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  1. @Hotaka I'll have a look at your post, I haven't been active on the forum but let's rejoice.
  2. Yes. This is very beautiful. It's a great insight for me.
  3. Now that is something I didn't consider... I've attached the material model to thoughts without realising. I can apply the same concepts to thoughts as I do with other material objects. I shouldn't use concepts, as these can products of the mind, but this is just exploring. Thank you all.
  4. Can you go further with this? What do you mean material is a thought?
  5. This is very interesting. but I don't think you can find the source. The reasoning is that the source is something that isn't actually a thing, it's no-thing. It's a thing we can't understand Let us say you find a source of a thought, then where does the source come from? and so on. It's quite a materialistic way of looking at thought. When we go into this loop, we create models of how the source is created. Models are useful but are not the absolute truth.
  6. You sound very sure, how do you know you are truly aware?
  7. An awareness that is separate from all thoughts
  8. No, but only belonging to itself. I think the "I" exists but exists like any other object, like a car, chair, table, etc. But it isn't actually me, because what I think I am is the whole entirety of the universe, rather than myself. When we keep saying "I", we detach ourselves from reality because we only focus on that. I think thoughts can flow through our mind, but only because they are created by memory, but theyre not actually us. It is made from consciousness and I think there is a deeper awareness that can be discovered. When I say "made from", I don't mean in the materialistic way but just what reality is. It's not particles or anything
  9. @robdl @Faceless I was more interested about how my thoughts actually fit into reality rather than the actual mechanics of thoughts. The bigger picture of thoughts.
  10. I started from videos but I REALLY started with the commonplace book I would recommend you to create a commonplace/journal book. I use commonplace book to note down everything I learn from self-actualisation, but this isn't limited to just self-actualisation. It can range from literally anything, like if you need a page specific for key words, you can create one. Or if you need to note down your timetable/schedule or if there is a big event that's going to take place. That's why I recommend digital. Note taking is nice to start off with, and it's nice to start off with a commonplace book, because you can organise your notes/knowledge of self-actualisation and other areas and makes you feel organised. Start with self-actualisation, then add some of your knowledge into the commonplace book Leo has done a video on commonplace book, and I would recommend follow this guide since commonplace books are personal, and this is how I use my book, but you can use it completely differently.
  11. Directions is all I need since it's how I learn. You have already pointed to a direction for me and many other members have pointed as well, and I've been acting on it. I don't always take on new theories unless I fully explore them. That was one flaw of mine, but it seems clearer now. But yes, I'm always willing to accept direction.
  12. This is not what I have found (yet perhaps?) but a very strong insight. Thank you
  13. Seems that the self is the "i", which is the same as the thought. It's all in one thing.
  14. That what it seems, but I cannot say for sure, since anything I try to understand can cause bias views.
  15. No idea. Only one way to find out, and this is what it seems to me. But once we removed the attachment, there will no longer be the wanting of security, since security is a thought and attachment to that thought is causing it to be in motion.
  16. We are only responsible for the attachment of the stream. Can't stop the stream.
  17. I've been thinking about being a vegetarian for a long time. I don't think it's immoral or unrighteous to kill an animal since nature works like that. But just because nature works like that, we don't have to live like that? If we were truly part of nature, we wouldn't drink water from our taps. But I don't agree with the cruelty that mass produced animals have to face either, such as cramped spaces, injected with steroids and physical abuse (in certain cases). I would probably agree with natural-bred and fed animals who are free-range. Also that they are then slaughtered at an very old age (not forced into death), and in a peaceful manner Still, I would prefer eating vegetables than forcing an animal to face death.
  18. I think it's more about keeping the mind still than to stop thinking. You can't really stop thinking, this is what It seems to me like that anyway, Keeping the mind still is stopping the movement, wouldn't you say?
  19. I feel like you need some determination for Enlightenment. Perhaps not to "try" and be enlightened (which is what I assume you mean) but to go for it regardless if you want it or not. Otherwise you're just sitting on your ass. I use the word determination because "wanting" enlightenment can be seen as egoistical but determined to become enlightened is slightly different. Being determined is just being on the path, regardless of the circumstances This video is nice just to get onto the path
  20. As said, it's more about your mind wanting to dissolve the ego mind, so trying to resist or actively dissolve the mind doesn't work. But what does work is questioning and observations. Have you ever asked this question - Why do I even want to dissolve the ego? The answer, most of the time, will come from ego. If it's to improve one's self, that's egoistic. If it's to stop criticizing people, that's from the ego. If you consider something bad, then it's from the ego. The universe and reality is neutral. Bad or good doesn't exist. Improvement/"de-improvement" does not exist. It's just constructions in the ego. Trying to do something is not a good way to go, in my opinion
  21. Die and be set free to where though? You can't escape to anywhere? I'm curious when you say that you will be set free and dissolved?
  22. I like how you said you haven't master the topic you want to do. There are a lot of people who are kinda hypocrites and do not know what the fuck they're talking about and you've actually be awareness on that before doing anything. So if you feel like you haven't master something, then master it! Once you do, then the stuff that is out there won't compare to what you produce, since the things you produce are authentically created by mastering Your neighbours won't really care. If they do, then it doesn't matter, it's for you and not for them. If you worry about what people think of you, I would suggest watching Leo's video Quite lengthy, but worth a shot. So Master before you do anything. that's my suggestion
  23. One door closes, another door opens. Going to be honest, this woman sounds like a complete egoistical, insensitive and heartless person and you're probably better off without her. I say use your pain of rejection to better yourself again, just like you did when you broke up with her for the first time. You went back to the states and became more enlightened. That takes hardwork to do that, and you need to do that now. Maybe it's a complete rejection because you feel incomplete? You are completely right in learning from that experience and turning into positive. So I'll give you some sentences/insights - I can find someone much better, who I won't have to manipulate but generally want to be with her - When the next woman comes, I will appreciate and love her even more, because of what that Israeli girl did to me - Notice that I used "Israeli girl", because that is what she is, a girl. Not a woman, she's immature! - I don't need her, I only need cake - I can find some woman who has the same interests as me, someone who is into self-development, perhaps? - What would my dad think If I'm crying over a girl? - I don't hate that israeli girl, because she has taught me a valuable lesson that was much needed - God's plan? Just observe the pain and be with it. Once you're use to feeling the pain of rejection, you will get use to it
  24. I think you should just go with an absolute open mind. If there is something that the therapists says that causes you stress and struggle, just be open mind to it. If the therapists says to change a certain thing or gives you a conceptual framework and you don't like it?, then be open-minded to it. Don't dismiss what the therapists says, just accept what they say and be open-minded to it. By being open-minded, the insight and the conversation will make sense That's all you need, I think. You go to the therapist to help with your issues and they are trained to help you with this. They do the work to get you up and going, and you respond to that work, so you shouldn't worry about preparation. It's why you pay them
  25. Creation in the sense of what? We didn't create anything, not ego, not the consciousness. To create something is a materialistic way of looking things. Nothing came before consciousness because consciousness is No-thing. It's not made up of anything, so it cannot be created by a certain something. If it was created, it would imply it is the essence and is the thing it was made from. It's like a chair being made up of wood, the chair is not a chair, calling it a chair is a identification. In actuality, it's just made up of wood, so we can call it wood. But this can't be applied to consciousness. There is nothing that created it, because it would apply it is the essence of that creation, like the chair being essence of the wood. Our ego did create the identity of "creation" because of it's materialism. Intelligence is not the same intelligence as we think of