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  1. nice strawman. as tho, there wasn't water to wash or clothes to wear. what i meant is looks statues and well-being such as being young healthy and fit if you got those everything else will be easier or unnecessary
  2. no it doesn't think about guys who lived 10k years ago or 30k years ago they didn't paint their hair or wear fashionable clothes etc have you watched this kid? maybe you have to listen to what he has to say about this after all this guy he devoted his entire life to attract a female
  3. there are things you probably not be able to change and those are the killer ones for dating and attraction such as your height face and **** size
  4. @Jakuchu it's true but i think old people need this the most young people don't because their bodies already releases those
  5. na man, yoga is for the girls because it makes the body releases more estrogen i rather kick the gym
  6. nah just when caveman hormones kicks in
  7. i never denied the power of those chemicals they indeed can alter the brainsoup and make you hallucinate all sorts of stuff
  8. i don't see myself as a porn addict i don't crave porn i can easily not watch for years but i still can fap using my vivid creative imagination i don't know if this is the same as watching porn as far as issues goes
  9. how should one go about doing personal development where to begin what traps to avoid ? many people are naive (like me) they think it's obvious but i have been doing self-improvement ever since 2017 and i got zero, nothing, no results despite i have been very passionate about it and doing it every day watching lots of videos reading books trying this trying that and i feel that I'm improving but a year later i realize i was just masturbating maybe you could point out some traps or some ideas or something like that
  10. 30 months is long enough what is that technique? i thought leo already knows those which is where i learned to meditate from
  11. i don't believe in next lives
  12. what foods or drinks that have heavy metals ?
  13. you are trying to do the impossible you can never stop negativity or avoid it learn to tolerate it and learn to distinguish between pure negativity for negativity sake or valid criticism or an opinion that you don't like or agree with (hint best strategy for this is inner skepticism and open-mindedness ) people who get offended by this usually don't have strong integrity in their beliefs and for the pure trolls and idiots just ignore them or examine what they are saying if what they are saying about you or IT is true then that's the truth that's reality if not then it won't change anything about reality so why bother with them? (watch leos video n how to deal with trolls )
  14. i do know how t lucid dream but as soon as i get excited i wake up im not trying to have sex but anything scary or exciting will wake me up
  15. yea sure there is but those tend to be inefficient instead, go to a dentist to cleanup, and buy some high-quality toothpaste and keep using it plus stop consuming anything that causes teeth to be yellow
  16. @impulse9 that means i have to fap less once a week is fair
  17. lol actually it enables wet-dreams which i miss a lot maybe that worth it
  18. yea i have seen it as well one of the most interesting episode but i don't take it that seriously because it's just a hypothesis it's one of those ideas that you can't prove or disprove
  19. @Pacific Sage sperg is short for someone who has Asperger's syndrome or autism
  20. @itachi uchiha you mean that experience when I'm out of my mind in the present and life feels magical i love that experience that's the main reason i kept meditating but i very rarely have those experiences i think i get them when i listen to a song or gaze at the moon or the silence or the sunlight but i don't know exactly how to practice this habit im sure focusing on my breath will never get me there nor trying to calm my mind in fact trying to calm my mind causes me head tension and anxiety i have once seen a documentary when a monk uses some bowl that vibrates and makes an interesting noise id like to know the name of that object i think that's what i need to focus my attention on during mediating