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  1. Vultures everywhere
  2. I hate humanity. There so much wicked in the world that's its unbelievable.
  3. There's so much greed and inhumanity and evil in this world. It's astounding sickening and saddening. Sometimes I feel like there's no point in being here. You just have to fight and only fight for your life everyday till the point you're dead.
  4. Life has so much beauty in it.
  5. ------Creative concepts - - - A103 Intention and action are correlated. Action follows when intention persists.
  6. --- - - Deeper truths - - A102 If someone wanted to fck with you they can, there is nothing you can do about it... What you need to do is the spread the message of love instead of hate. Because hate and evil is easy and that should not be the intention. Intention should be love faith and loyalty.
  7. How to resolve both Problems originating due to resources can be easily solved by planting or supplying the right resources Problems originating in intention or character need moral education and cultivation of the right psyche. Again it boils down to the same thing. It's once again a problem of resources as the right psyche is missing. So eventually almost everything can be directly and indirectly be attributed to the lack of resources
  8. ---Creative Concepts - - - A100 There are two origins of problems One is resource based and the other is intention or character based. Certain problems or consequences could be because of the absence of the necessary resources or the presence of unhealthy resources or conditions. When all resources are available and conditions are normal then the problems are created by the deviant nature of the mind and lack of soul or character thus the moral or good intention is lacking so its problems caused by bad intentions or lack of good intention.
  9. - - - - deeper truths - - - - A99 Because the system is based in entropy. And nothing really works and entropy takes place ------------------- Note to myself - don't get too emotional
  10. It's easy to be nice when everything is nice. You have to be in someone's shoes to really understand them.
  11. Cultivate a good psyche
  12. - - - - - - - - - Creative Concepts--- A96 Nascent psyche is unenhanced and it will rely more on natural instincts but also animal instincts and will lack moral regulation,will depend naturally on conscience but will not grasp complicated ethical situations, will have less tendency to plan and strategize ,be naturally wise or intuitively wise yet lack reflective depth or wisdom ,will have inadequate information . Will rely on available information,have a tendency to copy and be more animalistic and primitive and work in tribal style of thinking, show less cooperation and compassion and not use critical thinking. Therefore incapable of making rational decisions . Can be easily corrupted to become sociopathic.
  13. ------ quotes page------- It's very controversial. I personally have a Darwinian approach but it's not necessarily perfect. In the end I believe in the power of goodness. Even the Darwinian approach is born out of empathy and a lot of people consider it to be wicked but it can be opposite of it The problem is very complex. We are animals and humans in some ways We are not completely human. There are basic animal instincts in us that we need to be thankful for. Otherwise a homeless man wouldn't try to battle the cold on a lonely cold dark night It's your survival instinct that works and helps you overcome difficult circumstances and it's a direct result of evolution and animal instinct No. We as humans started out as both and continued being both It's not possible to suddenly branch into being human. If it were we would have witnessed that happening with other animals too. So I assume we were implanted with both instincts from the beginning. The human part in us is our consciousness that probably doesn't exist to that extent in other animals Creatures evolve but even devolve and that has been the case with humans. We have evolved in our consciousness but we have devolved as animals The human is different from an animal I guess that a human has a different spirit than an animal. I do believe animals have spirits too It's just that animals have a more of a nascent spirit so more pure, virginal or naive. Humans have a spirit and a high functioning brain combined with a mind that hugely interferes with the nature of the human spirit. The psyche causes a ton of trouble Never let anyone make you feel like you are less. Because you are not. You have overcome so much. You should be proud of your struggles and how much you have overcome in life Nascent psyche and conditioned psyche. Both influence the spirit. Nascent psyche is healthy and uncorrupted. Conditioned psyche is both sociopathic or beneficial depending on the condition.
  14. A 94 ~~~~~~~ Finding healing~~~~~~ It's important to just move on and focus on the positive there is. There's no point in regretting in life. There are just many things that don't work. Yesterday I was thinking about resources and how that has a big impact on what we become. I was raised in a poor family with very little resources and I still struggled through it all. There just wasn't enough resources to do anything or get anything done. I couldn't have what I wanted which was nothing but a little peace of mind. Having some money would have made a huge difference. I'm no longer a dreamer and I left being that yesterday. I want to think more practically from now onwards. I realize now that my thinking was wrong. Practical stuff does make a huge difference life is not idealistic and dreamy. There are practical things like money and the biggest reason why we suffer is because of lack of resources. We don't have what we want and what we need and that's why we become who we are and not necessarily because we wanted to be that. We never expected or wanted the circumstances we have. We would have liked it to be better. But that's how it was meant to be. The irony is that those who have it just don't realize how valuable it is and waste it. Those who don't keep whining about it. But anyway having is always better than not having. Having enough money and good health and proper guidance and education would have made a huge impact on my life so far. I would have a better quality of life and would have been more happier and peaceful. It's a farce that stuff is fed to us to believe that money doesn't bring peace. It doesn't per se but it does solve problems in the real world. Having money is having access to good food thus good health. So yes it does make a difference. But that's just one of the many things we need in life to grow. We need health and care and emotional support and well being and a proper job or steady career and healthy work that would make our life more enjoyable or happy. So yea resources would have definitely fixed a lot of the issues I have and lack of resources along with having the wrong kind of resources or "bad resources" does impact life considerably. However finding healing is knowing that one has to make peace with life itself . Hoping for better things to come but not losing hope while you live. Finding healing is knowing that struggles and obstacles were also meant to be although undesirable because their complexity is what makes life what it is - a difficult piece of art. A story so unique that our best imagination could not have produced such fascinating tale of struggle, endurance, pain, misery, hope, recovery, happiness and victory. In essence every life story is a victory in itself no matter how miserable because the human body endured that level of misery and enjoyed the possibility of hope even in the bleakest moments. It's a victory because the person somehow survived through it all and managed to live although not a great life but still its life. It's a victory because they fought and they were innocent victims of their own circumstances and they showed Valor and still endured all the pain life brought them and tried to do what they could and even if they didn't try their best or strayed from a moral life they still cannot be blamed for their actions since they were just lacking higher intelligence so misery doesn't really make a person unattractive its just how we perceive it. Winning doesn't lie only in having or possessing the desired but also in showing sportsmanship and courage in bad circumstances and keeping through it when it's tough. Your healing lies in embracing your struggle. Your healing lies in knowing that you are not a loser for not having things but a winner for not giving up despite all the misfortune life brings you, for dreaming and hoping for the better even when it's so bleak and tiring, for creating happiness when the conditions are so discouraging, for creating beauty where there's ugliness, for striving hard when success is so tough, for trying even when you lacked capability, that may not make you a winner in the eyes of the world but you are a champion in your eyes because you fought. You kept going somehow anyhow.. that makes you a real winner. And thumbs up for making good even when there was bad. Eventually we all are winners because we weathered life good or bad. We dealt with conditions we were given and made the best out of those. This is how healing occurs in the mind, by realizing that in every moment when you are breathing you are still a winner.. Life in the long shot maybe unfair and brutal but the true essence in trying to survive through it and making peace with it or finding healing lies in creating beauty, happiness and peace in the present moment and knowing that you are always a winner even when you are struggling through the hard realities that everyday brings and even if the final outcome wasn't what you desired remember that you still have the power and the freedom to control this one little moment you have and create peace in it and enjoy the beauty you created in it even if the bigger picture is bad.
  15. When you know you suck at life and you are still rolling.
  16. ~~~~~~~~~Punching bag~~~~~~~~ Lol
  17. I hope tomorrow is a better day
  18. A 90 Constant normal growth only ensures progress. The concept of "constant normal growth"
  19. Forms of abuse 1 Gaslighting 2 passive aggressive 3 Codependency 4 domestic violence 5 Emotional Blackmail 6 suicide threats 7 Manipulation 8 curses and ill wishing 9 Guilting 10 Warnings 11 Stalking 12 Using past mistakes of the other as a way to cover up present misconduct or as a defense 13 Lying and Hiding 14 Pathological lying and compulsive lying 15 Use of physical force for restraint 16 Display of physical threat and intimidation 17 Abusive words 18 Discouragement 19 Obsessive Interference 20 Demonization 21 Systematic psychological degradation 22 Character Assassination and Witch Hunt 23 Targeting and Bullying 24 Slander 25 Cyber bullying 26 27 28 29 30
  20. --- - - - - - - - - - Index page---- - - - - 1 Deeper truths and Psychology 101 Index page Quotes page Deeper Truths Stressful Days Psychology 101 Important Journal Entries Articles and Health pages. Progress chart Creative Ideas for Productivity New Concepts
  21. 1 goal completed. Yay.
  22. To-Goal format Time 1 2 3 4 5
  23. Borderline Personality Disorder. I will have to do more research on this one for comparison purposes.
  24. How to reduce passive energy 1 focus less on the negative and the sad 2 remember life is unfair and there's no argument against failure. 3 most people fail because of lack of resources and not because of lack of intention... 4 create love in your heart every time you feel sad 5 focus less on problems and more on solutions 6.. do not be obsessed about life or the FINAL OUTCOME 7.. Embrace your struggle 8.. WORK HARD 9.. keep your goals and problems in mind. 10.. Everyone has a story not just you so don't feel alone 11 listen to sad music sometimes to let go the feelings 12 reduce stress 13 replenish every negative event with something equally uplifting and positive and more powerful to beat the negative that happened. You come out stronger and not weaker from the situation. 14. You are a survivor and also a fighter, a warrior and a struggler/worker. We are all workers, fighters,battlers warriors and survivors in this game of life.