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  1. i can do changes but i cant focus in uni. how psychedelics will help me? i just take ritalin two times a day because i like to do meditation and then i gain some energy.there is ritalin la that is works for 10 hours
  2. i am looking to be a researcher about perception (for now probably in cognition) because it is my passion and my adhd can do wonders with connectinh stuff and reseaching . just starter uni so for the degree i got about 2+ years and probably i will go for a master, maybe in the master i will need less ritalin because i would learn more about stuff that i want . for what i know doctors in my country are pretty much just know that people with adhd needs is sports and adhd meds so it wouldnt be so helpful. would you recommend me to try adderal or should i just stay on ritalin?
  3. do you have other ways? i mean i can try other stuff but it take so much time and money. i had some success with l-tryptophan but it is not good enough. i use a small amount 7.5 mg ir . and i dont have any issues with aggression. really? ritalin is great for me. i feel calm, i can eat with it, doesnt do stuff with my heart... just makes me poop more often and the down isnt fun
  4. i dont really feel addiction to it. i just preffer it because it easier to deal with my symptoms, but after i stop for 2-3 days i pretty much fine and i remember my ways to deal with my adhd. i dont really know how can i avoid it, it is so helpful for university. i really tried almost evey solution but ritalin is the best
  5. i dont really know how i supposed to do it in uni... it is pretty hard to learn without it. but i dont take it like a meth addicted person would do, i take 7.5 mg ir twice a day . to get high on this stuff i need to snort it and get much bigger dose
  6. my diet is pretty much great and i get more than enough . i eat like 7-9 types of veggies/fruits a day i dont play but i use facebook and instegram , mainly facebook because i like to see memes. i do exercise, take vitamine d and go to the sun. i am doing meditation for two years now. i might try to sing, see how thats going. tried no fap before, it do nothing for me... i am trying to use l-tyrosine for now, maybe it will help. all the herbal alternative that i read people say that it do nothing or helps allitle bit or helps for a month im doing it already. it helps but it is not a solution i used ritalin in highschool for 2.5 years and havnt got any damage but i dont really sure about still using it how?
  7. i dont have any withdrawal . i have the only thing that i am afraid is long term damage i am prescrived. it is pretty nice, i can even eat with it . alittle bit zombie but thats it
  8. i thought that i was set when i started university, i got my shit together and i had lots of techniques for dealing with adhd. i also thought that it would be really easy because when i read stuff that i like i can pretty much do it non stop and i learn subjects that i really like (even reading a book or watch non stop leos vids). than the exams started and i understood that i really did nothing in this year and the subjects are not always instresting so it is really hard for me to learn them ( if i studied statistics i could focus like 2.5 hours and then i was tired all day long) . also i was really scattered in the exams and wrote wrong stuff when i meant other things. the thing is that i really cant makes mayself have this internal motivetion for uni like the stuff that i learn solo,i am doing a degree that is relevant for my career, i have done research about those stuff even when i was a child ( i learn psycology and philosophy) but i cant really have this internal motivation, this glance in my eyes for learning. like i cant do the emotional understanding . i can get myself inspired for a subject even when i hate it just because i want to understand another thing but i cant do the "jump" when i cant see the infomational connection( for example when i wanted to have an electric wheel i have done tons of research online , like a month of research non stop even thou i dont really like to read this info and get all of the details, i just wanted some wheel ).when i tell myself that i really want this degree and really want to succeed i just starts to think and read about techniques for learning better instead of having focus. i kind of having a solution but the solution pretty depressing. started to use ritalin , it really helps but at the end of the day i am feeling emptiness because i can learn for long hours but i dont have any emotional motivation, i cant do the "jump" that i talked about. and also i prefer not using this meds because they are pretty bad long term. luckly i am doing fine with a low dose. how can i do this jump and feel good emotionaly from doing it?
  9. why i am on a path influenced by what you think other people think? i want to be a researcher and influence science
  10. doing meditation for 2 years.... i just dont enjoy it , like realy dont enjoy . so much of that it makes me allitle bit depress.. i having adhd since i was a child but in life you mostly explore so i had no issuses (expet high school but it was really easy and some of it was fun , maybe i would have been depressed from this if i havent took ssri in those times). i really need this creativity and researching spirit in my life and university pretty much takes it away from me
  11. i want to start practicing kriya yoga but i cant ship this book to my country. there is any kindle edition to this book or any similar book ?
  12. you can just go outside/porch/ open a window for 10-15 min a day (for white skin)
  13. doesnt work from experience
  14. i am pretty sure that my purpose right now is about researching about how the mind work, mostly because i think that our understanding about the human mind is pretty robotic and bad without any understanding what is going on.when i healed my depression i understood that we dont really know how the mind is working, mostly on some superficial level but not the depth of it. psycadelics really opened my eyes for this understanding , it reviels the mechanism of the mind. i want to be a psychonaut but i want to build some understanding and really effects our understanding of it as a society. for now i am not gonna be a psychonaut for 4 years because of my age (21) so i want to have so skills for building theories and gathering knowlege about the mind. i study psycology and philosophy in college but i really not sure if it is the way to go, i thought about doing ma in cognetive science and psycology but i am not sure if it is the way to go of if it just a wast of time.
  15. i guess both and also taking . without trying them it is pretty hard to understand them.
  16. you can always go the easy way and live in poor country like india. one year of full time job at minimum wages will let you live there like a king for 10+ years. (if you live in a rich country of course)
  17. i think i am passonate about how the inner mechanic of the psyche works . just saw this research and i am pretty optimistic now for learning cognition
  18. btw can you move the thread to self actulazation? i accidently posted here i have taken ritalin for two and a half years for 5-6 days per week. when i stopped i was more adhd then usual for like a week and then i was normal adhd. the side effects are not great for me but i know that it is bad for the heart. doest modafanil is really like ritalin than just kinda strong coffe? doesnt it makes your heart move also faster? i have coping mechanisms but still for exam period they are usless, i am a good student and i got lots of fails for now. i have done in test stuff like 0-1= 0 . i am looking for more perment solution right now like Bacopa
  19. i am trying to have long term solution for my adhd now i am having some problem with it while im in uni. before i became a uni student i thought that i can make it without medication because i could sit and read a book for 12 hours almost non stop at my second languege (English) and do it again the next day and the next day.throughout my time in uni i made everything pretty good and studied hard. but now i am in the end of my exam period and i got really bad grades because of my adhd at test , i can sit and learn but for really short time because i mostly hate the stuff i need to learn ( i study psycology and i love it but i really hate statistics and psycology-biology class ) and it is metaly exhausting. so i decided to start taking ritalin again and it is working pretty good on me, not mentally exhausted, side effects are bearable. but i know that it is not long term solution . i live in israel and most of people have adhd, i think that we are a country with the highst precentage of people with adhd. the food here is pretty heathy compare to amarica. i dont really know if it is genetic or some kind of contamination here, i dont know if in non jewish population there is a high number of adhd cases. i eat pretty healthy so for this reason i think i am set, i tried raw vegan, vagan ,have not helped . mybe i will test for mercury and lead as leo recommends but i am not sure if it is the reason. i am doing meditation for 40+- (30-50+)min every day for almost two years. it does help but it is not a solution. sports . i really hate sport, couple of years ago i did lots of it for 6 years and then stopped, i am not feeling more adhd after i stopped. motivation- pretty hard to use it for your adhd, it does helps but it doesnt good enought for getting the job done. i can use it to study thruoght the year but for exam period it is usless. orginazation- really helps but again, not good enogh now i am at the stage of trying super food i read about Bacopa and ginkgo, someone have experience with it? maybe give me a product that he recommend? someone have more experience with more solutions here? i would really like to hear your personal experience
  20. i would first condsider alternative within your life, maybe there is something you can do near your job or do something while commuting? if not so follow your heart. you dont need to do it fast and immidiatly,think a bit about another way of life and slowly act toward getting it
  21. i think that it is in the relative world and not in the absolute one
  22. thought i aced it. usually i finish pretty fast because i know all the answer perfectly 0.0 i dont know if it is my bad writing and they get annoyed and give me low grade but so fast i have got the grades in metaphisics and statistics i think it is mostly 2 and 3. my method of learning are pretty grate i think
  23. just stated uni and now i am in exam period. now i see my score on two test and got fail in both. it is not like i dont know the material i know it really well, one of them i knew the answer perfectly , i dont know how i got such a low grades. it is probably because of my adhd but i dont want to take ritalin, i really hate this type of learning, it is really hard for me to get so focused for so much time. i really want to be a researcher in the field of consciousness but i dont know how i can learn this way which i know the meterial perfectly and get bad grades