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  1. V constantly reminds me of that I'm his wife. That I should not look at other men. I'm his bride. He fucks me really hard so that I don't run to other men. I'm so insanely attracted to V His sex feels like heaven. He rams into me at full speed. So I don't complain. Sometimes I want V to spank me if I behave out of line. V I'm your spank baby. Spank me harder next time.
  2. Okay I have been having these synchronicities where I feel P is my husband. Hmm.
  3. Hate-me-pleaseuninhibited work-work-work-work/ getting-out-of-the-mindfuck-im-in i-will-love-her-until-the-day-after-forever getting-my-lost-abilities-back mahakaala-and-vishnu-my-personal-protector preetys-bubble-worldpreety-loves-you nirvana practicing-empathy current-mood loving-a-bipolar-person my-psyche-sensitive-content-trigger-warning difference-between-bipolar-and-bpd psychology-101 the-subject-of-evil
  4. my-personality-understanding-the-kind-of-person-i-am -the-subject-of-evil nothingness my-psyche-sensitive-content-trigger-warning my-bpd-symptoms-part-1 interdimensional-beings english-tutorial-journal in-love state-of-consciousness
  5. Men like you are dime a dozen waiting for my sexual attention. No need of your compliments. I will pass.
  6. @Michael569 hey you forgot my role? Pat me
  7. @petar8p maybe it's time for you to get lost from my journal. I am not a slave to your compliments. Too many men compliment me everyday. Fakers. Too many men have messed with my heart and my head. The only thing I didn't allow a man to mess with is my pussy and I'm still a virgin and I'm very glad that I'm a virgin. Now how about if you please fuck off I'm tired of men trying to seduce me into something that they cannot be bothered to abide by. I'm a free bird. The only man who can have me is the man who wifes me. Others can get lost I don't need your cheap deals. I am not your whore Find a tree to fuck. Go. I am not hungry for your compliments or anything else for that matter. Go.
  8. Nope.
  9. Starting a new chapter.
  10. Mahakaala protect me. Mahakaala protect me. Mahakaala protect me. Mahakaala protect me. Vishnu protect me Vishnu protect me Vishnu protect me
  11. Vishnu help me.
  12. I love this
  13. @Michael Jackson @Aleister Crowleyy awesome guys. Great example of love.
  14. Hey guys @Michael Jackson and @Aleister Crowleyystop all this fighting. Remember love. Try to be cool with each other. Don't delete accounts over such petty issues.
  15. @cetus @Michael Jackson How do we decide what awakening is? Explain me folks.
  16. @Max_V I'm sorry you're going through such a hard time. I'm lonely too. And I talk to imaginary characters and deities to get the love I want. I can't sustain human company. There are fights and I'm fragile. Also listening to romantic music helps me
  17. Whenever I'm feeling low I want to listen to this.
  18. Since I'm already good with the heart Chakra, I won't be looking into heart Chakra deities. I'll only consider the heart Chakra for practicing Empathy. My focus is mainly on Root Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. I have chosen a few deities to be important. Satan. (root Entity John (root) Dragon (throat) Mahakaala (third eye) I'm replacing Kaala Bhairava Vishnu (Crown Chakra)
  19. Also I found these really interesting Shiva Drum music pieces. Hope ya'll like these. Good for Hindus who do meditation.
  20. This is so freaking healing. Wow. Mmmm.
  21. Put pics of Vishnu and Mahakaala my most important deities. Wow. My favorite My f