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  2. Multitasking does save a lot of time and seems cool in the beginning but it adds to the stress and then slows down your normal rhythm. Not saying that one should avoid it completely but too much of everything takes a toll on you. It can be done in intervals or doses. It's important to not lose sight of one's goals and the results one is looking for. So one may try to achieve all at once but it won't be very satisfying in the end. Prioritizing might help a lot because that way you can keep a track on what's really essential and central to your system. Blend multitasking with focus and use priority based task lists to be more effective, better than being just efficient.
  3. Right now I got so much on my plate. It's kinda unbelievable. I just hate it
  4. *learning from this guy what not to do and trying to keep with the other one. * * * * * *
  5. Dealing with crazy shit all the time. Nah, it can't get crazier than this and it shouldn't. Done with people around me. Back to my work. Business as usual. *not thinking much about anything at all. *funny how monkey mind never stops. *some drama is always going on.... Jesus!
  6. I'd think of it as something intellectually challenging and something that causes inner turmoil and is difficult to deal with. It could also mean something that's difficult to fathom cuz it's complex and not easy to articulate in words
  7. Socializing is always fun, at least for me! But hey to each his own. Do what pleases you. You got one life to live so give it your best. Personally, socializing has helped me understand myself better.
  8. Panpsychism is a very interesting field. It helps to explore greater depths of the human psyche. These are essentially different paradigms that we are trying to explore.
  9. Meditation, reading books and having conversations with interesting people who have ideas to offer. Travel helps a lot too.
  10. Doing shadow work on this would really help. There's nothing wrong with it. It's just social perceptions that create a sense of despair but it's really all unnecessary.
  11. The tree exists in reality. However for the observer it exists only in his realm of perception. Cogito ergo sum
  12. It's important to distinguish general from the specific. Sadhguru still has many important things to talk about and his ideas are just great. The daily dose of wisdom from him is so wonderful.
  13. Ragi idlis are so much healthier