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  1. I tried the prompt "consciousness" in stable diffusion AI. I like how it struggles to spell the word
  2. I just woke up and now i'm awake. It's ~5 AM which is maybe a bit too early in the morning, but i've got more time to relax and drink a few cups of coffee before going to work.
  3. I like to read and hear from people who are less lucky than me. It helps me appreciate where i am and realize how much i whine for nothing.
  4. You said it! It's how i feel when i read questions like "if god is x then why does he/she y?" it just doesn't even make sense to ask the question in the first place.
  5. I think the fact that we can talk about it answers the witnessing part. If i didn't know that this experience is known, i wouldn't be able to speak about the fact that this is known. I feel like my brain just melts if i try to prove to you that the awareness is moving my body. Maybe i'm just stupid. I get this sense of a total mystery from the fact that this is known. That there are these things that call themselves "humans" moving around and "drinking" what they call "water" and "sitting" on what they call "chairs" and "watching" something they call "youtube". It's like a crazy dream. Who would've thought of something like this? Sorry for the nonsense and maybe some bad English. It isn't my main language. I just like to share these thoughts to see if someone else has been pondering similar nonsense.
  6. Do you mean like, there's the you who is thinking and acting and the subject is forced to watch you act and think what you think? That sounds normal. I mean, i can't do anything without it being noticed by the awareness or whatever it is that is knowing all that i'm doing. I've tested this with a kind of childishly naive mindset and told the awareness to fuck off, but i don't think it understands English nor cares about my words. It seems like it isn't moved by anything
  7. I've never taken his material or advice seriously, it's just that i find it entertaining to watch someone try to figure this out and see the reactions of people and all the madness that comes from it. I do see that this experience that is happening here is the only experience there is for me. In that sense, i'm #foreveralone in this. I can only see other people and animals from the outside. But at the same time i believe other people and animals are experiencing. Even an ant or a flea might be experiencing, why not?
  8. Oh, i don't think either my stupidity or selfishness is an issue which affects my ability to laugh at a guy's Youtube-videos.
  9. Namaste, people. I don't know if this guy's material has been posted on this forum before, but this guy is the guru of this apparent illusory dreamworld-dwelling non-existent self body-mind-organism, whose real self is consciousness or whatever.
  10. Well, it seems obvious that you shouldn't try to teach solipsism to "other people" if you are serious about it. It's like a funny/sad joke you can't tell anyone.
  11. Nowadays i think that words like "i" or "me" are just words or sounds that these organisms use to point to themselves. It can become very complicated and confusing when i start to question it by asking "what is me?" "what is i?" Well, it's this one sitting on this chair. This one calls itself "me". It's like we've defined what "i" or "me" means, and then we start to question what is "me", while failing to see we've already defined what it means. It's only the first person singular pronoun, like U.G. Krishnamurti said in some interview.
  12. Nonsense. You are both awake unless you're typing in your sleep.