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  1. Do you still stand by everything said in this video? (With where your current realization stands?) Are there anything things you would add if you could shoot this video today? Are there any points you feel got misinterpreted and need further clarification?
  2. @Leo Gura In this video - You mention that this was achieved through a chemical - was this the later revealed "5-MEO MALT"? Of course, not asking for you to reveal the name if it wasn't - but just wanted to verify if it's a chemical we already know of.
  3. Right here with you. If you ever get a chance, go in a room by yourself (or a place, somewhere out of people's earshot) and just talk to yourself. Talk to yourself as if no one exists but you. How will you speak? Authentically. See, authenticity isn't developed. It's what you are. You don't need to "be yourself" but "remain yourself". Notice that by yourself, alone, you have no problem speaking in a confident tone, speaking your truth, being funny and whatever else. All that stops us is fear of what people think, and that just comes down to practice. Slowly start moving closer and closer towards how you would speak to yourself with others. (Ofc, there will still need to be somewhat of a filter for intelligent social equanimity but you know what is meant). I know it seems everyone around us has it easy and effortless, but consider the fact that in this life - you as God choose a higher difficulty. You turned the knob to "hard" meaning that great social skills weren't innately installed talents and requires some attention or practice. Remember, what you really want is to be around people which you don't have to try around, you feel at ease. So how do you find such people? Don't try and be at ease with the people you meet from the beginning, talk to them as if they're yourself (alone in a room talking to yourself.) <3
  4. @somegirl Okay, I feel called to say something here. This will obviously refer to the biological clock, so if you're interested in kids of course you'll want to keep that in mind. But the overarching thing is to remember that life is this fundemantly infinitely intelligent being. That You are and you came from. How don't you know that this 2-year isolation won't directly lead you to an incredible person you wouldn't have already met? How don't you know that this 2-year isolation won't lead you towards a passionate career, financial abundance and deeper insights? It's easy to look at our situation and see "For fuck sake, why now, why me - I hate this" but consider the possibility that it's possible to look at it and find the intelligence, the lesson of the situation. Instead contemplate "What's the benefit of this, what's the lesson, where's the love in this, how I can I use this to my advantage etc." Much love, the universe got you
  5. Hey, so there’s a clash with my integrity when it comes to daygame. When the inevitable question comes up “So what are you up to?” I lie and say something like “oh I’m meeting friends or going to the shop” But no, in truth - what I’m really doing today is talking to girls that pass by on the street. I come out 3 times a week and do 10 approachs each time. Now, I’m debating on testing out an “honest day game” where I’ll simply say something like “to tell you truth, today I’m talking to beautiful women, it’s a fear I’d like to overcome” But the funny thing is, if I went to bar or club - I wouldn’t say the same thing if I was asked why I’m out. I’d just say “oh just going for a night out, meeting people” So I’m torn here- it seems that there is this “untruth” involved with pickup/dating in general. But my highest value is “authenticity” and “integrity” (like that of Socrates) Is there a way to integrally Daygame? Or at least a “most integral way”? Thank you guys,
  6. @Leo Gura Loool touché, touché.
  7. @Lyubov Woah, very good. That does partially encapsulate myself, insecurities do arise which I'm in the process of working through. I do have a very sincere interest in truth/authenticity which perhaps has overblown and cooped some of my deeper insecurities. Thanks for helping me see that!
  8. @Knowledge Hoarder That's a very good reframe. Thank you, that helps me see it in a more positive light!
  9. @something_else Interesting, yes I'm contemplating this. Take a look at my reply here:
  10. @Knowledge Hoarder Fantastic reply man, that's a good point. Yeah I'm more interested in complete integrity. I also understand that daygame itself can be a bit intsuive which is another sticking point. I myself dislike it if I'm intereracted with randomly, even seeing someone I know - sometimes I just wanna go the shop and go home. So out of consideration for peoples space would nightgame be a more integral option? People go to a night club/bar for socialising and there's a higher degree of social consensus to mingle and chat with new people. Thoughts?
  11. This was so beautiful to read, I teared up a little reading because I can relate so much. This question lingers for me too, I have no advice to offer - just company
  12. @OneIntoOne There is no further goal, life exists for the love of simply existing.
  13. I got this feeling of like "stumbling upon a holy sacred text" with this transcript leo wrote (in conversation with infinite mind). Here's the link - My heart is resonating unspeakably deeply with this. I'm moved, re-ignited with inspiration, vigor and feel so lucky to have stumbled upon such an all-encompassing articulation of everything. Leo you lovely lil brilliant bastard you (me) Happy New Year peeps <3
  14. @JuliusCaesar Wouldn't it be 5MEO Dmt or Malt?
  15. (The Dalia Lama & Desmund Tutu)
  16. @Something Funny All is how it is meant to be
  17. @Gregory1 Good to hear brother! No worries 🙏
  18. Your heart shone through in this, well done - brave of you to show this vulnerability. The piano, lyrics and vocal rhythm are all spot on. Of course, vocally there's room for improvement (being on pitch etc) but that's just a practice thing. Here's a thought as well, of course it could be my own projection so take it with a grain of salt: Perhaps it seems you're trying to put on/force a performative appearance rather than just authenticity expressing how you are in this moment. Maybe that's not the case, but I find this with myself sometimes in singing/music. My intuition guides me to just perform the song authentically without trying to give it a grande performative spin, and paradoxically even better, purer and more authentic performative spins present themselves of their own. Just my take, check in with yourself if it resonates and if not then don't worry about it! Good job.
  19. @Judy2 ahah and that makes me smile. Such a beautiful phenomenon in life, your smile makes me smile. Lots of love <3
  20. @Leo Gura Thanks, I think I'm getting called to 5MEO... oh God.
  21. @Judy2 Love it. Yes, that's all that my contemplations come down to in the end. That simply, THIS is. This is. This is. Not even I am, not I am in this or apart of this, just this is. And then we can go onto calling "this" different labels such as love, god etc. HOWEVER, I do have to admit there is a dissatisfaction with this conclusion and I want to know what God and Love is - how people talk of these amazing realizations. That yearning is not yet quenched. For the Love of God what is Love and God
  22. @Judy2 Interesting. So if the world around us can be anything (depending on what we project) be it happy, sad, angry, funny - is the absolute truth that it's nothing/everything? And that we just decide which one we project, or non? But then where does Love come into all of this? How is it all absolute love if it's actually nothing?