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  1. I have never thought that mushrooms can be so useful for health. But I think the most important thing is to consult a doctor before using them, as there are some conditions that do not allow eating mushrooms especially if there're problems with intestines. I had some problems with my liver and intestinal tract so my gastroenterologist prescribed me CBD oil that doesn't contain any restricted substances. Besides, scientists from University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences recently found CBD elevates the risk of liver toxicity. But, they found no harmful effects on kidneys or other organs.
  2. My husband usually has some salad with avocado, cucumbers and salad leaves with backed or grilled chicken. Or we have fruit times to times
  3. First of all, it may be the symptom of some illnesses. If you're sure you're ok, try cutting out eating too much, spend more time outdoors. If you work hard, your brain definitely needs some brain boosters to work productively. A really cool thing that helps me to be active throughout a day is taking cold shower in the morning. It really helps to wake up) Also, try to eat nuts and 1 apple before sleep. Also, a good way to overcome your state is walking as much as you can.