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  1. Ahh I see, I've never really experimented with it. But the goal would be to see everything for the first time, without input from the memory. It's why I find dreams to feel real, since during the moment, there is no memory but then I actually have a memory of the dream "feeling" real after I've waken up. It's quite insane how memory changes EVERYTHING. Takes a lot of work to realize this, something I probably came across accidentally. But who knows shrugs...
  2. Is reality a hallucination, or just you? It's easy to say reality is hallucination, but here's the thing... We label our experience as "reality". Notice the problem? We use our ego/thoughts to describe reality. When we say reality is a hallucination, that's an identity. That is your knowledge and that is used to strength your ego by gaining something from that concept/thought. Here's a thought, when you're actually lucid dreaming, can you tell if it isn't real or not? Not after the dream but during it? I've never done it myself, would be cool to get some insight on that because I know normal dreams can actually be perceived as "real", to me at least. It just shows that it's possible that what we "see" is not in actuality. Whenever we say "yes, reality is this", what we say isn't in actuality, because it's our own construction. It's what you "THINK" it is. Silence what you think/know, and really open up to the truth. Great insight
  3. Can we listen to these sensations in our body without interpreting it? When we listen to these sensations, are these not part of the thought as well? Is listening part of the thought process?
  4. Does even the label "we" exist according to reality? The "we" indicates that we are unified but when I say "we", it only really means the human race... I think, personally, we are just more than humans. We shouldn't identify ourselves as humans but as reality (I'm sure you all know this, and yet here I am, thinking I'm human). We put our awareness on ourselves when that awareness is created by the human (agree to disagree but just an insight)? Maybe the awareness/conciseness exist because reality made it exist, but it's like a nightmare because we identify this awareness/consciousness so much that we trick ourselves to being just humans when in actual fact, we are the WHOLE thing. it causes doubt, existential crisis and for some people, be pulled into dogmatic ideologies I am both the stars, planets, nothingness, human, literally the whole universe. Being human is only one segment It's an important question to ask
  5. Thank you for this conversation @Faceless
  6. So when I say nothing, it's as you said, there is nothing to experience. I think when I said "it's something I need to experience now", I should have said experimented rather than experience. I liked how you said there is nothing to experience, that is the essence of nothing. You're right. Literally everything I am doing is part of experience. When I said I want to experiment, again that is still being in the thought/memory. When I do experiment, that experimentation will create a memory, which leads to pleasure... There is nothing to experience... I love that (a reaction to this concept, I must be careful) This topic is very delicate, and it's something that cannot be understood by text or even understood, because understanding is thinking. Only by ending the movement... Then there is nothing to end So, how does this actually play out in our lives? Can we kill duality and still think? Which doesn't make sense, if you end duality, you're ending thinking, but what does this mean? If we end duality, what does this mean?
  7. If we try to belong or become with reality, we are identifying with reality. That identification is not reality. Reality is nothing. Nothing is identification, and non-duality doesn't mean nothing identity but no-thing? I need to do more work on that. Thank you. it's something I need to experience now.
  8. Yeah, we just posted at the same time
  9. Could you tell me more about No-thing. I think this could answer my question on the post
  10. Not sure exactly what it implies but here's my guess. It implies that we will see reality, but when I say "see", we don't identify. Nothing is to identify. There no is thought/process. There is no memory of reality? There is no seeing. Meaning... There is nothing since there is no movement. Clarify in my logic
  11. So we wouldn't even experience that we are reality if duality ended?
  12. So does this mean reality is paradoxical in this manner. We are both reality and not. We can't identify ourselves with reality but at the same time we are reality, or at least, what we call reality, since we're part of it. We can say "we're reality" in the identification manner, but then we can say "we're reality" without thought/process, if that makes sense? The only way we can say we're reality without thought/process is by no-thinking mhmm...
  13. By saying we're more to it, we're still identifying ourselves? This is something I didn't even realize, thank you
  14. By saying we're more to it, we're still identifying ourselves? Sorry, the question is literally the title Are we more than humans (in the sense, is there more to being human)
  15. If you don't identify with it, then "you" doesn't exist.
  16. It's nice to have two sides of the story. This is why I love forums, because I have never really went into my conciseness this deeply without the introductions of these topics. Yeah sure, Leo have made videos about this but I feel like forums really do help you go deeper because you can pinpoint issues by talking about them with somebody directly I just don't want wars to happen. What helps me learn is that there are more points of view.
  17. Yes, thank youu . Yeah I totally misunderstood. I have to look at the nature of awareness in more details, the way you just described it. thank you. Biggest struggle of that is being constantly aware. Somethings I try to be really aware but my mind slips away. I guess it takes years of dedication to it. But most times, I feel like awareness always loops back to the old aged question of why am I aware, or why am I here...
  18. @Anna1 Oh, I misunderstood, woops . Could you clarify please
  19. I am aware of seeing it. But that is not all I am. At the same time, I know nothing. So I do not know if I am awareness or not. Is it fair saying that?
  20. There was no "me" to be born. I was reality until I identified, then "I" was born. I still am reality, but I can't see it. Or I can see it, but I'm blind to it. Maybe there is nothing to see... Who the fuck am I? What the fuck am I? Am I even a thing? Mhmmmm hmmm hmmm Fucks with my mind, need more of this You are right. I am not my ego/thought. I am something more. Or nothing more. We will see. This is a really deep topic. Thank you all
  21. I get that sometimes, but then I feel pleasure from that... I really need to watch out for that
  22. I'm nothing. No... I'm not attaching nothing to my state of mind. Not attaching emptiness to my mind. I am just nothing. No emotions, No fears, just fucking nothing. No understanding, no knowledge, NOTHING. Writing this goes against nothingness. I am just nothing NOTHING Am I enlightening right? Lol who cares, I am nothing. Nothing to prove, nothing to do. NOTHING
  23. You can't create an experience when you was a baby (as in, you can't think of it), since it can't be found from the memory... You were still developing the brain for the memory... So you can't be a baby anymore... That is also interesting. Experience is done by memory? I hope I'm understanding this stuff right, lol