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  1. @Wormon Blatburm its a lot safer than what you think it is. MUCH more safe than alcohol. And that's not me saying it, that's what facts say
  2. you could ask the same thing about shrooms, why hasn't any big media group talked about shroom's ability to give you awakenings. But the problem is that it's illegal, and after the war on drugs, there is a huge (but inaccurate) stigma against drugs in general. it would not suprise me if it was proven that 5-meo-dmt was less dangerous than alcohol. Shrooms are less dangerous than alcohol: and so its highly likely that 5-meo-dmt is less dangerous than alcohol. Don't forget, psilocybin is similar to DMT on a molecular level. But people will still be against shrooms and dmt purely because of the bad stigma attached to it. Its the same thing as racism. Everyone once thought black people were stupid, but of course that is complete nonsense, like the stigma against consumption of natural drugs like cannabis, dmt and shrooms.
  3. @Muhammad its not legal where anyone lives.
  4. I think that's a little too pessimistic. Only 8 months ago I was an active supporter of the new athiest movement, and thought everyone who was religious was an idiot. I was so immersed in the matrix that I couldn't even understand the difference between duality and singularity, until I watched your spirituality video, which almost literally cracked my brain open, and made me see the footsteps of the ox. I think a lot of people on here are like that, you dont really need to suspect that you live in the matrix, just need to watch the right videos
  5. @Davie Ty's basic premise is inconsistent with reality. He says that hippies and buddhist look within, that's not true. When you meditate, you aren't looking within, your looking externally. You're empirically investigating what you see, hear and smell. Yes you do investigate inner stuff like thoughts and feelings, but that's only half of what you investigate. And Ty wants evidence, has Ty noticed that there actually isn't ANY evdience that the physical world exists. Take a ball for example. How do we know that ball exists? Because it's made of atoms you say, now lets take an electron microscope to figure that out. Yes the electron microscope shows signs that atoms exist because the electrons bounced bounced back into the electron microscope, instead of going through. BUT you can ask, how do we know electrons bounce back when it hits objects? What law says that? If you keep tracing back to the very fundamental laws of physics, you will notice that the physical world is built upon a bunch of arbitrary beliefs. These beliefs put into practice are known as the scientific method: when something in our awareness is repeatable, can be seen by others and occurs over the same conditions... but you know what the crazy part is, these laws are completely arbitrary. What evidence is there to prove that something has to be repeatable? Why do others have to see a phenomena the same way for it to exist in this world? Computers, phones, construction sites, the physical world in general don't exist in the way you think it does. They are all constructs in your mind generated by a firm assumption in the scientific method, and in the physical worldview, and there is no evidence to prove that the monitor or phone you are looking at now exists in the real world. Even from a physical perspective there is no proof that your phone is real. If all you have seen is through your eyes, then you have never seen the real world before directly, and if you haven't how do you know it exists in the way you think it does. And also, Ty has to realize that success != trueth. His arguments at the beginning of this video fall into this fallacy, even his own worldview proves him incorrect.
  6. So recently I took 5-MeO-DMT, but only 7.5 mgs. Time doesn't really exist in that realm, but if I had to convert the experiences I had, back to this real world, in the middle of my DMT trip I experienced(literally) hell. The hell felt like it was going to go for eternity, My world view was literally imploding. It wasn't just the ego that was burning itself at 1000 degrees C, but my entire world view. There was no satisfaction, no happiness, just pure suffering. You know how people say when you reach enlightenment, you become pure love, well in that trip, I became the exact opposite -> Satan. I became pure suffering, I was suffering itself. This experience was ridiculously horrible, and it felt like I was going to be there forever. I do of course take spirituality seriously, and would like to experience god in full force at least once, because I believe the wisdom gained by that experience would help me, but man the pain was ridiculous. How do you guys come into grip with accepting such a horrible state. What do you guys say? What relaxation techniques can you apply to a state where you can't even think? Thanks peeps.
  7. @Naviy wow! My experience wasn't as bad as that! Now I'm really scared!
  8. @Friend sorry meant 7.5 mg +- 0.2 mg, I used a digital precision scale, and my method of ingestion wasn't snorting, because I'm not sure how to do that. I vaporized the material at the same temperature you vaporize normal DMT.
  9. Thanks guys, I realize that the dose I took was too low, my objective right now isnt to reach god, its to develop an ability to handle ego death. Thankyou everyone for your responses.
  10. @mikeyy I'm 19, you're not Leo's little bitch
  11. @mikeyy If I told you I would have to kill you HINT I live in a country filled with wild plants and trees that have it. I've had it for a while(before Leo's mushroom video) and decided to take it after his video.
  12. Hi guys, When you are very ambitious, sometimes its easier to dream about the stuff you are going to achieve instead of actually doing the work to do it. For example, just say you want to start a business, instead of doing the work to do it, you may find yourself dreaming about how awesome the work is going to be, and sometimes that dream can distract you from doing the actual work. How would you overcome this, and make sure that you focus on the task instead of daydreaming about something you are trying to achieve Thankyou!
  13. @Emerald Wilkins Feminism in a lot of respects, also are negatively orientated and projecting. To solve the gender gap for example, they would rather lower men's wages, instead of increasing female wages.
  14. For the last 8 years or so, I have been struggling deeply with being self conscious, and being a people pleaser. I have looked at Leo's videos, and I am applying methods such as the 6 pillars of self esteem, but the problem I have is very severe, and hard to resolve. Its mainly because in the past(particularly secondary education) I've been involved with people who did not respect me, constantly bullied me, constantly made out as if I was stupid, constantly made out as if I was selfish/nasty/horrible etc and it happened for at least 4 years, constantly. If you haven't had this done to you before, this skewes your ego up something fierce. The ego is extremely insecure, extremely unsure of itself, and extremely afriad of being rejected by someone, and looking like an idiot, or a harsh person. And you can't just 'switch' it off I've tried fixing this issue being pushing myself to being more social, trying to assert myself more, but what I've realized is that, this didn't actually fix the problem, it just changed my external environment to something else. I'm currently in a group a university. And right now I'm confronted with the toughest challenge the ego could possibly encounter, an Asshole, who doesn't want to give any roles or jobs to anyone else, because he is afraid that I will 'stuff up all of the work he has put into it'. I havent confronted him, because my ego fears a return of circumstances of my unfortunate past. But I've had enough. I've had enough of being like this, afraid, and non-assertive. I've spent 8 years like it. I want to be an asshole. I have the group project tomorrow, what should I do tomorrow? What steps should I take to calm my ego down, and confront this person about his behaviour. How do I let go of the past to make sure it doesn't haunt me when I confront people? How will I tackle my fear of looking like a jerk, of being excluded. How will I stand my ground and be sure of myself? I appreciate your time to help me tonight.
  15. @reez Lets just pretend for a moment hypothetically, that the gender was reversed and that OP slapped his wife to put her into the right mind (with the same force) would you still be ok with that? To be totally honest, i just dont understand how gender relates and affects morality in this context. I dont understand how its appropriate to use gender as a completely direct way of determining how wrong a particular violent crime is. Especially after all of the dogma feminism projects onto our society about equality. If you want equality, go all the way, or be happy with specific gender roles that have been used for hundreds of years. If youre going to neglect a females ability to hurt a man, while also advocating women power! And the empowerment of women, and how women are stronger than men in some cases, then its clear to me that unfortunately you are supporting a movement that's main aim is female supremacy, and not genuine equality.
  16. its the man's job? Sorry I must have missed the memo god sent us about how we should live our lives. There is no job that a woman or man has, that's absurd. I'm not sure what masculine and feminine polarity is either. Yes men CAN cause more damage than woman can, but that doesn't mean that women should be dismissed from punishment all together for hitting someone else. Domestic violence happens in both directions. If a woman hits a man, they should be punished in the same way if a man hits a woman. This girls are pussies and can't hurt anyone, and all men are pussies if they get annoyed about women hitting them is just discriminatory and sexist. Like women aren't physically capable to handle jobs in warehouses and being tradies because of the physical strength, yet we still let them. In the same way men shouldn't be criticised and discriminated against when females hit males, even though their physical strength is larger.
  17. Since meditating, have any of you noticed that you are doing things much more slowly than you normally would? I mean do you guys walk around and have you noticed that your decision making is much more slow? For example when you are going to the supermarket, you select things to buy much more slowly? And have you noticed that your head is much more decluttered that what it normally was? And this is hard to describe, but do you feel more submerged in your head? Like you are submereged into reality more? A really weird slight fading of that screen that barricades you from the 'real world'? If so, I have too, and because I come from a type of Personal Development that is neurotic(Tai Lopez, Eric Thomas, Les Brown, Tony Robins) I see this effect(guessing its from meditation have no idea what else causes it) as a negative, because I am really struggling to fit in all of the goals and tasks I've set for myself. And also, I love the feeling of being submerged into reality, feels a little like floating, but its really distracting me from achieving all of my goals, because I'm too busy observing and in a way being reality. If you guys have been through this, do you mind telling me how you keep productive? And if this effect is actually an ego trap maybe? And how to avoid it? If you haven't please help me anyway. I am really lost on answers with this one because there are not books or articles of this problem on the internet. Its a meditation sort of problem.
  18. @Armand Its our job to protect women? What ass did you pull that belief from? Sounds like something a white knight from the 1500s would say. I find it fascinating that in this day and age, we are all about giving men and women equality, but at the same time downplay and even sweep under the rug the fact that the OP's wife hit him as well, because she is a woman. Seriously if a woman hits a man, that is just as wrong and serious as a man hitting a woman. OP, violence usually isn't the answer, but your preconceived beliefs about how you hitting her is worse than her hitting you is internalized misandry and quite troubling to someone trying to self actualize. I would work on those, along with the rest of the points made on here.
  19. @Wormon Blatburm Lol, I don't wanna be a tree!!!! nnnnnoooooooooowwwwwwww @ShaharA Wow that's awesome!!! I want to be in that place. I'm experiencing something negative though, I got especially alarmed when I realized I spent 7 minutes in a shopping ile today just to buy a pair of scissors. Like with no thoughts hurrying me up. How does it help your productivity? Are you experiencing any like slowness? Mainly because there are no thoughts pushing you to hurry the hell up with activities? Not particularly cool when you're frantically running two businesses, and trying to achieve HDs in all of your subjects.
  20. im suprised mathew hasnt given his input on this yet
  21. Hey guys, I've noticed on this forum that people on here have a neurotic, almost ADHD like attachment to what others say in their posts. I've seen(and been involved in) like literally 10 post debates about a certain interpretation of enlightenment, as if someone's interpretation of enlightenment is really going to change reality in any impacting way... And the amount of posts I've seen where people have to reply back to a dialogue, just because someone took them too literally, and consequently started accusing them of not knowing what enlightenment is, being a fraud, being too literal, and hence mentally incapable of handling the big boy self inquiry stuff(usually the ones who dont do the work write this stuff). Like seriously, us as a group would get so much more insights, and save so much more time, if we didn't have Mr. Dali Lawyer up our asses, turning our posts into incriminating evidence for "Saying something about enlightenment that doesn't fit my belief of it". Wouldn't we all much rather ask questions, and get answers about insights and advice, rather than trying to defend a position, that really doesn't matter that much anyway? It saves time, eliminates the need to clarify what you have said, it stops off topic and completely useless arguments about which belief is better, and reduces the amount of BS you need to read to actually get to the answer of an OP's question. Whose with me?
  22. @30secs What if your worldview(Chemicals in the brain causing consciousness) was couched in consciousness? And its actually the reverse?
  23. Where abouts can one find find girls to talk to? I've heard on this thread that you can go to shops or coffee place, but isn't it creepy if a guy goes to the shops purely to pick up chicks? Which areas are appropriate for picking up chicks, areas that do not require a lot of money for access. Going to clubs, in my opinion, is a very cost ineffective way of finding chicks, because of the amount of money spent on alcohol, and how clubbing deteriorates your sleeping pattern
  24. How much time per week do you spend socializing with friends: meeting up one on one, going to concerts/clubs/movies, etc? Do you think socializing is waste of time? What are your thoughts on this?
  25. When socializing, its very important to express yourself well. From my experience, half of the meaning in communication is physical expression. I have a series of problems, including: - stuttering - pausing for long periods of time, because I have issues with finding the right words to say. - muddling up my words While these problems may seem small, expression can catastrophically impact the influence within a date, the person may be turned off by it. The second half of the issue I have with verbal expression is my knowledge field(that Leo talks about in his latest video) is radically different to everyone elses, because I am a very weird person, which interests that are rarely shared with others. This leads me to interpret things said by someone on a date incorrectly(take things the wrong way) and generally be very awkward on a date. Are there any specific tips I can take to overcome these issues? Sorry for the overwhelming list of problems, I have researched extensively and found little help on this issue