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  1. @Tyler Durden Yes the dream analogy seems to be very apt. All very interesting, I love this
  2. @iboughtleosbooklist No worries, I gotchu. Thanks for joining the discussion. 🙏 💜
  3. @michaelcycle00 I see, I get you. However, if I have a coin in my hand, that's not an assumption. There is a coin in my hand. (yes ofc it's technically consciousness but u get me) Then, if someone else shows me a closed fist and just "says" they have a coin in their hand then I don't truly know for sure and it would be an assumption to jump to that conclusion. Yes, as I said I enjoy/love living as everyone has their own bubbles and I find it the best way to. Like lol, if you went around in a dream and started dismissively treating all the dream characters as unreal and fake it wouldn't go down very well. I'm just also very interested in the absolute truth.
  4. @iboughtleosbooklist Yeah I get you, It wouldn't change anything on a day-to-day basis. However, I'd still like to know... you know?
  5. I don't quite understand. In my current awareness/experience bubble - this is ALL that exists. No others, no places, no other rooms - just this desk, this monitor and these fingers typing. Is this literally the only thing that exists, like - at all? Sure, people on this forum may reply to this but ultimately they'll only exist once this awareness bubble looks for them. What I'm trying to understand is - Is my / this awareness bubble the ONLY one and the others that come and go from it don't have their own? Sure, I would love to assume that others do have their own bubbles, lives and experience etc. But from a complete honest level that's an assumption. I can't know for sure. For all I know, I am the only awareness that has ever existed and also at that level maybe even the only human. At least at this moment in time, until coming into contact with another. A good metaphor to wrap this up is the following: When you have a dream, all the characters, landscapes and objects are you. The dream character is unaware of this until you wake up, but when you wake up it becomes clear that you were everything in that dream, you were the dream so to speak. Is this the same as life? Is this life (of my character) the only life happening? Yes I am the entirety of it - the whole bubble/ the whole dream - but is this the only dream? Like how in a dream, the dream characters don't have their own perspectives, their own lives. They may say they do, seem like they do, act like they do, but only when in the main dream characters view and once they're out of view they don't exist. (They're not actually out their somewhere living a life) Are there other bubbles (like the one that this body is at the center of) ? Like, yes maybe me and another persons bubbles are actually ONE but just currently experienced as separate for the time being OR is it so radical that literally ONLY this bubble that I experience exists. Because that's all I can truly verify (without assumptions). ...obviously I act and live as if people do exist (bc its fun, logical, immersive and mayyybee even true, but what's actually true here? Regards
  6. Hey you guys, let’s all huddle up around the fire side and listen to your stories about God… like a small child who asks their father “Tell me about the olden times” or their mother “Tell me about the when you were younger” What’s the most warm, comforting and encouraging stories you can tell of your experience with God, being God, as God, to God? Yes of course, we are all God, but it’s not so obvious to all us (yet). And yes, maybe God can’t truly be fully communicated but please see my question here as if a child looks up to you and asks with gleaming and curious eyes… ”Tell me about God?” 🙏❤️
  7. @BipolarGrowth Right I see, interesting stuff man, thanks for the replies! To me though this is definitely all at the level concepts and ideas. I have no idea (from my own experience) what anyone’s talking about tbh. I guess I’m gonna have walk my own path, follow what I’m called to and go from there!
  8. @Leo Gura Yes, yes, yes! Thanks for clearing that up, I resonate with this way more. Peace brother 🙏
  9. @Carl-Richard i like that
  10. @BipolarGrowth Woah thanks for this, just watched the whole thing! So this basically promotes against psychedelics and more towards like a meditation approach. It almost refers to psychedelics as a distraction, what are your thoughts on this?
  11. @Swarnim Interesting, thank you for the input. I feel like life (since it is such a creative being) would design the ultimate truth to be discovered through "creative" and "imaginative" ways. Yes, not just one way.
  12. @Shin I'm definitely been very conditioned into that thinking from many traditional schools of thought and tbh even Leo's earlier teachings. What's the new and improved version?
  13. I don’t understand, what does the ultimate ideal we’re working towards look like? No attachments, no desires, no fear, no anger, no worldly possessions, basically become a monk, live in a cave, only meditate all day long and have no personality/ego? If that’s so, that sounds so boring and un creative. Aren’t good games supposed to be challenging but also FUN? This game seems to be all just hard. If that’s truly what it will take then okay, I’ll slowly work up to this but man it sounds so bland. Help me out here?
  14. @BipolarGrowth Thanks for this, it helped me <3