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  1. The day you realize you don't need shit, shit stops owning you. You are a slave if you want to think if your self as that. If you go deeper and realice that we are all nothing, one of nothingness, no limits, all. Then why even work....
  2. Shortcuts in life don't exist. Ask ram dass....
  3. Does punching your nuts work? Positive and negative "thinking" are just that. A thought. Try to see what reality is and who/what you are.
  4. Use whatever gets you to the next level. But know you are being exploited, freedom starts with the truth and the truth is free...
  5. All this is just so wrong. 1. The answer is not in your mind. 2. The answer is not in your mind. 3. The answer is not in your mind.
  6. I also would like to apologise for taking away from OP.
  7. Stop trying to analyse every situacion. You guys are lost in the mind.....
  8. Wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Ego showed its head a couple of times through ,the video. The video does not matter what matters is that you might be taken for.
  9. I have done a lot drugs all my life. I know why its not the way.
  10. I don’t know the guy but what I did notice is ego.
  11. We all want the fast way into what we are looking for bu Im afraid it won’t work. Otherwise the would instruction manual.
  12. @TripleNipple If you feel that way that is just how you feel. Im not going to continue throwing wood in this fire.
  13. @Leo Gura Im sorry Leo but if you saying I should think about it you clearly are not what you are selling. Stop trying to sell your self by calling this as cutting edge. Also don't try any guilt trip by using the Buddha's reputation. If I where you I would be careful. Not only are you promoting drug use for something that has been done without. But you are doing it in a country where this is very heavily punished. I wish you luck and I really do not wish you any wrong but I really feel what you are doing is not the way.
  14. Trying to convince me the its "alright" is not going to convince your self of it. Like I said, you dont overcome a problem by introducing another problem in its place. You people should see what you are doing. This is not the way. Did the buddha find enlightenment through drugs? Did Jesus find enlightenment through drugs?