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  1. Hi! Just tried this for 25 minutes and got some pretty cool results, even though I felt my breathing pattern wasn't 100% consistent. At first I felt the effects were pretty much completely physical. Similar to what I've felt while doing the Wim Hof breathing excercises in super cold showers (I'd be interested to hear you guys' opinions on those as well). The tingling and sort of "alive" numbness - for me especially in hands, quadriceps area, abdomen, lower chest and face. Towards the end however, I started to notice that my perception of time was way slower. Like, not only as in being bored - but crazy slower. Afterwards I'm feeling a bit like theres some electricity running around in my body that wasn't there before. And also a certain mental lightness. This likening is probably really specific to me but it will probably make some kind of sense. It feels like a really bright and still summer day as a child. Just having met and having been influenced by an adult with a sense of calm and the emotional werewithal to bestow you with something ones own parents usually aren't capable of. Like an unexpected punch of love that makes time stop for a while No scary stuff this time around in other words. But I'm humble to the fact that there might be a fuckload of stuff I'm still completely ignorant of that might pop up and bite me in the ass. Will try again soon ^^