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  1. stupid ego matters in society like feminism, race, politics, ego, power, hate and such.... That's what it is. You will try to expand your understanding of the world through all the chaotic events and matters that draw your attention. The problem is that your real focus in life gets diverted by these issues of the world. The world is a dysfunctional place full of social conflict and even a million saints won't be able to solve its complex problems. Much of those arise from greed, power, ego, money and things that have no place in genuine love and consciousness and spirituality. You would get very confused if you tried to mix spirituality with your understanding of the world. Because the world you see is the last place that operates on principles of spirituality. Much of the bad you see is just an authentic reflection of human nature that many are too baffled to accept and mostly the good you see is just plain fake. There's really not much which is authentic good because when something is genuinely good or beautiful then there is no place for narcissistic or opportunistic behavior there.. Much that you witness may not be a part of politics but it's still politics in some form. It's all a big drama because politics is like drama somewhat and so lot of issues may appear social but they are political in context nevertheless. They are born out of power battles and someone wins and someone loses and everyone is striving for the piece of the pie. Everyone wants the good life but not everyone gets it and that creates the need to compete to survive. But your real motivation should be to focus on your spirituality and not get distracted by a world that revolves on a different wavelength. Don't try to fit in and be yourself. You just have to get by. Rest is yourself and personal development, spirituality and consciousness Dabbling into world issues does help expand your intellectual grip of everything but can be extremely addictive and a drain of time. So you could even keep it to a minimum just enough to keep yourself updated on what's happening around you so you are not left unaware of important events. However long term it's generally toxic and negative and addictive like a addictive game. Nothing much to profit from it but I do agree that it helps expand your logical interpretation and understanding of how the world works. Don't allow it to take centerstage though. Much of dissonance and addictive frustrating and obsession arising in the mind comes from the need to change the world to your notion of goodness which usually doesn't happen. Most messiahs out there are assuming they trying to achieve that. Some achieve but some don't. But people have an innate desire to see the world how they want it to be and they desperately try to change it to their desires. But it doesn't work often, I mean social upheavals happen like centuries ago there is documented account of major events of revolution in history. But it's not always necessary for things to change the way they did in the past. You just have to play the devils advocate and wait to see what the final outcome is. It's literally like watching a drama play out. The final outcome is not necessarily going to be the desired one. So you have to be ready to brace it and get along with the changing times instead of thinking too much about how it will change. Because all that you could do is just be ready to face reality instead of trying to fight or be frustrated or whiny about it. In the end you just have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and move on and decide how you gonna survive in the world you see. That's the final motivation. But at the moment when nothing much is possible all of it is merely distraction
  2. Fakery , cheapness and lack of depth, self - savvy. (Catwalk speeches and window dressing and fake humanitarianism), fame and power hungry and narcissism and intimidating personality. Too savvy and self centered and crowd pleaser. Lacking true courage and bravery or manhood. Autistic in approach and lack of true intelligence. Just superficially Graceful and polite. Cheap talk and no substance, air show or showiness.
  3. A 69 I need to get out of this gunk.
  4. An amalgamation of these three perspectives will achieve the perfect outcome. First is based on progress and avoidance of toxicity, although it can lead to blissful unawareness or ignorance of grave dangers. Passive positivity or blind optimism. Second is based on acceptance and reduction of conflict. Third is based on will power and manhood,bravery and non-affectation.
  5. Based on the above, three major perspectives : 1 Progress Oriented or growth oriented and blocking negative 2 Nihilism and Acceptance of Nature of reality 3 Embracing the adventurous nature and the uncertainty of situations and the nature of dysfunction and chaos and warrior nature to combat and overcome obstacles and challenges without being dejected by them or rather being excited or amused by them.
  6. 1 active progressives need a dose of both nihilism and positivity to both ground them and balance them. 2 passive dependents need nihilism to calm down the perfection related OCD and frustration due to conflict. Embracing and acceptance and compromise will liberate them from both confusion and OCD and help them to focus more on the positive. 3 Combative Progressives will need more grounding and acceptance of life as an adventure and also the nature of reality not always being solvable or changeable. That certain challenges cannot be solved and therefore not advisable to waste too much time or energy solving it. More practical oriented thinking towards life.
  7. On the basis of energy you can have three kinds of people 1 one is with high active energy and those that just block passive energy. They just focus on progress. They can be called, "active progressives" "protective progressives." 2 one with huge amounts of passive energy and allowing that to impact even the active energy and generally feeling victimized and unjustified or miserable and having a lot of psychological conflict and frustration and dissonance and easily giving into self pity.. They can be called "passive dependents" and they are generally self destructive, negative, easy to trigger, highly sensitive, and they self-sabotage a lot. 3 have huge capacity for active energy and taking life as a challenge or adventure or a puzzle that needs to be solved and using this passive energy and converting it into active energy and using it to their advantage. These are people who use negativity as a means of motivation. They do not get dejected by negativity but rather feel challenged and they are problem solvers and adventurers. They can be called "super achievers" "combative progressives"
  8. All bonds are transient. Be a free spirit. Human nature is inherently selfish. Don't have a lust just for life. Have a lust for a good life. Concept of passive and active energy. Passive energy is the energy that focuses more on negative things and causes negativity to build up in time and take you down and demotivate the person. Active energy is motivating and encouraging and it's positive and helps to get up and start working on your plans. The person can have levels of both passive and active energy. When the active energy is higher or stronger, such a person would be more active, positive, motivated proactive, happy and doing well and showing progress. When the passive energy is higher than the active energy, then the person is less likely to be motivated to work, he is listless and demotivated, having feelings of self pity, feeling miserable and viewing life as undesirable and miserable and unfair and feeling depressed. Not feeling that he can overcome it or even have the motivation to overcome it, thus the negative feelings bring him down and even prey on any amount of residual active energy left in him thus making it almost impossible for him to feel like he can get over or conquer the bad circumstances.
  9. Life is an adventure. Do not question it.
  10. Life is for the brave and the strong. The body dies the spirit lives Keep strong, remember your dreams.
  11. You are not responsible for your own circumstances.
  12. A 60 I wish so desperately to have some time off from all of the stress.
  13. So today was just another shitty day and I slept all day long. This is not good for me.. I need space. I need to focus on my health and do something about it. It's all getting too stressful.
  14. I just want to be left alone and live alone. I'm tired of family drama. This is my prayer.
  15. Tonight I will pray to God and ask for freedom. I'm tired of dealing with greedy people who don't want to help me. I will be homeless even when I don't deserve it. But I hope I will have my own home before something bad happens. I am not a bad person just a pawn of bad circumstances. But I will be fine I hope. But I'm tired of trusting and dealing with human nature. No more is no more. I want to be alone and on my own finally. I want to be forgotten. I don't want this mental pain anymore. I dont deserve it. God please help me
  16. I actually feel better with my decision because I will have a sense of peace. And also that sadness and self pity doesn't bother me anymore. I no longer feel sorry for myself. Fuck this life. If it's not working then it's not working, like who cares. So what if it didn't work out proper. It was never meant to be. Why should I feel sorry. I hadn't had it easy either. So what was my fault? I always did my best. And I did better but I got the worst. Maybe looking at happier people makes me jealous. But the healthier way to deal with it is to just block those emotions that cause self pity. It's completely fine if things aren't working out. Life has never promised it would be easy. Just Play the Cards That You’ve Been Dealt.... Everyone has to do the same. Today I had to fight for my dignity and that with my family. I'm tired. I want freedom so desperately. I am not unhappy or wrong or miserable and I don't need to be. Just let it go. Find my own place of peace and power and say fuck you to those who bring me down around me. I don't want to care about how shit goes. I am not keeping a scorecard. This is life, not a race. No winners or losers. I will live how it comes and do my best. Hinduism helps a lot with this, with the whole karma principle. My focus now is purely myself. It's so bizarre that you begin to realize the real truth of life only when you are either too much of an extrovert or too much of an introvert
  17. I have health problems so it won't be easy to deal with all this. I have to try hard not to mess up. I have finally decided to cut ties with my family but this is will take time. I will feel alone obviously so this is not an easy decision to make. But it had to happen someday. It will take a few months from now to completely cut of all relationships but I'm glad it will happen soon. I hope. I'm happy with my decision and I feel like I am liberated from the bullshit called family. Am unsupportive family is not a family anymore. If they don't care about me I'm better off without them.
  18. Wish life was simple but it isn't. It's strange everything has to be so tough yet we have find happiness in the simplest things
  19. I have lost interest in life. It is only good as long as it is good like show business. I just want to be cold dead somewhere.... under some snow.... There is just no meaning to existence... Fed up trying to find a meaning. It's a shit show.... I just want to be cold and strong and never look back and never allow anyone to pry into me. My thoughts are mine. My life is mine. My problems and happy moments are mine. I don't want them to know if I am dead or alive. Doesn't matter. It anyways won't matter to them it seems. This whole experience has pushed me further into my shell and made me more of an introvert. It's like I don't care anymore. Let them go to hell. They don't care what happens to me. Who gives a shit what happens to them. I will just be myself and try to protect myself because they are predators and vultures everywhere. I always had a strong survival instinct. But I don't have a strong fighting instinct because I had never felt that people are bad in this world and I always depended on people for love because my own family couldn't give it. So I always assumed people are nice. But that's not true. There is a lot of greed and evil in this world. And I'm tired of that. I just don't want to share my pain with my family anymore. My dependency caused me to believe all the superficiality. But that's not how the world is. I never developed a defensive mechanism because of very low self esteem and self destructive behavior. But other people are very different than me. I observed that they fight back. They consider themselves important and they want to have their own life and they don't allow other to dominate and attack them. Maybe I need to Learn how to plan my life to make it constructive for myself and live on my own and not allow others to take advantage of me. Develop the fighter within me and not just be a survivor. Be a fighter along with being a survivor. To have love in life is to have everything. Because only when you have everything you can truly have and protect love. That's when everything suddenly has a purpose in life. You need everything to create a home and run it. To have love and cherish it.
  20. Thee is no party or celebration. All is dead. My emotions are heavy. I have lost hope.
  21. I want to sever all ties with my family. It has been too much to deal with and I never felt loved anyways. Just greed, ambition, selfishness and callousness. Nobody even bothered to ask. I will focus on living alone and try not to be attached. Anyway family is a joke. It has to be. It's just an illusion like all other illusions. I am fed up and tired and one of the reasons that confirms to me the fact that I should not have kids because I don't trust family bonds any more. They are all selfish. Nobody wants to help. I am fed up with all the family drama and all the hate. If two people can't stay together they are better apart. There is no love. I just want to be myself. I slowly began to lose trust humanity and in everything else. Humanity is a lost cause. There is no point in being positive about it. Also the hope is slim. There is no party or celebration. Women being bitches as usual. Lost trust in them.
  22. Embrace yourself the way you are.
  23. A 49 Marriage is a sign of manhood.