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  1. I always hear Leo talking about "doing the work". I believe it would be super helpful to a lot of us for him to highlight what sort of work we should be doing based on our level of development. Please outline the definition of what it means to "do the work". Give examples of the different types of exercises or studying we can do to excel Perhaps meditation is good for all levels? What type of meditation is better for stage blue people vs Achievers. What other exercises can we do besides meditation? Shamanic breathing, but when is that practical? Hallucinogens? Anything else we could be doing? Yoga? I know your book list is a big secret, but maybe let us in on what type of content is good to digest based on your level of psychological development. Please highlight some examples of specific authors or people we can watch on YouTube. Be sure to include the traps, downfalls, and great things about these different types of content. Break down how to study - you helped me a lot by showing me that certain types of material are so advanced that it is impractical for me to take it in. But you also say that most people can stomach content one to two steps ahead of themselves. Really elaborate on how this functions and give some examples of best practices for studying material.
  2. Happiness is an illusion, but as with any perspective, you can live within it, it can be real to you, you can choose to be it, and to your ego it is reality. To be outside of perspective is to be non-dual. The line of reality is what's real to the ego and what's real in a non-dual sense.
  3. I'm interested to hear your interpretations about Sasha Shulgin and whether he is more Orange leaning with his scientific translation of psychedelics research or whether he is doing it from a Green state of consciousness?
  4. If the only problem is the fact that I identify myself as a person with a problem then: I create all meaning and purpose, there is nothing inherent to reality If there is nothing inherent to reality then: I can't exist. But I am the experience of god, and I am here to be solely this experience in this present moment The experience is to be, and to be is the experience But if I am the experience, there must be some reason I am the experience But all meaning and reason is a construct of my imagination, so I cannot have a reason to be the experience If there is no reason or purpose to the experience, then how does it exist? If the reason or purpose is desire, if desire is the creator of all things and the reason for existence then: There is a reason that was created by god, but god is everything. So if the reason is everything then: The reason for existence is everything and nothing. So much everything that it also encompasses nothing If the reason for existence is the infinite sum of reasons, then there is no words for the meaning of existence because the meaning would be everything. The meaning is all meanings and the reason is all reasons and the purpose is all purposes. There cannot be a reason, meaning, or purpose but here I am. How can I be without a reason, meaning or purpose? Why would I be here without a reason, meaning or purpose?