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  1. Bloody hell. If you are getting paid for work you are not a slave. No one is putting a gun to your head or a whip to your back to get up everyday and go to work. Do realise that we are all free and we can just walk out of our life situation and move to any "free" country and start a new path. Only your mind can stop you from doing this. I'm not saying you should. Now the thing that is not clear to most here is that "being" a slave as is being discussed here is in your mind. Its a role you seem to be in and/or are playing. No one can tell you who or what you are. Not Leo, not me, not society, no one but yourself. So if you think he is talking about you. That is just in your head and your ego is reacting to it.
  2. Hi, If I may throw some light in this discussion. I personally think that today to do profesional web development you have to work with a lot of different technologies and I dont think there is a 1,2,3 plan that can just do. Another added problem is that things change so fast that you are just constantly learning new things. Never the less if you still would like to pursue this line of work I think its a great choice. Lets say that most web sites or web apps are divided by the frontend which is either an html/mobile app/javascript app/etc piece of software. Then you have the backend which is where the actual application logic is executed. For frontend these days you need to "know" what Rookie talked about. HTML, CSS, Javascript and on top of that there are frameworks like Twitter bootstrap, JQuery, SASS, Angular, React, Vue, etc. For the backend you have other choices like Java (Spring, etc), ruby on rails, php, .net, etc. Other things you need to know are databases, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. Basic SQL knowledge will get you by. I am only talking about the most known frameworks, services and technologies. So you can imagine how this gets out of hand. Another thing you need to know is about source control which is how you keep control of you're code. This is done through a service/app called GIT. Finally, to work in most companies you will have to learn Scrum and/or Kanban which is a work methodology use in almost all software dev places today. Hope that helps.
  3. @7thLetter I am sorry that you can not understand what im talking about. I do understand you very easily. You do seem to like talking about ignorance (judgement) and analyse things/people. If you have read about the ego you should know this is where these actions come from. I came to the forum to find people like me. I found the same as you did. I have stayed because its entertaining. I did not know I had to watch Leo's videos to participate in the forums. Let me throw in a suggestion if you don't mind. Lets stop talking about you or me and make it about the OP.
  4. Well to be more precise I’m talking from a chair in my local pub.
  5. @Shin It is what it is. If you are expecting magic and the constant high of mediation you are going to be disappointed and continue searching for "enlightment".
  6. I can not be without though all day long. I work and have to relate to others. My mind like my heart works on its own. What I can do is not associate with those thoughts.
  7. There will always be monkey mind. We are human and thats how our body works. ¿Can you stop your heart from beating? ¿Can you stop your lungs from breathing? ¿The cells from doing what ever they are doing? I dont know any monks. I do know that as long as I stay present and conscious the monkey stays away.
  8. @Shadowraix Not all is a creation of the mind. Believes, thoughts, ideas yes. The mind can't create what nature does, it can filter and modify the perception but something as beautiful as a flower can not be created by the human mind. The things we do are intentional when the mind has full control. As you start to wake, you are able to see those intentions and decide if to execute or ignore. There is no meaning other than realising what you are.
  9. @7thLetter There is nothing that anyone can say to you that will make you “wake up” all of the suden. What you call perspective is simply association with though. If you keep believing in things, your thoughts, you aren’t moving in the right direction. If you think that everyone that gives you a pointer is just ego I would suggest you look inside. When you recognised something in someone else thats because you recognise it in your self to begin with. I tried LSD once and do not recommend doing drugs. I’ve never seen any of Leo’s videos. I have read the power of now and recommend it.
  10. The same as with all. To learn to surrender to what is. 😉
  11. In my case there have been many times during meditation where I would seem very calmed, clear headed and sure of something I had discover yet I would change the focus to the body and I would notice my heart pounding fast, heavy breathing and there was pain in my heart. This is how I discovered how the brain does not give me access to all thoughts. With meditation the thoughts would surface eventually but its hard to find something when you don't know what you are looking for.
  12. Watch the body. The body is the true reflection of how the mind is thinking.
  13. Meditation, watch the mind, seek the silence and stillness. Live in the self, focus on being. Pay attention to the space and silence that is around us all the time. Ask your self as often as possible if you can hear the silence, can you feel the space. To measure your progress, measure how long you can go listening to the silence before you get distracted or it just goes to the background.
  14. Stop thinking. Thats the best way to save energy.
  15. @7thLetter there is nothing mystical or magical about it. Yes I have had some great discoveries but it's not what you think it is. I would suggest you stop searching for unicorns and rainbows. You will not walk on water or turn it into wine. it's constant work and I'm not saying I'm done with it. At least I continue to discover new things.