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  1. @Kataro7 You can be enlightened at any stage. I've read people on here talk about blue people being enlightened. Also, be careful not to confuse green with turquoise. Apparently, green people tend to think that they are turquoise. @Serotoninluv Does anyone actually spend their time watching videos about equality? I find this hard to believe.
  2. Go on and read the page for each of the eight stages, if you haven't already.
  3. I'm here to inflate my ego. If I actually wanted to grow then I would meditate for four hours a day. It would actually be a blessing to be banned from this forum (though it would hurt my feelings in the short-term).
  4. I would also like to know this.
  5. @Leo Gura Thanks. @lmfao Thanks and I would've loved to read what you wrote on the train.
  6. @kieranperez Will do.
  7. Why are terrorists red instead of blue? What part of Hitler is blue? Is it his ethnic cleansing part? Because isn't blue the stage of serving the afterlife? What is the connection between ethnocentrism and religion? Aren't they totally different things? The yellow examples are discouraging because it makes it seems like I have to become a genius in order to be yellow. Hippies are placed at high-green. What is the little thing that hippies need to transition to stage yellow? Is it a giving up of "my perspective is the only true one" mentality? What is vision logic?
  8. First of all, I think we have a little bit of every stage in all of us. So, you will always have beige, purple, red, and blue inside of you. They are integrated into you. For example, your purple stage would be your connection to your family. Your red stage would be your ability to stand up for yourself and take action. Your blue stage would be your sense of right and wrong. Which paragraph do you resonate with more? These are taken from "Orange is recognized by the drive for personal results, success and status. Orange is very explorative and can pragmatically switch in different situations. For Orange, there are many ways, which lead to Rome; there’s never just one solution and if you can’t go the way you should, then you should go any way you can. Orange wants to play the game and wants to do fun things with fun people. Orange is positive, enjoys live and the achieved results." "You can recognize Green by striving for harmony, enriching the inner world and the need to make real (on an emotional level) contact with each other. Green will accept the other as he or she is and likes to work together to stimulate individual development, so people can become who they really are. Green is open-minded and accepts differences in people and in opinions." "Yellow is recognized by the large amount of ideas, connections and complexity that it introduces. Yellow’s starting point is an overarching vision about a system (on an individual, group, organizational, national, planetary and/or cosmic level) and then determines what the system needs to grow and blossom. In order to do so, Yellow will pass by personal and purely human-orientated interests. Yellow is also characterized by an enormous drive and focus (Yellow knows exactly in which direction it wants to move). Yellow has the ability to look far into the future and, at the same time, keep things close at home and integrate the past. Yellow often has visionary and revolutionary ideas about the future."
  9. @Sahil Pandit Either English is his second language or his ideas are too advanced for us to comprehend.
  10. @Hellspeed Can you please reword this so that I can understand it? Are you talking about making food out of the air?
  11. I thought that the following video was nonsense, but maybe Alana Greene was on to something:
  12. I recommend you read the lyrics first (for both of them).
  13. Thanks and thanks for following my account.
  14. If you read "Think and Grow Rich" it talks about something sex transmutation. You already know about this clearly because you abstain from masturbation (as do I). I will add the following tidbits from the book. The book says that pleasing women is a man's greatest motivation in life. It also says that the desire for sexual expression is the most powerful driving force of a human. If you hold in your sexual expression instead of wasting it and express it in different ways such as your work then kaboom. So this is why I have a series of pictures of sexy women as my screensavers for my computer. (It changes from one picture to the next every few hours.)