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  1. Here it was like the one who is free is freely seeking for freedom until it isn't.
  2. "You are already awakened. There is no one to awaken." It's like one of those "Live, Laugh, Love"-posters people hang on their walls. So inspiring.
  3. I can't really say that i'm afraid of death, because i won't be there. But the dying process yes. I just hope it isn't a garbage compactor or a fall from a great height that kills me 😂
  4. I've looked at lots of those stereograms, as a result i can make my eyes diverge/converge pretty easily. I just noticed i get several different results from the stereogram you posted depending on how much the eyes diverge/converge. If i diverge my eyes: One snowman or one skinny snowman with two snowmen standing at the back. If i converge my eyes i get a snowman shaped hole, if i converge them even more, i get several holes shaped like skinny snowmen. A cool trick i found out by playing with stereograms, is that you can actually use eye divergence to cheat at "spot the differences" -type of games like this: By converging your eyes enough to make the two pictures overlap with eachother so much that they create a single image, you can instantly see the differences "blinking". I recommend either zooming out your browser or viewing your screen from further away if you try this, makes it much easier. I also sometimes like to do this with things like two bathroom wall tiles. Any two almost identical objects placed next to eachother horizontally will create a single image when viewed like this. Sorry, i got carried away and slightly offtopic
  5. I know you didn't ask me, but i didn't even think of there being an "ego" or a "self" before i first heard or read about what Eckhart Tolle seemed to have experienced. And then i made the "self" a thing, something i can get rid of, or see through. Attempting to find the absence of something which isn't there. I also tried to find "nothing", because that sounded like a thing i can find too. Something for me, something i can share with people and people can see it emanating from my aura or whatever after i've found it. Hahahahaha
  6. Hooray! Let's everyone become monks and nuns! I go tell everyone!
  7. When i was ~16 years old, this chubby girl told me i was too skinny, it hurt my feelings at the time but i said nothing because i had been told it's wrong to comment on peoples' appearance and i didn't want to make anyone cry. If it someone started to describe my appearance to me now, i would kindly return the favor by giving them a description of their appearance as well. I think i used to care too much.
  8. "Depersonalized bodything looking at itself in the mirror" sounds similar to what i saw. 🐰 Maybe the mind apparently covers up the reality of an empty human monkey looking at itself in the mirror with "I'm Bob and i'm looking at myself"😅 I don't know if identification is here or it isn't. I can't really pinpoint anything and say "this is identification".
  9. Yes! Fun is more fun! I've noticed that the thoughts don't even do anything outside of themselves. I can for example walk and think about standing still. Or cook food and think about videogames, or cook food and think that i'm not cooking. Thoughts don't matter, they don't touch anything.
  10. I've had a similar experience in front of a mirror, ~three years ago. I was washing hands, and as i lifted my gaze from my hands to the mirror, i saw an empty impersonal animal staring back. Chills went from my ass to the top of my head and i ran to bed, afraid to look at any more mirrors that night. And the next day, everything went back to normal.
  11. I think it might have something to do with pattern recognition. We tend to think that numbers like 11:11 and 12:12 etc. are less random than numbers like 12:43 and 10:37. I often see 11:11 in my alarm clock or phone. Another one i always notice is 13:37, or 1337, which means leet or elite. 🤓
  12. I've had 2-3 maybe one second long experiences where it was like i was seen as empty and impersonal and meaningless as an ant or a bug of some kind(hard to describe), and even though it seems to me that i'm using my thinking to make sense of the world, my thinking/internal monologue was somehow also seen as empty and meaningless and erroneous. And the sense of emptiness had a familiar "taste" to it. Too bad these experiences only last for a few seconds and then everything goes back to "normal". And often when these type of experiences happen i can't help but try to remember them for a while. These usually happen out of the blue. Once it happened when i was walking in the forest with my dog and i was playfully imagining that my body left a trail of color in the air where i walked and boom, suddenly everything was seen as empty and impersonal(for a second). I don't know what to make of these experiences or whether they are mystical or not, but i found them a bit frightening, amazing, mysterious and familiar.
  13. For me it was like i had successfully lied to myself that i needed to get into a special state of mind which i projected onto people who were talking about nonduality. I was looking for something which i can recognize as "this is it" or "freedom from me", before i can continue enjoying life. I was looking for something i thought i once knew but had lost. This isn't everything yet -> this isn't everything yet -> this isn't everything yet -> maybe this is already everything -> why would anyone talk about this?
  14. Someone who's really into this consciousness stuff might for example chop onions in the kitchen and the narrative would be "all this is is consciousness" "i'm only imagining i'm cutting onions" "i'm god" "i'm enlightened" "i'm stage blue". Sounds silly. But then again, thinking "what to do next weekend" or "i'm chopping onions" seems just as irrelevant to the actual chopping of onions. I don't know if i made any sense at all
  15. I feel that words like "infinity" and "enlightenment" and "consciousness" are just empty buzzwords. Of course it depends on the context. And meditation for me is like regular sitting except there are stories in the head about meditation and about observing thoughts and how quiet my mind is.