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  1. the where doesnt matters most of the time. just be nice and super honest
  2. i am thinking doing that to get better in touch of my feelings . the part of logic in dreams is less active so i can get in touch of them with less drama
  3. i am considering of buying some tech to help me getting to lucid dream. if someone here familiar with lucid dreams tech , does "InstaDreamer" worth its price? or just a necklace would do the job?
  4. i bought two weeks ago the wh1000mx3 song headphones for getting quiet time and not getting my ears destroyed at the noisy bus. i am practicing meditation for almost two years and usually i get fine results, some of this is because of my adhd and my over sensetivity for random noises, i decided to give and a try and meditate with my headphones, the results were incredibles! i have tried to meditated with them combined with meditation music and i was really calm! every time i meditad with them i get really relax and calm because noise doesnt interrups my practice. with this headphones you dont hear your surroinding at all (combined with music). i cannot describe of how much greater results you get from those headphones. if you are living in noisy environment / have adhd you are in luck for reading this post. you can also find some headphones for much cheaper price, not with this great noise cancelling but a decent one if you need them for only meditation.
  5. i have tried to follow his advaices for couple of mounth, mostly placebo results.... you should focuse on your path, if you really sensative to food so your path (or part of it) is to focuse about the food you eat
  6. i really want to buy ear plugs but the market is so confusing. i want something that i can use for a long time, super quiet and super confortable. i dont care about the price... should i get a custom one? what custom one provides you with?
  7. they are reusable? how much noise they cancell? i have read that you can reuse the foam of some brands/ how was your experience with them?
  8. as someone who lives in israel and have friends that actually do all those millitary stuff, most of what she says it completly bullshit... israel is not doing everything right and you can point out israels faults but this is really propagantic bullshit
  9. i am thinkin about rating my days so i can get a feeling of motivation to get the score higher; but i am afraid that all it would do is self sabotage me instead of helping me. what you think about it? would it help me?
  10. it is still valuable because i can know what type of variables effecs me negativly. my main goal is to connect to my feelings so i think that rating them can make my mind more relay on my feelings. but i am afraid from sabotaging myself
  11. you can always do stupid shit
  12. fatigue happened because u not do stuff in life that in line with
  13. every tool can be used for harm and good. you need to use your intuition to know what right for you and what is waste of time. i think microdosing is pretty usless for most people ,especially for benginners (maybe for bengineers if they have a mentor to help them )
  14. it is more like to choose between the small suffering and the great suffering than choosing between suffering and not suffering at all. (sit in an empty room for a week is the small suffering)
  15. i think you meant beginners material ...
  16. how to use your work to better the world ( in form of a life purpose)
  17. What should I be focused on developing in my early 20s?
  18. my mom didnt brushed her teeth at young age because it wasnt popular ( 50 years ago ) , lots of teeth gone bad at early age till she started to brush her teeth.
  19. as long as you dont move during the practice, you will get meditative at some point
  20. you should have more life purposes than you are able to achive
  21. can i use those degrees for phd and research in the future?
  22. not moneywise , but if it makes you more efficient
  23. you can also be a teacher and have half work day + holidays and summer and you get to teach software