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  1. Thank you brother for sharing. I'll take on board the suggestions in your first response.
  2. Appreciate the response @Inliytened1. "i" has understood it is illusory (Unless the entity has been self-deceived). That it is a pile of conditioning put together based on circumstance and up to date conditioning, nothing more. The entity in a sense knows that that part of itself is illusory, and it intuit's that is what you are describing dies. However if that part of experience is not acknowledged as being required to a small degree contemplations appear to lead to a collapse of reality without it. Which is fine if that is what happens, more contemplation would be required on if that is the journey of this entity or not in that case. Can you clarify what you mean when you say "if you do it right, you will indeed die". As intuition leads the entity to conclude as above you mean the conditioned self is recognised (Although may continue to chatter) but the experience doesn't change apart from the fact that "i" as described above (Circumstance and up to date conditioning) is seen to be illusion.
  3. Hello, Is it possible for this entity to drop its conditioned self completely? It appears not from a few rounds of contemplation. I.e. to exist in this experience the typer needs to communicate - which is a conditioned learning, take survival somewhat seriously etc, which appear to be traits of conditioning. Is this a limitation of experience in human form? Meaning to go beyond this would need the experience to end and be an experience in which said experience had zero conditioning? Another way to ask this is that as this entity/experiencer/oneness - whatever you want to label what is (I'll stick with entity) - has a part of it (Which is also it) that's been conditioned over a significant amount of "time" it appears the entity cannot escape this conditioned part fully, it can only view the conditioned part as a part of what makes up this entity which is an escape of sorts, but it still then plays out in a conditioned way - until it doesn't (Death/End of this dream however that comes about). Or is it possible for the entity to watch the conditioning so closely it dissolves completely? Investigation into this seems to conclude that the experience would fall apart with zero conditioning applied in moment to moment / day to day living? Any thoughts that would help contemplations on this question would be appreciated.
  4. Hi All, Apologies I got very busy after sending that post, really appreciate everyone's thoughts, I've requested to Join the facebook group and I'm moving city in a couple of months fortunately to a place where there is one registered "SMART" dentist so I'll visit them once I'm there to get another set of xrays and get any remaining amalgam removed before starting chelation. Thanks again!
  5. Hi Guys, I've recently had 8 amalgam fillings removed and had my last visit today. To confirm all the amalgam fillings were gone I requested a final xray which showed some small flakes of amalgam and I'm wondering if anyone knows if this will be detrimental to my health or to a Heavy Metal Chelation process as I had planned as my next step to start the chelation process and now I'm worried the small remains in my teeth could cause mercury to leech into my blood stream. There's not much remaining (In the photos the slightly lighter filling points are the amalgam. E.g. first photo 3rd from the right at the top small dash. 2nd from right bottom couple of small dashes. 2nd photo 2nd from top and 2nd from bottom a couple of small dashes). The dentist said it's hard to get everything however I wasn't super pleased with the final results when I saw remaining amalgam and want a second opinion. If anyone here knows or can recommend someone that'd be really helpful.
  6. Thanks for the response @Inliytened1. It feels like you are saying that it's reasonable to assume that I will experience every possibility, but ultimately from the absolute perspective "this" What is happening now, is all that is true right now and all I can confirm as 100% true. (Similar to what KKsd said). I feel like I just have to get more used to holding what "is" and also holding what is reasonable to deduce and understanding that's what my ego wants to hold on to in this moment to give it some comfort. Essentially holding two perspectives on the same topic really. Would you agree with that?
  7. That really resonates, thanks so much for explaining that further. That last sentence really hit. Thank you
  8. Thanks Joni - I suppose from the bubbles perspective - "ME" looking from that perspective doesn't know what's coming next beyond the present moment so perhaps that's kind of what you mean when you suggest contemplating how "i" (lower case) can be more happy in the relative sense? This is somewhat satisfying, anything beyond what's happening now is imagination I guess from the absolute perspective, but it certainly feels like this resonates slightly more - perhaps it's because my ego is so hungry to get a concrete answer on such things when one isn't available to the "Tiny part of my whole" that has been dipped into this experience..
  9. Hi All, I have been questioning something specific in the case of reincarnation for some time now, albeit perhaps to think this far ahead is imagination already and therefore not true. If I suppose what is true is this bubble of consciousness, which is in debate in itself I suppose, and in turn this bubble being god can dream whatever it likes in an unlimited fashion (Kind of referring in reference to @Leo Gura's latest video on consciousness and my understanding of it). I get a sense that content of some form constantly plays out, perhaps not as a person, or even with the same senses that currently exist in this experience, but a happening happens infinitely. It then seems reasonable that I will experience other peoples lives at some point, would you tend to agree with this? I've heard @Leo Gura reference this before in some of his videos (And saying that we would experience his life at some point), but that was a few years back I believe, so his perspective may have changed. Interested to hear some alternate perspectives on perhaps what I'm not considering (Or if you agree) for me to continue questioning this topic within myself.
  10. Hi All, Suppose solipsism turns out to be accurate which at this point i (still lower case) am unsure of and not expecting to uncover that truth definitively any time soon. I wonder though how the concept of infinity plays a part in this, as if consciousness is infinite then surely I'll end up experiencing the lives of those i interact with at some point, in essence proving in a round about way they do have separate egos / bubbles? Would it be fair to say there are fragments of god as these individual bubbles given the above reasoning but from a oneness perspective its just "Me" with a capital M? Or is that just imagination and then incorrect from the upper case I perspective? Or is it just a paradox where both are true depending on how you imagine it to be? I know solipsism questions might be frowned upon given the recent video fiasco, but would appreciate anyone's thoughts here as I'm trying to add that puzzle piece into my TOE.
  11. Hi Guys, Question, I have been studying the mind and spiritual information and feel I have taken some large leaps with the help of a few friends, a specialist in Bhakti texts and another friend who is brilliant and intelligent and always seems to have the perfect answer. Reminded me of when @Leo Gura was talking to Curt actually. Such complex questions but he always had a profound answer no matter how pressed. My assumption is that it just takes time to research and learn more about life and the mind and spiritual ways - in essence building a framework that can answer all questions? But after 5 years or so of working on this I still feel so far from these two peoples levels. I have found myself questioning on a few different occasions if it is possible for me to have that big picture thinking. E.g. when i have a problem in a relationship or at my work, some people seem to see things very narrow and some like my two friends can see many different perspectives and angles on the same problem and help me come to the root of my issues very quickly. Is it simply a matter or time working on researching material on the mind/spiritual texts + introspection + natural talent. Or is there something in your opinions that I could be overlooking. E.g. If i just read all the books on @Leo Gura's book list for example will I be able to operate similar to him? If you have any of his videos you can direct me to or any other teachers that'd be great.
  12. @JosephKnecht Does that mean that once I realize nothing I'll realize the true self or ?
  13. @Nahm Honestly lately I've been feeling like everything outward is coming from within - which makes sense logically to me also. I've had moments where it feels like that's how it is and I don't know anything for sure - e.g. i dissolve language and meaning to a point, but then "I' pop back into my head and talk myself out of that. It seems to far fetched. I recall Leo at one point saying that awakening is beyond amazing that you will know 100% when you wake up. So i assume it's not that. It's so frustrating as I can't see behind my eyes or "within". @JosephKnecht I get that language covers True god, that this figment of my imagination I've created to be "i" is not REAL, in the sense of existing within the experience of sense perception, but if i dissolve the language as far as knowing what anything is will that lead to "god"? Your responses are all appreciated immensely thank you.
  14. Hi all, Nearing the end of Leos most recent video i had been following along nicely and was even feeling a bit overwhelmed but the realizations, I've had small understandings of parts of what Leo was saying but not all together. Then he said now turn in on yourself or look at yourself, something like this and that was to much for me. I wonder if without psychedelic help is this even possible for me as it seems like a large leap beyond my current experience. If anyone can direct me to any posts or videos that could help me with this that would be appreciated, i am open to psychedelics again in the future but still reeling from my last experience so would prefer to do it without. i watched the video a couple of times after that first attempt but still no further realization. Thank you
  15. @Greatnestwithin Agreed some elaboration could be helpful for me to establish a reference if possible. ? or a video link if easier.