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  1. It's all just me. So, no forum, no other people responding to my messages, it's just ME. Pretty hard for me to take. I am God and am speaking to NO-ONE.
  2. @seeking_brilliance well, autistic people don't see the emotional meaning in situations. This is what I "mean". But nobody will ever understand.
  3. Hi Leo. I'm very interested in this topic, and would love to hear what you have to say on the matter. Near Death Experiences have happened to millions of people throughout history and many cases have been documented. People often report looking down upon their bodies from above, and sometimes witness things that happen in, say, an operating room, which can later be verified by people who were present at the time - things that they would have no way of knowing, as their physical body is lifeless at the time. People report travelling through a dark tunnel with a light at the end. This light is so beautiful that they can't describe it in words. They often end up in a beautiful place and meet dead relatives, sometimes even people they didn't know existed before the NDE, which they later find out about. They often report having a "life-review" in which they are shown moments in their lives when they affected other people, both positively and negatively, and they are able to experience what those people experienced. Sometimes they are asked by "beings" or "God" whether they want to stay in this beautiful place of love and light, or whether they want to return to Earth and "complete their mission". Sometimes they are categorically told it's not their time and are forced to return to their bodies. But even those people who have young families on Earth find it difficult to accept that they have to leave the place of light. It is a place where they feel at home. They feel like they have returned to where they belong. Taking DMT is said to be similar to a NDE, but apparently there is no definitive answer to the question of whether NDE's are purely chemical reactions or not. What I'm thinking is if they were just chemical reactions, then how would one explain the phenomenon of people seeing things in the operating room that they would "logically" have no way of knowing? This suggests that their consciousness or spirit has left their body, and the experience is actually happening outside the brain and body. So, maybe DMT facilitates the soul's departure from the body? What I'm interested to find out is what you know about this topic, because these experiences (which there are millions of documented cases of such) would suggest that God is actually a kind of "entity" (for lack of a better word) that exists outside of us. This goes against some of your teachings. What also goes against your teachings is the phenomenon of people being allowed to "choose" whether to return to their bodies or not, suggesting that there is such a thing as free will. In fact, free will seems to be important, as the life-reviews suggest that things could have gone differently, and that there was in fact a degree of choice. Thanks for reading. I hope you have time to reply to this thread.
  4. I think it's hilarious how this community has a serious discussion about the concept of "nothing". ?
  5. @Aldo that guy is talking utter shit, he says no-one has died and come back... What about children who remember having previous lives, who have obviously been reincarnated. Details of their previous lives can be verified with exceptional precision. He obviously has done no research, yet is acting "in the know" despite this.
  6. I am in a similar position. I avoided sexual relationships until the age of 24. I was attracted to the opposite sex and the idea of sex was appealing, but spirituality was always more important to me even though I had a strong sex-drive. Now I'm in my 30's do I regret being celibate most of my life? Not really. Being true to yourself is more important. If True Love is important to you then having sex for sex's sake will always leave you feeling empty. People like you and me have a stronger calling. Think about what is important to you. If you have to wait to find someone who actually means something to you, where noone is being used, then wait. You'll see a certain look in her eyes, and you'll know that it's right. But in the meantime, I wouldn't worry about using porn, it's a way of satisfying a need that everyone has.
  7. @Leo Gura ? Should I take 5meo?
  8. I have experienced non-duality on salvia and literally saw everything as a unified whole. I have had many powerful (and scary) experiences with salvia. Never tried 5meo dmt though. How do these two substances compare?
  9. @Shiva thank you very much, I used to watch that a couple years ago, but it wouldn't do any harm to go back to it. ?
  10. I'm not really talking from a spiritual perspective, I'm talking more from a social perspective. I am excruciatingly aware that I am not very self-aware. I make social faux pa's all the time. I imagine that people talk about me and laugh at me behind my back. I've never seemed to get social conventions and although people tell me they think I'm highly intelligent, they also often say I'm "slow" and "simple". How can one be both highly intelligent and also "slow and simple"? My problem lies in the fact that I can't look at myself objectively. It's hard for me to tell how others are perceiving me without them explicitly telling me what they think. But being told I am "slow" has been a theme throughout my life. I was teased incessantly at school for it. I got good grades, yet every day I would be given the same message, that I am slow and simple. It always upset me because I never accepted what they were saying. I am aware that I miss quite a lot and I don't understand some things first time. People sometimes have to speak slowly to me for me to understand. But strangely enough, when Leo talks quickly about personal development or spiritual matters I can understand perfectly when others might find it difficult to follow. On the other hand, when someone is trying to arrange to meet me for lunch, I get confused! I value authenticity above anything else, and that's why I love Leo's videos. Perhaps that is why I find normal people so confusing, because they are so deceptive (not authentic). In that regard, I guess I am simple. I respond to Truth and am averse to deception. People have told me before that I am so different to other human beings that they literally think I am an alien. ? I've never fitted in, in any group since primary school. I have always been different. My brain must be wired differently.
  11. @Shiva yes I think you might be right. People skills may be the issue. Thanks.
  12. Don't do drugs. Ever. You don't need them. Don't listen to anyone who tries to pressure you into taking them. ?
  13. @Serotoninluv sorry I just said dmt for short in the actual post, I meant 5 meo dmt. @Jkris no, I just saw everything as connected. Like there was literally no division between different "objects" in the room I was sitting in.
  14. @Dan502 apathy yes, and I've experienced a lot of trauma. I've experienced the worst kinds of trauma. I just did an autism test and scored 43%... 52% was needed to suggest ASD.
  15. I was sitting here thinking about all the different aspects of myself. I realised there was a "judge" who was criticising me for: Not being good enough Being lazy Not doing the right thing Having anger issues Having confidence issues Being sexually frustrated Being addicted to certain things Making mistakes And I thought to myself, I can choose in this moment to love my sins to death and I said "I love you" to all these different aspects of myself. But I think it is The Judge in all of us that needs the most love, cos he thinks he knows best and is keeping everyone else in check, but really he just needs to be told that he's OK, and he can just relax and let go. Honestly man, you're OK. Love you. ???
  16. It's a drug that can seriously harm the brain and cause serious mental health problems. Just a warning.
  17. This is ridiculous. There's no such thing as "ego".
  18. I'm interested in this too Leo. It's like I've done things backwards. I started deconstructing my self image 16 years ago, before I had constructed a healthy ego... This led to mental illness. I've now had enlightenment experiences, yet I have never even tried to create a healthy self image, so have basically lived without an identity for the past 16 years. I'm now 32. Would you suggest that I attempt to create some sort of identity now, or just continue bringing the ox back home? Thanks.
  19. Yes, just focus on basic personal development if you are not ready.
  20. @Joker_Theory Just start doing self inquiry, and do it hardcore...sit down and eliminate all the things you think you are...i.e. the body/thoughts/voice in the head. It shouldn't take too long before you realise what you REALLY are. You may find yourself saying to yourself "I am awareness. I am awareness. I am awareness." But be careful as this is just the voice in your head, not the actual thing itself.
  21. I don't know if anyone has been following my "story", but I made a post called "detachment from suffering" a few weeks ago. I just wanted to share and elaborate on what I've learned recently. I don't want to blow my own trumpet. I'm not here to try and demonstrate how enlightened I am. But this is really something that could be life-changing for you if you put this into practice. This is what I've learned: suffering is real. It is constant for some people. The Buddha said "life is suffering", if I'm correct. But.... and this is a big but... You are not the sufferer! I have been meditating for 4 hours a day, every day for the past 13 months. I also started self inquiry a few months ago. The meditation was quite tricky at first. I felt tense, angry, and my monkey mind would not slow down. Then after about 7 months I had an enlightenment experience after watching Leo's "most shocking truth" video. I was in a state of bliss for ten days, but then my ego resurfaced and I found myself in hell again. And then I started self inquiry. This is the most important thing. Because this has helped me separate the awareness that I AM from the suffering "me". Some people just watch their thoughts when they meditate. They recognise: these thoughts are not me. But have you recognised that you can also watch your suffering in exactly the same way? What I mean is that you can have a visceral experience of suffering (i.e. actually feel the suffering in your nerves) yet not be effected by it! For anyone who has not started self inquiry, I HIGHLY recommend it. The most important question you can ask during self inquiry is "am I suffering?" You may find that your awareness detaches from the suffering. It will still be there, but YOU will not suffer. You may find yourself smiling and laughing at the suffering, as you will see it is no more a part of you than the wall/floor/ceiling. Hope this helps. ? Ps. If anyone has any questions I'm happy to answer.
  22. @Joker_Theory Yes, exactly man, you are the awareness - not the depression, anxiety or any other mood for that matter!
  23. To everyone thanking me, you're very welcome. Glad to share this insight.
  24. Yes. I went out one night during those ten days and saw myself (God) in everyone's eyes.