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  1. I had a full body massage yesterday with the intention of healing some energy blockages. It was wonderful, but halfway through I felt the blood starting to rush into my lil king down there, as she was touching some very sensitive areas. What I was unaware of was that a full body massage also includes the front. She asked me to lay on my back and I naturally got very aware of my wood down there, and that there was absolutely no way that she wouldn't notice. Throughout the rest of the session I could not think about anything else than getting rid of my wood, I tried all of the methods I've been using during self Inquiry "Who is the one having a boner," and " "surrender into the experience" etc. And all of this was of course resistance. It didn't go away throughout the rest of the session. Might not be an enlightenment joke, but it surely was an embarrassing/funny twist that initially was supposed to be something "spiritual."
  2. Seeing ego's from the perspective of God is a very amusing thing. It surely is paradise when you find out that it is all you.
  3. I'm looking for books that can help me orient myself a little in this disorienting place that I am at this current moment. I've read adyashanti's "the end of your world," and I'm interested in similar books. Thanks.
  4. No I have not. But I've heard of it and I am considering buying it. Have you read it? I can see that there is different interpretations of the book. Could you recommend one?
  5. Hahah that interesting imagery. I don't particularly have an answer for this. Many spiritual teachers would say that we never encounter anything called matter, only the experience of it. Rupert Spira talks about this subject.
  6. This is actually a question that has bothered me a lot too. The ego is commonly described as resistance to what is. For objects to appear there has to be a subject. A knower and a known. The infinite has to divide itself to know an outside world that is separate from itself. In the absolute view there is no subject nor object, and that in my understanding means that there is no ego or world. My ego has had a hard time with this, as this would literally mean death to it. Questions like "how do I keep functioning in this world if I'm not there or aware of it anymore?" Appear alot. This is just the ego trying to grasp something that is way beyond it though. If there is total unity, there is no world, which would suggest that the world indeed is only a dream of the mind.
  7. Every theory about what happens after death, are just that, theories. What happens after death is only a concern for the ego. Because of the impermanence of all experience this is the biggest question. If you identify with the impermanence, you'll grasp after concepts that will put an end to this question. From the enlightened point of view there is no such thing as death, it's just another concept of the mind. That is my take on it at least. It isn't a very satisfying answer though, I would imagine.
  8. The word enlightenment is not real. That which the word points to is the only real thing that exists, and of course it is not a thing. You start of seeking enlightenment because of the idea that it is the thing that will finally fulfill you. When it shows up in a glimpse it will show you that it has nothing to do with you, the one that you think that you are. The one that you think that you are will slowly dissolve, and reality will slowly become more and more evident.
  9. The ego will go crazy trying to grasp reality after awakening. I've have had 2 authentic but seemingly fleeting awakenings, and my ego has a real hard time with the gained understanding. In Adyashanti's book "the end of your world" he talks about this phenomena. It's normal for the ego to feel very disoriented after awakening.
  10. So whenever I awaken to the divine nature of my being, I tend to puke a lot. It seems to be a side effect of the infinite amount of energy you realize that you are. It seems like the body needs a lot of work to adjust to the divine energy. What is your experience?
  11. Do you sometimes get drawn into the dream of your life again, and realise that there is literally nothing you can do to experience life in that way anymore? I'm occasionally getting these depressed and hopeless episodes, where my mind takes over my realisation and sheds light on all of the things that realisation has shattered. I've lost almost all of my friends, which I think is because we have totally different views on life now. I'm pretty isolated when I get home from work, there's really not much that interest me anymore. My ego has no hope or direction at all anymore, I still seek simple quick pleasures just like before, but now they don't seem to satisfy me. This is just the mindset I can get pulled into, but 1 hours later or 1 sec later I can have a realisation (come into presence) and then there is no problem at all. It's just like, is this what life is supposed to be? Just doing the same stuff day in and day out, even for what you call a dream or illusion? New topic: Another thing is that I'm pretty sure that there are people in power that are contaminating the human consciousness and overall energy system. This seems unimportant to many of you as you just dismiss it as "it's happening in the dream, there is no problem." I agree. BUT, I infinite consciousness am still experiencing different human bodies and perspectives, and some of them (maybe not human) are controlling/manipulating the rest of the human consciousness to be on a level of misery and hopelessness. In my opinion a part of awakening should be awakening on the relative level also, so there is awareness of what is happening in the collective human consciousness and on the physical plane. if you rest in awareness and observe the human interactions and behaviours you can easily notice the insanity. If you research 5G, chemtrails, and so much more there is definetely something sketchy going on, that most people don't even have the awareness to see, they are blinded by their conditioning. I have had sinus problems for over 2 years now, and It has a pretty bad effect on pretty much every single part of my life and also my spiritual growth. 31 million adults are diagnosed with chronic sinusitis in the U.S alone. I'm not saying there is a conspiracy behind this, but there sure could be. Just realise how beautiful this is for the pharma companies and the overall control of the consciousness of millions. This is one example out of thousands. This is two totally different topics in one post, but the second topic isn't usually accepted on this forum, altough I don't know why. So I'm putting it on this post instead, if someone is interested in talking about this.
  12. These are not leo's words or leo's teachings, the teaching does not belong to anyone and everyone is able to access what Conrad is talking about. I myself have had similar awakenings on weed. What work is there to be done? you're already it, you can discover this right now.
  13. I've been watching some of the more "modern" (i don't know what to call them) spiritual channels on youtube lately. Their messages are reassuring and gives a kind of feel good hopeful feeling. But I'm unsure if what they preach is really something they know and if it is true, or if it's just coming from another belief system. Some of the things they say is not what is normally expressed in non duality. For an example in this video: He talks about the ego and the avatar, the illusory 3D world most human being are living in. This is kinda close to the non dual way of seeing, but then he says that "we" are eternal spiritual "beings" who forgot who we are. This is an occuring pattern of expression in many of these kind of videos, not only his. I'm wondering if there could be some truth to this or if it's just another beautiful story. Could we be eternal spiritual "beingS" and still be coming from the same source? Like god divided into innumerable eternal individual beings? There is also a lot of talk about aliens being in our mist for the last many hundred years, looking over us and planning to take over our world. The theory (fact in some eyes) is that we are heavely mentally manipulated to be in a state of confusion and chaos, so these E.T's can take over our world without us even noticing. There is obviously something sketchy going on. Chemtrails, addiction to technology and social media, shitty food, corrupt politics and news and the list goes on. A lot of things that gets the collective consciousness in a low vibration. There are people preaching and reaching out to wake up humanity from this sleep and we can notice the intervention taking place. People like Marshall Summers and David icke. I believe there is truth to some this. But again these people are talking about an individual responsibility and purpose, and are not really talking about the same kind of freedom that typical non dualists are talking about. Some of the things Marshall Summers has written in his books are really new, and kiiiind of contradictory to the non dual approach. for an example: he talks about a big community of races competing in our local universe, and freedom is rare as if it's something you have to fight others to get. A lot of seperation talk basically. Share your thoughts on this, I am interested.
  14. Is that your day to day experience? This is it you might say, this experience right here right now is it. That is true. The dream is very real while your in it, and it has infinitely more to it than what is seen. What if your purpose in this body , as a human form isn't just to gain total liberation and ascend all problems in the world? It likely is the highest purpose, but that still doesn't mean that you ignore problems because you are above them. The normal human consciousness is (likely) manipulated by beings outside of our current state of being, by more evolved species that are also driven by their ego, but are much more advanced. If you do some research there are pretty strong proof of this. This is not seen as a problem from the highest place of being, but relatively if this was the case it would have very negative consequences for the collective consciousness of the human race. I think we are too quick to make conclusions about reality based on a couple of experiences.
  15. This would indicate that the large amount of people on this forum and seekers in general as lost as the ones who are "not" seeking. A bunch of ego's chasing happiness, just like everyone else. Distracting themselves of the reality right in front of them, grasping onto new, more spiritual beliefs. I've been there myself and I got absolutely nowhere. Disconnecting myself even more than I was before from people. It was only when I distanced myself a bit from this new believe system that I felt somewhat connected again, and had a another big epiphany/awakening. We are all watching this charade from our own little ego bubble, unaware of how disconnected we are . I was at work outside and the trance lifted it's veil. I looked up and saw a chemtrail, and I had this feeling/sixth sense that the normal human consciousness is being manipulated by very advanced means to be in a state of disconnectedness and uncertainty.
  16. You are still experiencing a human, even if you wake up from the dream. As many non dual teachers say "it's a never ending process, even after you wake up." This means, we can all be coming from the same source, but the relative state is real as long as you experience it and therefore it shouldn't be looked at as something unimportant. Many people are seeking enlightenment, (the ego is seeking it) and it's often coming from a very selfish place.How can you know that this seeking in itself isn't a form of mental manipulation to make you so focused on the path that you ignore everything that is going on in the world?
  17. yeah but does that mean we should just ignore it? Isn't that a kind of spiritual bypass. If there are E.T's lurking in our mists planning to take over the world , shouldn't it be looked at more seriously than just doing the conventional non dual reply "It's all in the dream"? People often assume they know, but do they really?
  18. His website: I would recommend you to check this out, and make up your own mind about it.
  19. I have this problem that I really can't find an answer to in myself. When I was younger I had problems with my appearance. I have 2 underdeveloped jaws. It's not that bad, I don't look abnormal or anything. I went to doctors and got accepted for a double jaw surgery. The last time I was at the doctors was about a year ago, and I will soon go to them again, and soon after that I will get braces on. The point of no return. I have some old trauma and negative thinking patterns around my jaw, and that is the part of me who really wants this surgery. The other part of me is very unsure if this is the right choice for me and if this really is supposed to happen. The reason I am unsure is because of my intentions at the time. I was very depressed and thought my looks was the reason for all of my pain. (I don't even look that bad, I would say.) I have shifted in consciousness since then, and I don't live in that hell state anymore, now I just have the aftertaste hanging around me from that period. I would apprieciate it so much if some of you guys could give me your perspective on this. Is it "wrong" to get a seemingly superficial/materialistic surgery if your think that It'll make it easier for you to love yourself and others?
  20. I saw a video on how to change your programming, and a video came up with Dr Bruce Lipton talking about putting earphones in at night to train your subconscious mind. This sounds interesting, but would it be advisable on a spiritual path to do this? It seems this would just overwrite the shadow part of your mind with something else, more positive. Sounds like the perfect method, but is there a downside?
  21. Yeah but there kind of this bias everytime I try to get an answer, cause I'm kind of pretty long into the process and I can't step away now I feel. I don't even now If I want to step away or keep going. It could also be the fear of the surgery that makes me question it.
  22. Well that's good news
  23. My question is, do you really want total liberation? It seems to indicate total oneness, total non duality. I myself enjoy experience a lot, and I don't know if I would be able to give it up. There is so much beauty in experience. Of course I can not know what the total liberation state might be like, but I've had a taste of some, and while it was liberating there where still a longing and a thirst for experience. This could be my ego though, how can I know.