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  1. I would completely rely on texting. There is something mysterious about texting. It reveals a lot about a person without that person wanting it. Texting is the best thing ever even if there is ton of misinterpretation The misinterpretation also indicates a lot about the psychology of the person..
  2. Self love = love yourself the way you would love others Selflessness = don't be too selfless to the point it becomes a detriment. Maintain boundaries. Selfishness = be as selfish as you can stand and then see how much is enough to survive. Don't judge selfishness. Selfishness is also rooted in love.
  3. Use both logical, emotional and intuitive approach.
  4. BPD are a bit fucked up. They're hard to deal with.
  5. Is it unrealistic to expect your partner/boyfriend to not cheat on you ever (lifetime)? Do the best relationships suffer cheating too? For the longest time, loyalty was my most important value and my top most priority. I never cheated on any of my ex partners (100%) and I used to pride in being 100% loyal in friendships and relationships. Lately I have been questioning if this attribute is solely based on judgment. Is cheating okay/acceptable (as in human nature)? Or is it unrealistic to ask/expect of your partner to never cheat on you?
  6. Relationships based on people pleasing and ass kissing are fake anyway.
  7. Prayer is a, mindset.
  8. ..... . I started using this new device since April 11. I started using this new device since April 11.
  10. I think when we are our most vulnerable we get exposed to the darkest forces around us. O.... why oh why I felt at times as though evil tried to attract me on many occasions. One such occasion was April 25 when I believe evil seduced me through sex I suffered infinite pain later. Why didn't I realize that I was being seduced? That's because... I think.. And this is only my speculation. That evil only attracts or more so easily attracts child like hearts. Mature hearts are not easily baited by evil. Someone with the predisposition to always stay naive and innocent and not keep a watchful eye is easily hunted by evil eyes. Why is that? Because child like hearts are easy to manipulate, control, dominate and subjugate. They submit and commit to slavery. Protective yantra against evil. ..
  11. Random scattered thoughts... They say staring into someone's eyes takes you into altered states of consciousness like hypnosis. Is this true? I feel like evil is somehow linked with sex. Thank God I'm a virgin. Evil relies on addiction and sex is addictive. Evil tries to our addictive tendency by giving us the most addictive things causing our brains to constantly want to beg for something that evil can offer us along with destruction. For example junk food causes obesity. Sex can lead to rape, what I mean is that the need for sex can easily turn into a desire to assault someone. Etc. Each one of these is designed to cause suffering in some form. Is evil only neuroticism at its fundamental core. What about malicious intent? I think deep down evil is all about ego and power. That's most evil people are either psychopaths or narcissists or both. Evil is not necessarily scary looking.
  12. I think when we are our most vulnerable we get exposed to the darkest forces around us. O.... why oh why
  13. I really really deeply love this man and I think he would make a great partner. This is the first time I'm falling for a guy who is super emotional and sensitive and not like the cocky ones I used to date before. So recently I have found a guy who lives in the US and we have known each other before. It's a long distance relationship. We chat for hours. I have fallen hard for him. He likes me too. He is cute and sexy. He prefers to keep to himself and doesn't open up much. He is a very emotional guy/sentimental type. He has cried before and language he uses is generally emotional. We bond with each other over our shared emotional nature. The thing is sometimes when he shares emotional/sad things with me, I tend to laugh a little inside. (I don't show that I'm secretly laughing at him or just not able to relate). I find it hard to empathize with him because I don't expect him to be weak or fragile or sensitive. The whole idea that a man should not be vulnerable/emotional is baked in my head. I don't laugh at him obviously so it doesn't show. Whenever a female friend cries her pain out with me, I immediately relate and cry with her. Not with this man. Of course I don't have bad intent and I would love to be his emotional supporter but I'm struggling in this capacity. But when he does open up, I end up showing superficial empathy yet I can't really relate to his anxieties and frustrations and issues as a man. I find it hard to grasp how he feels or how he is going to react to whatever I have to say and as a result we get into fights later. I cannot preemptively judge the situation and that causes me to not be emotionally aligned with him, my responses causing more harm than good. He detects my lack of sensitivity or finds it odd to open up to me and recoils back into his shell.. How can I (as a female) understand and relate to Male emotions better? Thanks.
  14. Bunch of caffeine. Hehe, I ate 8 bars of chocolate, 4 cups of coffee x per day and hot cocoa drinks for past 4 days non stop. I feel a bit jittery. The good news is that the chocolate was very appealing to my nerves. Soothing. But here's the bad news. I've been having horrible toothache since 2 days. It's the chocolate. It's causing my teeth to rot. I can sense it. My teeth are pearly white naturally. Any tips to reverse some of the tooth decay I'm experiencing right now. Like home remedies pleeeeeez Thanks guys ya'll are lovely. Muaaah. Warning - never give chocolates to children, never.
  15. Mahakal is also giving me clarity. With clarity comes everything else.
  16. You have to sometimes be a narcissist and a psychopath It's ingrained.
  17. Lower Root Middle Heart and throat Upper Third eye and crown
  18. The deities are ready Root Chakra - Satan, Entity John Heart Chakra - Ram, Devi Linga Bhairavi Throat Chakra - Dragon Third eye Chakra - Mahakal Crown Chakra - Vishnu
  19. Third eye Chakra. Crown Chakra
  20. Vishnu stands for the crown Chakra Symbol Mahakaal stands for the third eye Chakra. Symbol
  21. Image of Vishnu This is such a beautiful image.
  22. Third eye Mahakaal I feel like the third eye is watching me