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  1. Thanks, sounds plausible. Certainly God, being God , has the power to chose otherwise, than only to maximize love? And for all i know, God is maximizing pleasure at a particular locus, drawing vampirically from the environment around it.... all while cleverly disguising this as a Maximization of Love. Certainly God is Infinite Cleverness as well? If so, then it can probably disguise anything as anything else, without you or I ever becoming aware of it at the human level. And this may be my own myopia again, but I've never heard a good explanation as to how prolonged torture can maximize love. Torturing may be fun, cuz someone might love doing it... but being tortured, on the other hand, is not loved by anyone, not beyond a certain threshold anyway. Or maybe i just need to accept that Love may not be as maximizable as we wish it could be.
  2. Thanks everyone. It certainly wouldn't surprise me if God is (or has) Infinite Will. I just have trouble making that leap, since it also wouldn't surprise me if God is also infinite obedience and lack of will. I guess my confusion boils down to... what causes god's choice to will a particular imagining, vs. a different one? Maybe will is previous to causality , i just can't wrap my head around it still.
  3. Reality is infinite imagination. Okay, hmmm... so i wonder if that imagination is deliberate/willful/volitional, or if it's an automatic process. Or both? Neither? All of the above? Willful at the higher levels of self-realization, and automatic or mechanical at the lower levels? Also maybe Reality is the ongoing eternal process of Truth deriving itself, because that process resolves all paradox. Like, Creation has to Create itself? Something like that.
  4. i go over the idea that earth may have been machined, including most lakes and coastlines
  5. @i am I AM I could definitely use more creativity. Mind listing a few?
  6. @now is forever I can officially say this post was a success, since 'yeast bubbles' have now entered the discussion. @tsuki Yes, I can definitely admit to a wounded ego. And I am humbled on a daily basis by people who are far more Da Vinci or Tesla than I am. And to the degree that they are, they should have more say than me and more power than me. And my wounded ego doesn't mean the points i've made aren't valid. it may look like naivety, but it's not... it's just an awareness of what happens when you combine high consciousness with high technology. I think people are misconstruing it like i've said "do xyz, and we'll have utopia on earth". I'm not talking about utopia, i'm only talking about making things better than they currently are, by configuring them in a better way than they're configured now. You say that like it's a good thing. Yes, there is a reason the world is structured as poorly as it is... and part of that reason is that lower consciousness stages are running amuck with power.
  7. @Christer -You can try the Language Instinct by steven Pinker. Havent read it, but i read How the Mind Works by him, and that was good. -You can search amazon books for "semiotics". haven't read any of them, but they are on my to-do list. -You might also enjoy researching the topic of the so-called 'secret language of the dakini': the language whose words do not represent things, but are things. (the idea that meaning is inherently conveyed by sound, form etc). -you might enjoy reading this post about the underlying structure of language.
  8. Great video. My key takeaways... confirming some stuff that i've been feeling for some time now.... Nothing will ever "finally be fine." You are God, and God is on fire forever, in a hysterical clusterfudge, trying to find a way out, but never succeeding. Yeah, theres good stuff too, but the only thing that could ever truly satisfy is only good stuff and no bad stuff. There is no ultimate peace or eternal bliss. No state of rest and safety. One can "make peace with the lack of peace", but that's not very satisfying., not what we really want. The deeper the rabbit hole of inquiry and awareness goes, the more it seems like a rotten egg to me. "Oh, no wonder I'm playing the game of not being God... cuz being God sucks, and forgetting that for a while is the best i can hope for." Am I missing something? It almost seems like delusion and escapism and numbness are the ultimate, and they are closest we can get to freedom and peace. Living through every life... haha, yikes, no thanks. Reality seems like a cumbersome never-ending tv series of God shitting in his own mouth in a million different ways, with no option of doing anything else. Imprisoned on the great Ferris wheel, with no way of getting off. All the realization of Radical Oneness makes me wanna do is stop existing entirely.... Which, of course, does not seem to be an option. Sorry I don't mean to doomf*g all over everybody. But help a brother out... is there any good news to the realization of Oneness? A silver lining? I struggle to find something reassuring about Radical Oneness.
  9. @Emerald Except, a person can't grow fruit in their backyard if they don't already have a backyard to work with, and seeds, and water, and tools.... FIRST. You can't expect an empty handed person with no resources to bring forth results out of thin air. A person can't bring forth their value unless they have a place to do it, and the tools to do it with. (which are, of course, only purchasable... after you provide the value. a catch 22.) Human infants are only able to later create value because... we nourish their needs FIRST. It's not fantasy, it's just a more refined physics. The world runs the way it does because.... our laws of physics are poorly configured. The idea is to move towards reconfiguring them, with a more meritocratic system only as a brief stepping stone. To settle for the universe we have, and to perpetuate it as such, stems from a lack of resourcefulness and self-respect and respect for each other. I would agree that there is no utopia possible in our particular type of universe. But why just sit here and eat shit? why not create a better universe, or go to a different one and decommission this one. Past generations did half-decent, but they didn't know much. They didn't know how to vibrate an apple into existence rather than growing it, or how to reconfigure the human body such that it doesn't even need to eat to survive, or how to forego the need for a body altogether, or how to reprogram a universe.
  10. @now is forever A valid question. No one would decide, a metric would be developed and decide based on more or less objective indicators, similar to the sorting hat in harry potter. A "smartmeter" for souls. Something which can read your "field", at the electromagnetic level, plasmic level, and beyond. Now who would develop the metric, and what criteria would be used? Yes, that would be the messy part, full of errors and strategic blunders. And Reality is irreducibly mysterious, so such a metric would always be subject to at least some non-trivial margin of error. But the idea is, it's something to asymptote towards. There's a lot of diversity in voting behavior, even within one particular level such as Turquoise. Many turquoise might see the futility of it, or "vote" with their lifestyle choices, or would vote but they are busy with other things, or be so indifferent to the outcome that they dont bother. Or, a turquoise might choose to get involved. Maybe i generalized too heavily there.
  11. @now is forever In regards to democratic voting... that's not very good, because the higher spiral dynamics levels generally dont bother voting. So the vote reflects lower consciousness who are overconfident in their dumb opinions. And if everyone did vote, the vote should not be equal... the lowest consciousness in the species should get a vote equal to 0.001 vote, and the highest consciousness people should get a value of 1 vote.
  12. @Michael569 Curious, what is your true purpose? if you dont mind
  13. @Western Buddha Don't sweat it man, do what feels natural right now. Just be open to the possibility that you may feel compelled to make some kind of impact in the future. There's a phrase, "the heart asks pleasure first." Maybe the universe just needs you to do you, at least for now. Guilt won't help anything.
  14. @non_nothing No, blockchain networks have nothing to do with level of consciousness. Leonardo Da Vinci should not have to waste his energy "gatekeeping a blockchain" in order to enable his work.