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  1. I'm interested in the lasting changes to perception from non-dual practices and entheogens. I hear a lot that after these psychedelic trips, you go back to baseline. In my experience, this is not the case, especially with 5-meo-dmt and high doses of other entheogens. For example, I've noticed that the felt boundary between self and world is mostly gone. Another thing I should add is that I've maintained a consistent meditation practice: I spend almost all of my waking moments meditating (e.g. while doing daily activities) and in a samadhi-like state where I feel the flow of energy both within and outside of my physical body (mostly noticeably flowing outside the crown chakra). These changes for me have been gradual (over the past couple of years). I'd often doubt these changes thinking the mind is just fabricating them, but we should probably trust our body more than the mind, right? I'd like to hear others' experiences.
  2. @Serotoninluv I've only used 5-meo-dmt a few times and I also have not yet had the "omfg!! I am god and created the universe!!" experience. So far, I think my 4-aco-dmt trips (in the 75-100mg range) have been more profound. From those trips it did feel as though I was everything and God, but these insights were oftentimes interpreted from closed-eye visual and mental phenomenon which showed me that this was the case (and perhaps other factors such as energetic expansion).
  3. Did 27mg of 5-meo-dmt rectally today. It started coming up within a minute and it was extremely fast: all I remember was that I became paralyzed and the last parts of me struggled to surrender during the come-up and then I was obliterated. Then I looked at the clock and realized I must have blipped out for 15-20mins. At that point, there was also the immediate recognition that my so-called physical reality had shattered as it was all seen as fabrications of the mind. Extremely shocking, but not so radical as I've had such awakenings on high doses of 4-aco-dmt. Have any of you experienced such a "white-out" where there's no recollection of the peak? Also, is there a connection between this and cessation, which is the culminating event leading to stream-entry in theravada buddhism?
  4. If any of you are experienced with both of these psychedelics, could you comment on how a very high dose of 4-aco-dmt compares to a 5-meo-dmt breakthrough? I've tried 4-aco-dmt over a dozen times, up to a 100mg oral dose. I've also tried 5-meo-dmt a few times (up to 20mg insufflated) but didn't breakthrough and thus pretty weak compared to some of the high-dose 4-aco-dmt trips in terms of intensity. Perhaps I did it wrong?