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  1. Ohhh, you were trying to reflect on the state an ego should be at that would help contribute to enlightenment. I kind of get it, kind of is all I need.
  2. @Truth Sure, but you have to admit, you were doing the same thing at the start, and then I followed. What I got from your reply was emotional support is not needed, and my knowledge field cannot compute that. I was hoping you were going to write something that I have not considered, or that would change my knowledge graph. Something about enlightenment I didn't know.
  3. "again, assuming that I'm not aware of what I'm saying" I never said you didn't know what you were saying, you are assuming I don't know that you don't know what you are saying. I was simply pointing it out to you, and everyone who reads my comment, because it contradicts your entire message. You may be aware of it, but its still a point I can raise. "maybe giving OP a little insight and traction to stay on this track and take responsibility to do the work." That's a little far fetched, but besides, I find it hypocritical that your entire post is about not listening to anyone, because people trying to persuade you have their own 'agendas', and yet, you just revealed that you also are trying to persuade the op to do enlightenment. The quote above proves it. "and it seems your agenda is to explain away everything I said" Kind of, I simply like having a community who are on an enlightenment path, and who are willing to help each other achieve that. I'm against people trying to stop that; or who are persuading people to reduce it, and simply react accordingly. To help grow this community, we need to convince people to do enlightenment, if not(like what you are suggesting) this community will not grow and flourish, and will keep to low numbers. "it's counter productive in the sense that talking and theorizing and creating story's and yapping does not make you become enlightened it might help yes, but it won't be permanent." yes I totally agree with you. Of course I do. But there are also a lot of people who don't talk about enlightenment, our mums, dads, school friends, (assuming here of course), co-workers, whatever, and they are no closer to,(actually further away from) enlightenment than us. But like what Leo's video said, we need some sort of technique to motivate us. I, and everyone else, is not going to sit and meditate just for the hell of it. We need some sort of fantasy of what the end result will be. "People who take responsibility for this don't need emotional support, they take whatever information they have and work with it." I just don't know how you can think anyone is like that. Who the hell is born with so much emotional mastery that they can fight their negative thoughts, and have the discipline to sit and meditate for 30 minutes a day, without the slightest fantasy of what it can achieve? Without the slightest idea of the end result, the reward? Without knowing if this hard effort is going to get any reward in the first place? Emotional support has helped me a lot, I don't see how I am a façade though. Taking on this journey is gonna need more than just motivation and some enlightenment experiences. Like what? what else keeps us going except motivation? Some sort of divine ring? Of course, I see myself as helping the OP, because I am trying to convince him to do enlightenment, you disagree, but even you will agree that you aren't really helping the op, you are critiquing the people in this forum, not really persuading the op to do enlightenment.
  4. @kkk People wont convince themselves either. Free will doesn't exist, you need someone to convince you, to 'trigger' you as Leo says. Buddhist monks don't become enlightened on their own, they become enlightened because the environment around them encourages them to, the people around them are enlightened, the people around them encourage them to meditate. You are not some spirit, the self(not Self) is a product of its environment. Your reply is implying free will, and a unique spirit.
  5. "talking and being convinced by others doesn't make you become enlightened." yes it does... if someone convinces you that enlightenment is good, you will be motivated to meditate and be enlightened. "The only thing anyone is really doing when they tell you something about enlightenment is pointing you to this "blind spot" that's all anyone is doing" if the fiction has an effect on you that motivates you, then the fiction is a good thing. If no one gives you that fiction A you will make up a fiction that doesn't motivate you B you will not make up a fiction and again not be motivated. "people can explain away anything you think and conceptualize and they will, why? because it's exactly what we are trying not to do, people have their own agendas and trying to convince themselves of things." Who here is trying to convince themselves of things about their enlightenment experience? They are simply explaining their experience. What is wrong with having an agenda, apart from because it feels bad, or feels wrong? Two completely subjective social constructions? Prove having an agenda is always a "bad thing". you also have an agenda on here, by posting this reply in the first place. You want the OP to be convinced of your opinions, just like everyone else on here. People in this world are not going to become enlightened simply through their own accord. Free will doesn't exist, if they are not exposed to this stuff, if they are not convinced by people, their egos' are not going to allow them to become enlightened. They simply will not have the will and determination to achieve this journey. Emotional support through means such as this forum is a necessity for 90% of people. Saying that this is a lone wolf act, and that this forum is "counter productive" is simply counter productive itself.
  6. @7thLetter I cant really advise you, I can only warn you of the dangers you will encounter if you do not get a proper education. I have looked at many case studies and seen what a lack of education can do to people. It highly depends on what you want to do with your life, but just remember everyone these days has a degree, you don't want to be behind the bell curve. The problem I see is that things are going to get harder for you as time goes on. The older you are, the less employable you are, the less your memory works properly, you may have a family you have to care for. You simply wont have the resources necessary to start your life purpose, and you will be competing with people who started working 5-10+ years ago, that's a lot of experience and competition. I know you may not think this is worth considering, but the biggest problem with learning everything yourself is that you can slack off. You may be really mature and disciplined, but not having your learning held responsible for you like in school, you run a great risk of not doing the work on time or in the best way. + don't get me started on the lack of experience in networking and talking to people/negotiating deals that you do get at institutions. The best way, like everything, is to keep everything in moderation. do both moderately. I simply cannot see not going to school as a good idea Also shouldn't you be watching Leo's video? If you don't want to go to school, then don't, but make sure you make up for it somehow.
  7. @7thLetter You can forget about school, and just work on personal development material all you want, but you will eventually come to a stage where you realize having a fairly good income early in life, and starting your life purpose in your teens, will really accelerate your self actualization work. You may not realize, but starting uni after your teens becomes incredibly hard, especially in a technical field. If you don't start uni early, there goes the biggest opportunity in your life to ever work with your life purpose and/or to ever get the money needed to accelerate your actualization work. Money to go to the gym, eat healthily, create value to the world, and other stuff. + as you have pointed out, the work ethic you develop early on in your career. I didn't read your reply to Saitama, its rude to read someone else's conversations, + it doesn't involve me and is very personal to you 2. I'm sorry but I cant just sit here and watch someone advise us that not going to school is a good option. That is a terrible idea, school is just as important as self help material. Technical skills are just as important as social and emotional mastery. Your taking a risk by choosing the latter over the former, by becoming a monk, and that is, if you ever loose motivation and don't get to enlightenment, you have just ruined your life
  8. @7thLetter "It just seems to me that the people in school who spend hours studying a certain subject such as chemistry or geology, are at such a disadvantage because that's not going to help them grow in any way at all other than finding a good job." I'm simply stating why you are incorrect. That statement above does not say "school helps you develop productivity and learning skills", it says the opposite. If I personally didn't want an opinion, I wouldn't have posted my answer on a forum, where people are encouraged to scrutinize each other, or you could have said specifically that you didn't want an opinion.
  9. Developing the world's societies' social, economic and individual well being, to advance throughout the value structures described in Dr Clare Grave's model, by inventing technology. I intend to do this through working on innovative, projects involving artificial intelligence and electrical devices. @7thLetter @7thLetter school is very applicable to making yourself grow. Personal development is about learning ways to improve your life, and what not a better way to learn than at school? Learning at school teaches you philosophical concepts, team work, leadership skills, and gives you "a job" which gives you even more opportunities to self actualize. Though deciding to make a career out of picking up girls is a very closed minded way to self actualize. relationships is a very narrow part of personal development, not only that but basing your entire career around it will most likely lead you into working on PUA stuff, which actually limits your personal development. At school, they teach you how to think, and teach you how to learn, I'm proud that I am going to school to learn about things that will benefit all of my personal development, not just 1/100th of it
  10. Developing the world's societies' social, economic and individual well being, to advance throughout the value structures described in Dr Clare Grave's model, by inventing technology. I intend to do this through working on innovative, projects involving artificial intelligence and electrical devices. @7thLetter school is very applicable to making yourself grow. Personal development is about learning ways to improve your life, and what not a better way to learn than at school? Learning at school teaches you philosophical concepts, team work, leadership skills, and gives you "a job" which gives you even more opportunities to self actualize. Though deciding to make a career out of picking up girls is a very closed minded way to self actualize. relationships is a very narrow part of personal development, not only that but basing your entire career around it will most likely lead you into working on PUA stuff, which actually limits your personal development. At least at university I will learn techniques that will apply to all of my personal development, not just 1/100 th of it.
  11. lol, anyone here from Australia? From Sydney Aus.
  12. 18 turning 19 in 3 months
  13. yes it does, If you keep meditating, you will also be able to shoot fireballs out of your hands too.
  14. 2 weeks is nothing lol. +1 I want to know this too
  15. Try and make an affirmation that speaks to you emotionally. Things you have a connection with like your work peers, and your pride, honouring yourself. Something like: "I love speaking to my co-workers" "I appreciate how my <boss, supervisor, etc> <name of boss, supervisor, etc> cares for me" If you don't have anyone you like at work, you can talk about someone's certain characteristics: "<co-worker>'s smile lights me up everyday>" or talk about pride: "I am proud of the work I achieve everyday" These affirmations are designed for improving self esteem. While I am a high school -> university student atm, I have had extremely bad bullying problems, lack of self worth, and serious mental health conditions at school. No psychologist has been able to help me. After Leo made his video about affirmations and visualizations, I made the above affirmations adapted to suit my family who were supportive of me, and I got over my issues largely based on that. So I assure you these work
  16. I've written this before, though not everyone is fortunate to be able to have looks, or natural confidence, humour, edgy personality straight from birth. There is a level of skill and experience involved in developing a good relationship, and while some don't need to work on themselves to get it, through natural talent, some do. While authenticity is important, as others have said, you still need to work on yourself, and develop skills, and adapt yourself to give yourself the most opportunity and success. Women aren't just going to like you for 'being yourself', they are going to like you if you fit the criteria they want(edgy, adventurous, cool, alpha male, etc) and this HAS TO BE LEARNT, and is a SKILL that has to be DEVELOPED, for some people at least. PUA is a perfect way to develop this skill and solve this problem. Once you outgrow PUA, you can try and 'be yourself' and just be 'confident'. Honestly, I think a lot of people on here are very unrealistic, and over optimistic with the use of authenticity. While it is important, and required for happiness, it is also an excuse for not putting in the hard work into learning how to develop a good relationship. It is leaving your attractiveness up to chance, and just hoping that you had an alpha male personality, and good looks from birth. Its just like telling a girl to not wear makeup on a first date which girl wouldn't do that? Someone who isn't looking for a relationship, or a girl who is deeply mature or spiritually enlightened.
  17. Whenever I answer questions to someone, I frequently quote something Leo says for evidence to an answer to a question as if his words are a fundamental truth. Or I will point to one of his videos for evidence. Anyone else doing this and should I try and stop worshipping Leo a little lol? Is this damaging the community?
  18. What sort of features in pictures of males will make girls' eyes glow when they are viewing them? How do I produce really sharp, good looking pictures for Tinder, and other dating apps, which will attract heaps of women? What sort of lighting makes guys look good? What filters? What type of pose? lol. Probably because I am straight, I have nearly no taste/sense when it comes to rating how attractive males are. I have no idea what turns girls on. I've tried out tinder recently, and in 3 days have only obtained 0 matches. The average amount of matches per day for a tinder user is 4-5 matches, so I am clearly really behind in terms of picture quality. I just don't know what clothes to wear, what type of style to brush my hair, or anything really in terms of aesthetics(I'm an engineering student, we don't care about looks ) Anyone got a website I could use to see how attractive my photos are? Thankyou
  19. May I ask what programming language and framework you have used for the server side code of this forum? wild guess, from what you say about bugs I'm going to guess and say its php with the lavarel framework?
  20. @step1 lol Ive only meditated for 4 weeks in a year and I have more arrogance to say I had a qualitative experience. It sounds like a thought triggered a qualitative experience. Like if it was just more thoughts you would be able to describe it, but if you kind of got a sense of umm feeling bigger than what you acutally are, kind of a distancing from your world view, it probably was on a path towards what your looking for
  21. Tao Te Ching is very metaphorical and rhetoric. It can be interpreted in more ways than what even the Quran or Bible can. It puts my English class fears to shame. People are going to interpret the poems very very very very differently based on their personal experience. Its just slightly too ambiguous, and I have to agree with Leo, I love the book, its interesting, it has a lot of common sense wisdom in it, though its more like reading about opinions than practical advice. Besides the effectiveness of the teachings largely depend on the historical, and economic context one lives in. Its teachings, like most social constructions, are neither right or wrong, better or worse, It is a competitor to other philosophical teachings like stoicism, and depending on your innate values, political orientation and general interests, you will be drawn to it more or less compared to your peers
  22. I had a similar experience. Once Leo called science a perspective, and I said to myself, what is a perspective? Its the data(brain impulses) humans use that represents reality. AHAH! science is full of thoughts, and I developed symptoms you described. Since then I got what leo said about science being like religion on a qualitative level. Though ask yourself, while the thought triggered it, was it just more thoughts that occurred? Or was it a qualitative experience? In my case it was a qualitative experience. Make sure that the experience you had was qualitative and not more thoughts. logically speaking(I have to resort to thoughts like philosophy because this is a communicative format) to reach enlightenment it needs to be on a qualitative level. The almighty Leo, king of us all, said specifically that meditation is not philosophy, and told us to avoid thinking. Though if the thoughts trigger qualitative experiences, your on the right track from my limited understanding.
  23. @jip notThere is a subtle, yet profound double meaning occurring in Jeb's words, and it seems very clear to me that you haven't picked it up. Jeb himself didn't intend this double meaning, but its what you get from being enlightened. This park Jeb talks about is fun, rides are fun, they generate lovely experiences, though these experiences of fear, excitement, you get from participating in a ride are generated from a false sense of separation, its YOU who may(irrationally) die because the ride is so scary, its YOU who is getting excited from all the bumps and crashes on the ride. This amusement park is fueled by duality. its an emotion, feeling, qualitative experiences of feelings, being generated by another emotion, feeling, thought<- your ego. Happiness in the amusement park isn't working towards your(who you truly are, awareness, not the ego) favour, in other words, its not free to spout out, because its being locked in other thoughts, feelings, the ego. If you become enlightened though, you will not be in an amusement park anymore, you will not have beautiful experiences generated by duality, you will be living with a detachment of emotion and experiences, or you can exaggeratively describe it as a parking lot, you will be living in a world stripped with meaning. And yet your brain and body will not care, because there is no thought/ego telling you that its bad. You will be liberated, with no meaning and happiness, just satisfaction and fulfillment, because there is suddenly no ego game to play anymore. You have, metaphorically completed the video game. And tell me, you crave happiness, you constantly seek it, and being in a world with no happiness and no meaning seems awfully bleak and unattractive to you, but if I told you in this bleak world, you craved no relief of suffering, you did not crave happiness, because you were fulfilled and satisfied, because now you have no thoughts controlling you, is it also true then that this is really the place you want to be? Even though you get no happiness from it? It must be if your satisfaction makes you want to not leave it. Maybe that's the true definition of happiness: unconditional satisfaction. See you are currently in the ego game, and from that angle living without meaning and happiness seems unbearable. The thoughts that are currently in control of your life(I mean the ego and your world view) cannot survive without happiness and meaning, and so negative emotions spill out from the thought. But if you didn't have thoughts controlling you, trust me, you wouldn't give a damn if you were happy or not, as long as you were satisfied and fulfilled.
  24. Just to be clear here, so aesthetics isn't as important as pics of me having fun and doing interesting stuff? What about the guys who brush their hair, change the contrast of their photos to make them stand out, and wear suits? Or hat backwards? Or shirtless pics of themselves at the beach?. So none of that is important/ as important and I shouldn't worry too much about it? Though the first tinder picture should be a solo picture, any sort of style I need to worry about?
  25. @Kelley White Very eye opening point Kelly. I'm intrigued by it, I kinda get what people are trying to say now. My tribe may actually be out there, after what you said about your clients Funny you mentioned spread sheets, I actually stayed up till 3 o clock last night(been wasting my time on it for the last 4 days) making a masterpiece of a spreadsheet for my personal development. you type in goals, how much you achieved, tolerance for failure of certain characteristics of a procedure(did you meditate for at least 20 minutes, did you stay still, etc), procedure of what to do etc, and what it does is it makes a gantt chart, which a website mixed with VBA macros sends it to a webpage, where my phone can go on the page and see what I have assigned myself for today. It also automatically gives each goal(and procedure) a grade/how satisfied I should be with the progress and completion of the goal based on inputs I put into it(some real heavy formulas were used in that area), and if its too low I can check out where I failed/expectations were too high, etc. I'm proud of it, but a bit like what your article was hinting, I've just realized its a little inflexible But I do have very mad spreadsheets for cooking too lol, hit me up if you want one I may be missing the point a little, so maybe I'm not being holistic enough, and me doing everything perfectly is impossible, and even if I do, I may be focusing on attracting the girl, instead of making me happy? Even if I didn't interpret it right I've got an idea. Thankyou for your time and effort in helping me, I appreciate it.