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  1. well, your ideas have been implamented in israel, it called kibbuz, it still existing but mostly capitalist
  2. i use this technique, it is much better that adhd meds but takes lots of practice. it is not the same , you are just doing it while doing other stuff but you mainly doing the drill, it gives you the feelings you need to do other stuff easely. first you should get rid of your shadow, it makes you tired , also you should strive to be super alert, you can be more alert than your reaction to this alertness
  3. i made a toturial about how to treat adhd better than medication , it takes a long time but worth it. eating healthy is important but it will help you adhd like 5% if you eat tons of garbge , if you eat pretty healthy it wont change much
  4. you wont get any further unless you do something more spiritualy dense like psycadelic i was clueless like you till i saw god
  5. i belive after the fda gonna approve psylocibin it will make people pro psycadelic pretty fast, i mean it is gonna treat depression and probably they gonna discover that this is helps for more illness more effectivly than traditional medical help, we are talking about 30-10 precent of the population that gonna probably do this treatments . this is enough people to get people into pro psycadelic pretty fast , but till we are there we need to wait like 20-30 years
  6. i think that this authenticity come with self simulating , this self simulating is what help you to focus , this is also what adhd drugs do, they make your brain more active so you can focus. you can do this prosses on your own without taking stuff or doing only the stuff you want . it is your brain that making this stuff . the higher self is what hint you to do some stuff but you cant relay on that for focus . i made myself focus like adhd medication in 4 days after understanding how to self simulate myself, the psycology of today is pretty stupid
  7. it is true what you say here , but adhd is still happening even if you are authentic , no matter how much i got myself clear and authentic it didnt helped me . you should also know how to manifest focus like feelings to get focused if you are having adhd
  8. they havnt done much since 2014, only this time for only 11 days also it is pretty much good for israel that they bomb us, we can just attack them back and destroy them, then in some peace deal we get much better deal then them, also it makes people here more right wing so it will make bibi happy
  9. hamas wanted ceasfire after two days, there gonna be peace anyway
  10. you can treat your adhd so it will decrease to 5-10% only but it takes long time , pretty worth it
  11. lol wtf , how this is solution and not some dream of erdogan? there is no occupation in gaza , still there is a conflict there , how they suffer under oppresion?
  12. i had two glimpses to god and it has an experience but it is like an after effect, god is really so basic to reality that even it is not being , it is more like godding , like it is like the zero sense , it felt like a new sense but was more basic than the 5 senses , like infinate source of everything but more basic than everything, like a new experience and old one at the same time.
  13. i dont think that reincarnation is even matters , suicide is just not a conscious thing, it is animalistic fueled by anger and fear
  14. in mahasamdhi it is a way to fullfill your destany and be complete ,physical suicide is killing yourself becasue you try to eliminate some damge, you are not complete in physical suicide , you do this because you think your life is so fucked up that your rather die, in mahasamdhi you dont think , you just be
  15. i think that your weakness is your strength , your video are really long and really deep that people who want to watch you have hard time to understand you . people on youtube want answers fast , usually they see your channel when they need answers fast and than not understand you fully and jump to crazy conclusion, usually i see they just think you are stupid like adeptus ,they have a laugh and leave but some might like your like connor and get your teaching so wrong that they might do something stupid. i am guessing that it is up to you , if you are more into damge controll and more easy time for people to understand you i would say keep doing easy videos like jorden peterson , but if you dont care about damge controll so keep the deep videos , i pretty much miss them
  16. so why you said those things? the right is for taking the west bank and treat gaza like shit , i mean they would treat gaza right if hamas would stop terror . the right just make more and more settlements till two state solution is not possible . left wing is for two state solution but the settlements pretty much make this solution pretty hard for them, personally i dont see two state solution possible, i think one state solution is possible and in this one state the west bank will have some kind of independence , but this state probably will have some privelage for jews like the right to return , maybe another right in case the arabs having more population than the jews. i dont think that people gonna agree here for a state that doesnt ensure a safe place for jews
  17. so i will touch of couple of topics, please try to not go beyond the bounderies of the topics. i will not talk here about the apartheid ( i do reconize israel doing apartheid) israel right to protect itself: most of the people that live here are actually want this operation because the rockets from gaza are scary and are dangerous , people here do not want this to happen and they want somekind of safty from it , usually it ends when hamas want ceasefire and then still fire rockets at us and threatening to do so from time to time like israel is his private bitch , so people here are for trying another tactic, destroy hamas (or gaza) till they stop sending rockets . personaly now i am in favor for this operation but i dont know if it is because this situation , i just see this situation making people leaning more to the right every time , that is why bibi is so much time in the goverment, negotiation did nothing, theree times and nothing . the real option is to stop the apartheid but it looks like it doesnt make any progress towards it , it is just let right wing people to keep being rascist and say that they are dont want terror . so i do see israel right to protect itself right now. is hamas peacefull?: hamas probably is not peacefull, he could just do nothing and seeing bibi losing the elections and a left wing party would form because all of the events and protests outside and inside of israel but he chooses to radicalize israel and making bibi strong (for this time frame, probably bibi will weaken i will write about it in the next paragraph). also hamas knows that he radicalize people toward the right anyway. what will happens politicly in israel? - if the un will stop the operation and the idf wouldnt get what he wanted bibi would look really bad and probably lose the election . killing people for nothing + a bad name for israel looks really bad . - if the operation will be successfull he will probably win the election eventhough he probably the one that started it inderectly . - it looks like ganz (from blue and white party) might make a coalition with bibi but the operation might change the situation so elections are coming and this coalition gonna be short lived. - the operation will be succssfull but hamas will get a good deal so bibi will look weak for people that are leaning right the operation is pretty complex , i dont see how they will achieve it and the UN probably gonna stop it before it can get its targets. so at the end it looks like hamas didnt get the right party goverment he wants and he will get a left one , pretty happy about it . even if the idf will get his goals, it would probably will be something the the people in israel would not get satisfied , people want hamas dead of without any rockets , probably israel will just destory gaza and at some lvl hurts hamas
  18. so the left and right are the same at some stuff like personal liberties (pro gay, feminist ) also economics they are pretty much the same (somewhat left) but ofcourse the left is more left in those issues. the big debate is state issues like gaza , west bank which the left is more like international and right doesnt care much about them. there are tons of diffrences but this is the big picture . it is more demographic divided than ethnic exept like arab parties or haredim parties which are jewish but somewhat seperate than the population. now all the parties have lots of stuff that they change because of the instability , kinda hard to pin down even , the caltural looks is what i see that international people dont get , usually you see stuff in too much of the bigger picture but there are lots of varients that might change your mind. like this operation we have right now all of the parties are for exept one party which i agree, this operation is good and i do want to see more results than stopping it
  19. why the west is so black and white thinking ,the fact that israel doing problematic stuff doesnt mean that we need to legitimate a terrorist organisation. it is not like nazi germany when people there wanted to see all of the minority die
  20. i remember in the beginning leo was really nice and smiling but now it feels like he is bitter to us, i know it is my own ego make it sounds like that blah blah and i know this and not really care , i pretty much get it after following him like 4 years but other people really hate this , i showing a video to my friend he dont like leo almost immediately, even if he loves the content , leo need to be more cheerfull to attract new people, i see one youtube all this hating leos cult , usually they are dont know shit about leo and than just literly lie about him for views , it happens because he is so negative it makes people react. i am really happy to see actulized starting to have some life again and not be in the dead zone. i think that leo needs to be more positive, more sharing than teach you like in school ,saying that there are many people in the forum who try to better their life than saying that this is suprising that there are so little good questions here. if you want good questions you need to make the system better , not telling people to be smarter all of the sudden , we have our own pace. maybe leo can do some system of rating system or videos about how to question in the forum , something like that.
  21. dude, zionism is not religious at all, the first zionist were atheist , ben gurion was atheism, the "witch" golda meir was atheist , your understanding of zionism is the extreme right , like 5% of the population think about this version of zionism.... palestinian pretty much brought this situation upon themself, there are some arab group inside of israel that are living in peace here and jews like druze population , they are non jewish but zionist and they get a good treatment , people here even prefer them than jews because they are non jews zionist . palestinian and zionist wants pretty much the same thing . zionism is the idea of having a state for the jews so in case of anti semitism they could come here and get help ( i have friends that came here becuase anti semitism, it is still a thing ) , this state for the jews will be a normal western state with normal democracy . i dont know how people around the world think that zionism is about having privilege jewish people that they would make the native population to be slaves because promised land or something. i see in all of national tv like cnn talking to some extreme right wing to have false picture of the situation to make people angry about israel like it is gonna make any solution here
  22. i do intrested in shadow work but not for changing people, also it is so complex that i cant make a course about it. for seeing big chunk of my shadow it took me a year and a half, no way people gonna do it in like a month even . and i worked on it just because of my personality , my mental health is pretty average . i can make an adhd channel and make there some shadow work videos and then i could maybe sell and adhd treatment course but i dont know if i am into it. my passion is psycadelics and the way they work , they way they can transform science and humanity , pretty far from being a coach, maybe a psycadelic coach . on the other hand , i feel bad that so many people need to poisen themself every day just to live with adhd ,this is a shitty state and a shitty life.
  23. so i have discoverd a way to treat my adhd without medication and it is effective like medication . the technique that i developed is pretty much fine but the major problem is that you need to do tons of shadow works till you master it , than when your shadow dont drag you down you can do the technique. i wanted to have some internet biz that people would buy my course and than do it themself . but shadow work taking tons of time and pretty hard to do yourself . can i mass market this course for people who have done shadow work or the market is too small? should i try to join to someone who does shadow work ? shoul i move to another biz? i mean i dont want to deal with shadow work and this biz is not my passion but an opportunity .