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  1. Shiva's third eye
  2. Third eye symbols. Mahakaal third eye Vishnu symbol
  3. Oh I forgot the third eye completely.
  4. Vishnu stands for the crown Chakra Mahakaal stands for the third eye Chakra.
  5. Mahakaal namam
  6. Mahakaal symbols Mahakaal namam.
  7. Vishnu symbols.
  8. And what if I'm aware of the cheating? Does the relationship depend on how I treat the cheating or is it already dead no matter what I think?
  9. Hindu OM Mahakaala Tilak Crown Chakra symbol
  10. Okay I found protective icons that I just love. This is one. It's Mahakaala yantra This is the Vishnu yantra
  11. I knew Vishnu will be my savior
  12. Ram is not Ramana Maharishi Ram is the equivalent of Jesus Christ in Hinduism
  13. This is giving me some stability in terms of spirituality.
  14. Shouldn't spirituality or any spiritual practice mean that you stop hating and cultivating love? Am I the only person on planet earth that no matter what you do to me, after a period of time I let go or forget and forgive and move on and am completely alright talking to people. Holding grudges? I have held grudges too. But I'm not punishing towards people. How is your spirituality so refined if you cannot truly let go?
  15. @Gesundheit2 for me it's like I can't truly hate anyone for too long. I'm not pretending to be Saint here. Maybe it's my memory I don't know. But I usually get angry about something, I bark at that person, I go into these stressed out states and I express my anger and hate. But this doesn't last forever. After a week, I almost forget all of that. It's not that l love the person again, but I also don't hate them. I don't live in that punishing mindset. If they talk to me, I talk to them again, like nothing happened. I truly cannot hold hate forever. I feel sorry for myself if I did that. I feel like I'm commiting a crime if I hate someone. My conscience starts to feel guilty if I keep holding a grudge And the other phenomenon that happens is that I develop this insane amount of love (maybe this is because of my trauma) but I develop this insane amount of affection for those that I might have been friends with or have loved before, so even if I got angry at them, it diffuses later and my love for them is even more than before. Like even if they wanted to kill me, I would allow that too. Because I just cannot take someone being hurt because of me, it starts to eat me from inside. And I keep craving for their forgiveness. I simply wish everyone could just love and respect each other and never have any grudge or hate or anything bad against anyone. If I had to wish something bad on someone, it would make me insanely guilty to the point of me being sick of myself. I just can't. And no this is not me being any Saint. No. It's just that deep down, hate doesn't make any sense to me. I always get this question in my mind - would i want to see the person I hate dead and wounded? And that immediately creates a lot of pain inside of me. Because, I simply cannot allow that. I can't see them dead. That's when I'm like - ok let go. I shouldn't hold this hate. My mind is like - "it's ok, just wish good and every person deserves to live, good or bad."
  16. @Gesundheit2 having expectations is simply being human.
  17. @Oeaohoo both in cases it's wrong. Like if I care about a person, neither should I be a victim of their grudge nor should I want them to hold a grudge as a loving person wouldn't want someone to harm themselves. Makes sense?