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  1. A7 Woke up early this morning. Need to note the timing. Today it's 27 February Tuesday. Woke up early this morning feeling good. Great.
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  4. A4 Be proud of yourself. Write this statement ten times a day. What you achieve is more important than who you are. * * * * *
  5. A3 How to look at yourself differently? Paradigm shift 1 you're a "work in progress." 2 you're a "work of art." 3 you are an artist in your way away from the competitive environment of the world and you are just as deserving of all the happiness and resources as anyone else. You deserve the right to live with dignity. 4 nobody can decide your worth on how much you got to offer or what abilities you have or don't have. 5 your spirit is eternal. 6 your spirit is irreplaceable 7 your DNA is unique. Celebrate your uniqueness. 8 you have a purpose too and you can serve it. 9 you are here to live and not to live upto labels like " sexy" " beautiful " and keep struggling to achieve or conform to ideals set by society of who you should be, what you should look like or what you should become. You are who you are and there's no need for you to be the best in the crowd. It's what you have is enough. You should live a healthy life and be happy being who you are. Your happiness matters more than other's opinions. 10 Your insecurities are caused by judgement and opinions and ideals and standards and they are only important when you give them weight. Being happy and healthy is more important than being beautiful. Nobody is perfect. The quest for perfection is an endless journey and is often futile. We can only be be better than who we were yesterday. Our flaws and imperfections define us and make us unique. Without those flaws there will be no growth. 11 you are an artist of your own life and you are the central character of your own movie, the movie of your life and you are worthy of everything in this world. 12 you also have self worth. You are just as important as anyone else. And nobody should treat you like crap. And you shouldn't allow it or be discouraged by someone trying to bring you down. You should fight back and make them know that you deserve more than what they think you do. 13
  6. A2 How to be neutral to yourself? << keep yourself away from toxic judgmental attitude. <<< do not let someone attack you or put you down. << Look at yourself differently. << << 1 look at yourself as a human and not as an object of display and attention. 2 Do not objectify yourself 3 look at yourself as a unique individual with their own unique set of qualities and problems. 4 do not have the fear of judgement 5 do not be impacted by judgements of others. Do not consider that as important or do not consider that to define your personality. You are you and not what others perceive. 6 do not try to align yourself or conform with people's ideas of how you need to be.
  7. A1 Just say "you don't get along very well with them." Keep "fee flies" away. Fee flies either have a victim mentality or a dominatrix complex. The latter is category A and the former is category C. Category B are rare. Stay miles away from both category A and category C. Follow a neutral path. Be very neutral to yourself. Do not let other's judgement hang. You're not some object but a human that has dignity and respect not some object in an antique shop. Be out of that fee flies rat race or winning competition. It's just a cheap trip for mey flies to have some fun at your expense. Just a tacky resort you know!!
  8. Battling low self esteem issues 1. This has been the biggest demotivator 2. It eats into your psychological health. 3. It's inevitable and omnipresent and sort of inescapable and permeable 4. It needs resolution before it begins to impact other areas of life. 5. Focus on self growth but keep the focus off oneself as it causes constant conflict 6. Stop comparing with others. Biggest demotivator 7. Look at self as a " self awareness project" or some 8. Understand that you will never change the way you are 9. Internal growth is more important than external and probably the only thing that actually changes... Only internal changes last forever 10. External things or factors are transient and will degrade with time anyway. Not something within your control. 11. Give value to love 12. Everything is a function of time 13.
  9. February 24 Saturday * calm down * sad symphony of my life. Sometimes sad songs help through a messy life... * had my breakfast. Some strawberry flakes. Yummy. But felt a little heavier * what's the first thing to do. * the very first thing is - clear out the mind. *be quick at typing okay... This just takes longer. *need to get over "low self esteem issues" need to see myself as a work of art or an artist or something. Seeing myself as an individual brings a lot of trouble. * * * * * * * * * *
  10. Give up mental constructs and labels and all things that are illusions of the mind
  11. @RawJudah is that some kind of a sick joke dude??
  12. I can liken this to a grass field where each person is like a blade of grass. Each blade represents consciousness but it's no different than the other or the entire field because it's all made of grass.
  13. February 24 Saturday 9:16 am *woke up feeling like shit *need to focus on my schedule *I want to feel better *one of the goals to work on is "high energy" and "sleeping early" * wake up and not feel disoriented * keep a live journal * *
  14. @Limo Aww. Thank you. I'll tell you later. Thanks for stopping by. Helps
  15. Lol this is funny. I need to be in workout mode. I need to wake up really quick and get this thing going. I'm so tired * I'm so tired. Lemme sleep for an hour and then see what I can do about it. * Almond milk lol * * * * * * * *
  16. When you don't do anything, nothing will happen and then that becomes a habit. Omg he is totally obsessed. Can't imagine he almost lives like literally. Just bizarre and so abnormal. Terrifying.
  17. Honestly wouldn't matter what he wears. He would be good as he is
  18. Ten hours difference
  19. Click on Sort and Custom. Now need to go I will gradually pick up speed as I hit the road. I wish there was a mute option
  20. The last Thing I want is deception and Pretention
  21. That was very informative.