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  1. This is where it gets tricky. If you try and describe what is a doing, that is your own version of a doing. If you try and describe doing, you are doing the doing by saying that doing is since... Conceptually, doing is the action of putting values, meanings, judgement and such onto the "raw" universe (my own version of it). How can you trust your mind to know what a doing is. This is only TRUE to my mind. How can I trust myself? Is there a such thing as OBJECTIVITY
  2. @Jack River I like how you describe this when it can be difficult due to its nature Can we say that all of what you said is knowledge? How do you know you're not being influenced by knowledge? Thoughts cling onto itself?
  3. You are right in saying that it can be interpreted as a reaction Is awareness part of the psychological knowledge, thought or time? I see it more as a sensory thing like how cold it is outside? If we take this idea, then awareness is detachment without "doing "detatching and that just doesn't make sense We gotta observe to see!!!
  4. Awareness is the act of detachment. when you observe at a thought like the way you describe, that is detachment. You detah from time, you detach from your thoughts, you detach from your identitys reality. All of this is a description of detachment rather than actually detaching I was wrongnto say "to detatch". A most accurate way of representing this is describing detachment as awareness
  5. That is very true. But observation requires detachment. This allows us to be empty of intention and to keep quiet because... If you want to do nothing, you must not stop the mind. You want the mind to go on its course, to leave it be and to ignore it and remain as Self. This is the definition of detachment. You are no longer your thoughts. You are only a seeker of the thoughts If a thought comes up, instead of saying I, say your identity, for instance, Jack is thinking this... This is observation. Once you understand how Jack is thinking and why he's thinking this, then you can question the seeker . I'm sure you know all of this but this is just a reminder But very nice, I didnt even realize what I said. This should help being less bias of my mind Thank you so much <3
  6. Personally, I don't see it as the same thing Do Nothing is detaching yourself from the "Doing". You're no longer imposing any meanings, values or ideas onto the "raw" universe. The doing will filter the universe. It's more for a existential questioning/seeing No manipulation is more about how your ego will try and benefit itself. It will manipulate you to think in certain things, or use certain things for its own gains. This is more about the practical side of your life. Manipulating your partner for sex since it benefits you. Having sex with your partner without any intention or benefit, or for selfless love is different to the previous. You shouldn't stop the manipulation but beaware of the manipulation that your ego imposes Both are good. They are both needed. They just open different PoV
  7. I don't think you will lose the ego. You will transcend it, as in, you will see answer the nature of the ego and more. How can you lose something within the universe, when the universe is all there is. No possible escape for the ego. It never disappears, only your awareness of the ego does
  8. The ego-backlash is happening right now. You go in, and you can't be motivated to do anything. It's happening right now My tip would be to work on addiction. You're addicted to playing games, and watch videos. Watch Leo's video on addiction because that's what happening right now But the brute force is one way of handling this. Forcing yourself to do is one of the hardest ways to go about but still a way to handle this problem
  9. Following with @FredFred post, for part I, he says that Spiderman is bounded by the universe's laws and this showed me that the person in the video doesn't understand what absolute infinity is then. Of course it's hard to understand absolute infinity but we can make some guesses. The reason Spiderman is bounded to the Marvel universe is because that Marvel universe is out of infinite amount of universes. If spiderman was not bounded to that universe, then it would not be infinite. Spiderman of course cannot manipulate or control the universe, since whatever action he is doing IS the universe and that it's playing itself out. Part II as well, having a hard time with infinity. Every single action we do is one combination of a infinite reality. This is the most basic way of understand infinity. If we were to go beyond laws of physics, then reality wouldn't be infinite. The real question is, how do we know if the infinity actually exists? We can't think outside can we to see if it does That's why I agree with the guy when he says we cannot understand fully of infinity or even enlightenment. This is because of the bounds of our universe and our subconscious mind. It's almost like we're not meant to learn it because it goes against infinity. The unknowing is part of infinity. Won't stop me from trying to understand though, I would rather just walk around in a circle then just sitting still and thinking about US politics and how that's fucking the world up. I may be wrong that we cannot understand. How can I know if we haven't tried Also what he says about 5-meo-dmt is bullshit
  10. Of course, I'm not judging or anything like that. I'm just worried about you. But seems to me you're already strong as an Ox That's beautiful what you say. I sometimes feel that Acceptance is the only way. I hope people will read this and relate to it. I know I do, sometimes red herrings appear and I bullshit myself a lot. Forums help me to stop doing that with people responding to some of my posts and saying "Keep it simple" and such, just like you did now.
  11. There is a lot of Truth in this, but why express it? Is there something deeper that you're frustrated with?
  12. Pick a day to restart. You see, once you're on the path of self-actualisation, there's no falling off track. Look at your current situation, you've tried the self actualisation and then you think you fallen but in fact, you're learning. You learn what failure is, you learn what your needs are, you learn what you want and what is deep within you. If these things weren't true, you would had not posted this thread on the forums See, you came back to the forums, and to the work. You will always come back and try again. You haven't lostbhope, you still have hope and this thread is proof. YOU CAME BACK! Pick the day (next Monday) and start again. This time, be even more aware of distractoons? The best meditation for me is just observation and self enquiry. It's simple, be aware of your thoughts, don't judge them, become detachand understand what they mean but look at Leo's beginner meditation again I love that you came back. I love you! Good luck
  13. Why label emotions as useful or not? There's no need to judge emotions for what they are. They do have a purpose, a purpose to be itself. Anger exists because it exists, and this goes for all emotions. No need to suppress them, or control them. We should just observe them and link with them, be joyful and fulfilled with them. That's the only way because you cannot control anything. Just my opinion. The study of psychology, and science/actual experience is something you should definitely do to understand emotions and what they are. But never label them as useful or a purpose. Everything has a purpose, and it is for themselves to exist
  14. Yep. you're in a loop. You already know what you're going to think of, which influences the actions you do. 99.9% is unconscious, and the other 0.01% is things you see. Your thoughts are those of the past. The thought themselves, cling onto each other, so essentially a thought last week can reoccur next week. This could be from the memories that are formed perodically, which results in desires, pleasures and joyfulness being formed as well. When a thought or action is pleasurable, you are most likely to do it again and remember it. This is one way of how addiction is started. Or if you have a memory to do "something", you will obviously do it. It's quite obvious but you need to see it deeper So with the example of the Kebab shop, your desire and thought of that lovely, tasty and juicy kebab will 100% come back since it's pleasurable. But it takes serious awareness to see this. Me explaining it right now may challenge you to think about what memory is but won't fully grasp it. If I was you, I would do a research on memory and how thoughts can be expressions of the memory This doesn't mean you will be stuck in this boring loop. New additions happen to the loop, so for example, instead of a kebaby, you can go for a chinese and the loop goes on from there
  15. @Emerald What about yourself? You described the environment but have you actually seen what you was looking like in that moment in the town?? Your age? Your clothes? Your health? Or was there ever a person in your place? Was you just floating around? Was there a point where you literally looked in a mirror, because it sounds like you was in a kinda "realistic" realm
  16. Holy shit, it sounds like you've had one of those experiences that DMT offers. It's like you broke through. That going down on a lift is like going through a tunnel, a wormhole to the other beings and God?? This sounds fucking amazing? Your experience is very similar to those of Ego Death. I'm not saying you've experienced that in totality or maybe you have?... But I say this because with a lot of what people say when they say they have "experienced" ego death in forms of psychedelic trips or other forms, is pretty much the same to what you said. Especially the "going down" or the shapes you saw as well are a very common theme. Also the idea of "I've been here before, I feel like I belong here" is in every single article or reading I have done on these types of experiences. This is also common with ego death as well. The fear builds up and then whoosh, it goes when you accept. I don't know you very well unfortunately but have you looked into psychedelics and their affects? Maybe something you can relate to them somewhere in your experience. I don't know if you ever had those types of trips, but I would definitely do some research on some people and their experiences with "ego death". I wouldn't know, I've never experienced anything like this but what I can say with some readings I've done on psychedelics, it's definitely something like what you described. I hope I wasn't rude or anything, and would want to know more lol
  17. Your meditation and self-inquiry is clearly working but you're not seeing what's happening (as in, you may not seeing the progress). You are now actually seeing the "true" you. This means you're seeing yourself as the devil! Yes you are the devil. But you shouldn't feel bad about yourself, or even try to change yourself dramatically. This is because everybody is the devil, you're one of the devils that is starting to realize and action will only come with awareness. So keep doing what you are doing and you will naturally change I put true in quotation marks because that isn't obviously the authentic you but your ego you. It isn't the awareness you. You also have a clear idea of Karma as well. Karma isn't actions that will affect you in the short-term but will in the long term (as I am sure you know). But now you need to realize that it isn't just with your friend but your whole life is a self-deception. This friendship flaw is only one part of a thousand other parts that you can put awareness onto. Like for example, how you feel about money, power, status, rank. These are just self-deceptions that you assign meaning to! it isn't all the "egoistical" stuff either, its also about confidence, purpose and love. This is a bit more deeper and I am not saying you shouldn't feel these things but it's a question about self-deception Watch Leo's video on self-deception I think the actions you are thinking about doing are perfectly fine and are even creative like the non-duality action. You can do all of them. Sounds to me you know what you're doing. The advice has always been within you, just keep searching for it Much love
  18. Break it down and take notes. Breaking it down could include finding definitions of certain words, or writing down a quote/piece of information and on the side of that, writing down what you think it means. Contemplation is needed. My favourite way to take notes is the classic The Cornell Method
  19. Fear is quite common. So the fact that you're aware of your fear is nice The thing that's stopping you is the fear. The fear is a distraction and it's manipulating you to stay still. I would suggest working on the fear, by understanding where it's coming from. Is the fear because you're scared to fail? Is there anxiety on some of the actions you need to take? Is the fear related to something else like self-doubt? I would finish the LPC, but if you feel like you don't need it, it may mean you don't need it currently because you've made tons of progress and such. What I would do is stay on that video and work on other things such as hobbies or do other researches. When the time is right, return to it.
  20. That's for you to explore. some say it's a overall consciousness that is attached to "everyone", some say it's the objects themselves, like the universe is made up of awareness, so we are only simply aware of our brain. Some say it's God? But who truly knows? I've made the mistake of asking people on the forum about deep awareness. They can provide good insights but there is no better insight than yourself
  21. Well I think they do suffer because they're stuck in a loop. It's just short-term and bursts of happiness or materialism. So they will suffer after that burst is gone, so it doesn't matter if they do the work or not, you're going to suffer regardless. But I don't think self-actualisation is about being happy or to stop suffering. I think it's more about allowing everything in life to flow easily and to explore more about you and create a connection to everything. To create a more potential "you". The work we do here is also to accept that suffering is there and we must be with it, because it's part of us. We have no control of suffering, and that goes for being happy to. You can't control being happy either, or content, fulfilled, whatever. We have no control over what actually happens What we have control over, is awareness. That is something that people are missing.
  22. It could also be from overwhelming senses that you've discovered. We're not always limited to just 5 senses, perhaps you've opened other senses in your body. I've had such feelings like being complete aware of all the items in my room, and such. This could cause the discomfort in the head as well For the rush of energy, no idea. Something for you to explore