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  1. Hey Guys, what do you think is the number 1 "biggest" paint point in self-development? This can be viewed from multiple perspectives: - Personal: Which is the your number 1 problem? - Tribal: Which is the problem which hold back a lot of people in your environment? - Society: Which is the problem which hold back a lot of people in your country? - Quantity: Which is the Problem which holds back most of human to consciousness worldwide? - Quality: Which is the problem which holds back a lot of very already developed individuals? Please use this template to answer and elaborate on your answers: - Personal: - Tribal: - Society: - Quantity: - Quality:
  2. Thanks, guys. Here is a demo:
  3. Hi guys, i wanted to raise the consciousness of humankind. Mainly inspired by Leo. So I made this project. is the easiest way to make your own Meditation App. Laurens
  4. Hi Leo, Your videos helped me a lot to overcome a lot of issues, move to another country, finish my studies anr create a challenging and meaningful business. Maybe I'm a slowly learner, but.. I really invest a lot of time in contemplating, meditation and a lot of work. I can't imagine most of your watchers are that dedicated. However I don't get the essence of your videos: - What is death? - how to discover what's true? - What is death? It seems that they are very advanced. It seems that they are very turquoise. I know you want to do bleeding edge stuff, but I think in order to help most of your watchers' life, you should really to focus on more yellowish topics (like going meta) and make the next transformation in a few years. Thank you for everything, Laurens
  5. If you take everything, what Leo says for the absolute truth for you right now, you will get fucked. Just integrate a little bit over time in your life and it will enrich you life.
  6. Colombe Cahen-Salvador and Andrea Venzon, founder of the pan european party VOLT, go one step ahead. They want to start a global bottom-up movement to fight global devilry with a positive vision for the world. I will join. What do you think?
  7. Yes you are right. I have to adjust that. I have that on my plan, but I want to study it a little bit harder. If you have a sketch, feel free to communicate. It's also a good practice to think more yellow. You get a sense of the different paradigms, languages, terms the different models use and which entities they take into account to build up their reality.
  8. @LucyKid Thank you: I added other frameworks:
  9. @tsuki Thank you so much. That was a good point. I added the illustration to it: The next frameworks I will add the next hours.
  10. I don't want to bug you. But i put a lot of effort in this blogpost. What can be changed in order to make it more interesing?
  11. I summarized some of Leo's ideas in a blog article. Which viewpoints are missing? I want feedback. Viewpoint 1: Keagan Framework. Viewpoint 2: Chakra Viewpoint 3: Loevinger’s stages of ego development Viewpoint 4: Spiral Dynamics Viewpoint 5: Sufism Viewpoint 6: Ten Oxherding Pictures Viepoint 7: Tree of Life (Kabbalah) Viewpoint 8: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Viewpoint 9: Christian Sacraments
  12. I try to do that. I think at the beginning it's not just about bringing a solution for world peace, green energy etc. It's about the mechanics: Technology, which empowers people and solve real problems on a small scale. You can later scale it up if it really works. Please contact me.
  13. Don't hurry. Get to know the people. Take your time and be skeptical with them. You can do that 1 year later as well. It seems you didn't read a lot about that stuff and only rely on strangers. You should really get engaged intellectually before using it.
  14. If you see systemic manipulation of growth of lower stages, change it. You will need your yellow thinking to deconstruct it and you will build turquoise thinking to recreate.
  15. I would recommend you a classic orange-style STEM field. In your free time you should focus on social problems and self-development: If you are able to integrate "green sufferings" in these fields and build solutions for them. This is the easiest way towards stage yellow.