which take 3 months and sell homes... then have a side hussle as someone who takes photos of properties to help other listings close faster (you can literally talk to real estate agents you're network with and say hey, I have a business where I take high quality photos, video tours, and drone photos of the home you're selling, itll cause you to sell the home for much higher. I'll do a full shoot for you if you cut me in on $2,000 when the home closes) Stuff like that. In a lot of ways, starting a business can bring you in more money than your investments will. BUT you need to make sure you have your priorities right... The business I run that allows me to scale past 120k a month... it's HARD you have to be HARD. If you're trying to have a low stress high reward job, look into putting money into affiliate marketing, Google PPC, anything Hope that helps mate
  20. @modmyth Yeah and here I am in 2019 with an extremely dark green crew neck, a black baseball cap some earth tone green shorts and flip flop. Fuck. The glory days....
  21. You know I can sit back and really come up with a bunch of ideas why that first movie was such a hit. But damn, I feel like the fact the matrix code in the movie was actually jumbled words from a sushi cookbook is more important at the moment.
  22. Lol I love Keanu Reeves. They're coming out with a 4th Matrix movie. Go to it with me please?
  23. @modmyth Yeah guys could care less because we're all emotionally handicap. So we let the women do all the feeling so we can live vicariously through that experience. LOL. Like AH I see what she was saying, that does feel good.
  24. @modmyth Yeah I just bumped into a newly wed couple from my hometown here in Hawaii lol. They were like early 20's and the wife is like "Oh yeahhhhh SUREeee was expensive...." I wanted to be like, then why did you do all that extravagant shit if you couldn't fucking afford it punk LOL. It's like keep the bitching away from me, either tell me you fucking LOVED IT- or shut your mouth lol. I'm well aware the average wedding in the US costs between $20,000-$50,000. LOL- I should NOT be laughing but it's like, I always find it funny these poor fucks who make like 18k a year and then get a massive loan for 50k or more, and then are like durrrrr how did this happen waaaaaaa - STEVE STEVE DO YOU FUCKIGN LOVE ME STEVE?!?!? STEVEEEEE. HAHAHAH....