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  1. V is another character I had in mind.
  2. Night person these days for some reason.
  3. If you are going to lock again make sure that @Loba and @Bentondon't start again. They are ones who start things. They are the ones who love dragging things endlessly.
  4. @Michael569 also if user @Bentondoesn't wish to privately resolve this amicably privately (since I don't want a public fight or fuss) tell him that it's not okay for him to keep dragging this as he has been doing for the whole last week. I'm fed up of his complaining. I have told him multiple times on this thread that him and I can resolve this privately but he doesn't agree then he should stop blaming me..
  5. @Michael569 also please tell user @Benton that I have no intention to stalk him and please tell him to not bring me up anymore. I am tired of his complaint that I'm stalking him when I'm not.
  6. @Benton please leave me alone. You're projecting your delusions on me. I have left you alone long ago.
  7. Then why the heck are you talking about me. First of all, the first line is a total lie. I have left you completely alone since your last complaint. You're dragging this because you want to drag this. The last time I told you that I have nothing to do with you. You were the one who came in my journal and called me a fucking parasite and I still took it calmly.
  8. No I never talked to you. That's a lie. Tell me where have we talked about this? I have never talked about closure before. Do not invent things to suit your purpose. I have been begging to you for the last few hour to allow me to talk to you about this but you don't even have the courtesy to handle this request. Shows how much you actually care about closure.
  9. I don't think it's fair for @Benton to keep attacking me directly and indirectly when I have asked for an amicable closure. I'm done. This is my last.
  10. This isn't going anywhere and I'm beyond fed up. Tell that @Benton guy to either talk about it privately and resolve it and be done with it or never talk about me. I have tried every avenue to make this person understand and I'm exhausted. Looks like they are the one not interested in arriving at a closure. So I give up.
  11. Maybe if we communicate with each other, we can get over this in a more amicable way. I know that you don't trust me. But let me just talk about all this in detail and see where we can get at. Maybe things will change once you understand my way of looking at things. I cannot do this publicly because I really want some open communication on this that I cannot do in public, you have to understand I'm an introvert.
  12. I guarantee you I'm looking for closure. Please allow me.
  13. I want to have a thorough discussion with you and I don't feel comfortable discussing stuff publicly. Please.
  14. Please just once. I want to have a complete closure on this. Please let me
  15. Please I request you. Can I talk to you please?
  16. @Benton can I talk to you please?
  17. I'm done with this. Don't drag me into this anymore. Resolve it among yourselves. Enough pity party. Get over your selves.
  18. @Carl-Richard @Michael569 I guess this thread should be locked again. Because people who supposedly aren't into drama have returned back to complain about me. Don't blame me for it. Anything I wrote is just defense.
  19. @Zeroguy by that definition, you read my journal all the time. Then according to you and @Loba you must be stalking me too.
  20. @Michael569 I don't think reading someone's journal is stalking.
  21. P I love you.. I am so in love with you.
  22. Well he did talk to me. Guess someone is falling in love and not suicidal anymore. Maybe ask for confirmation if you please. Wink. He loves me and he is not a simp, plus plus. He didn't need to simp.
  23. P you're my only protector and husband.. I love you. I feel good when you are around. I feel protected. I could cry right now. I will be