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  1. Hey, Just a quick collection that business market may average contains highly Higher State of Consciousness people. Health: Yoga, Pilates Psychology, Meditate group Personal Development Coaching Writer Musician, Movie Direction Please add more business fields even you just met one guy who brings good feelings to you when you do business.
  2. Indeed, I do fear low consciousness systems.
  3. @SirVladimir Thanks for linking. I did read over and over again this topic you provide, and I realized that is future propose. I am searching exist market with Higher State of Consciousness.
  4. I have meet subconsciousness twice while meditation. he is a blue and quiet baby who is really weak. He has a sack that always with him. I told him to open it, inside that sack, and I saw all my life people from reality but the world become pure blue and quiet. and second time I saw him is so lazy and no talking, I realized I keep choosing to see negative side of others in reality, that's why this baby becomes this way, absorbing fear and enjoy to overcome inside. what about I change my sub-consciousness become more happy and crazy? just like I find a new toy, but I want DIY it. How to shift my subconsciousness from weak blue baby to a positive crazy baby?
  5. inspried a lot. I do waste money when I have unlike client. Money is only purpose coz I disappoint this world that I don't think I could find the person match my channel, i mean vibrational frequency. Yoga, or other business area that is aligning your channel, what I feel is tiny possible, just because I do not have enough experiences and it doesn't mean I disagree with you. Education, present moment, age, identity, communication, fear, relationship, trust, lots and lots reality stuff that make me to wonder your suggestion is just a hope or lucky thing, it's not even working. I really wish you could tell me I am wrong coz comfortable and relax and excited when I do business is needed that you mention all of this is what I want.
  6. My answer is respecting their ego and experiencing the beauty of what their ego enjoys. I was so confused that if I understand the people who is in monkey mind, what is next? Should I tell them wake up? or i'll be monkey with them? The answer that i found from others, (or that just my university), is "improve myself, leave them alone." But I don't think that is enough. I need business. When I do business, I feel bad when I talk with dark person. and it always bring me down. My "down" brings them down more. shit brings more shit. I can see many people who have higher conciousness state AND they can easily talk with people I don't really like. (Oh I know sometimes is my problem) But seriously, I really can see some people they have great life is not becoz they don't have ability to feel other's dark stuff, and too lucky to keep away from shit, instead, higher conciousness people always show me a nice communication with those strong ego people, and make it into their style with joy, with love and smart. How do they do that? Should I be perfect so that I can make that happen too? I can't be perfect all the time, I don't have psychodelics in my hometown, I cannot finish 400 Leo's videos plus practice. I enjoy a normal me now. I have this question all the time: "now I have god perspective to see you are in lower conciousness, why there is nothing I can do?" My answer is respecting their ego and experiencing the beauty of what their ego enjoys. happy me, happy them. Any better solutions? (Sorry for bullshiting a lot)
  7. I mean in ego mode we are separated, in spiritual mode we are one, and when we are friend, its great chance to be "one". but in ego, in fear feeling, it's easy to separate in mind.
  8. the fear will come out that separate "me" and "them" especially doing business when I meet unknown people. It's "I don't understand" rather than "I don't agree with it". its hard to do but i would like to try it.
  9. yes, it is. just a start-up company.
  10. also they will use their ego to bring you down. the ego's purpose is distracting mind from spiritual. meditation is a good stuff. "sponge and absorb everything" is just a short term to you. you may become more stronger like metal or even energy leader.
  11. that's a good suggestion to me. I normally to choose the people randomly. lol. seriously you gave me a very nice direction.
  12. Design communication. for those companies that people wish have better looking and influence of their product or serivce. We will meet all state of people, sometimes I feel just like you, only searching the target that comfortable with me. But its not working for me, 1. it's hard to find more conscious audience. 2. couscious is not stable when you find good audience. 3. good business needs to face different state of conscious people. The knowledge of different level of consciousness doesn't mean limitation of our life.
  13. nice one! The answer brings me a lot. When people mad? I know my emotion when pet get mad.
  14. 1. Is time an illusion? 2. if yes, how to understand what your understanding? 3. then what? how does that change your life? before and after. 4. Why so surprise? I do surprise when I figure out an answer to solve probelms, and I believe that understand "time is an illusion" is helping my life somehow.
  15. Some people is good at to be unconciousness to stay comfortable, so that they don't have to face their own fears. Such as: Let others to make decisions so they can blame. Shifting responsibility to others if thats not benefit themselves. I cannot say "goodbye and next", coz I do not think go for next people is the best way that everyone has different fears. and I did go next and next coz I see they are not brave to face fears then causes failure plus blame me, I feel terrible. I could stay alone, its fine. but family, workmate, friend, I want to be with them, but I don't like to protect their fears to hurt me, or dark my mind. Maybe that's my problem? or maybe I don't have skill to stop this happen? I don't really know this is cultural problem or self-love stuff or my own reality causes this to happen. but I wish you guys to help me even just put a video link is fine. (coz I don't know what key-word I could search) I do feel there is a solution to face insecurity person for win-win result. Thank you.(one more thing, is my words or format or logic nice to read?)
  16. I argue with people who is materialism that he jugded other people, and I can feel lots smart people could skip this problem. "skip" doesn't mean to ignore them or keep touch with them. I mean some thinkings, ideas or source of their brain system, must be something that trigger toward to positive direction. I want to be respect, but when people judge others, I feel like if he keeps saying this I will be like him, I was angry becoz I want to stop letting him to impact me. "Thinking mechanism", I don't think I describe this correctly. I mean why A, becoz B, why B becoz C. How you guys realize each thinking relevant to your beginning sufferings?I feel this is good becoz I could understand others instead to use my ego to fight them. emm..just like, how to say, why did I argue with those people and ended to negative, becoz I demand something? that's why I desire to know the origin of my suffering. I could feel my family why they think like this way, becoz they suffer A, so they react B today. Same as me, when I argue with materialism about judgement, there is something that must trigger my anger, that's why I react this but others don't. But I dunno what did I suffer, or don't remember. and what's next?? isn't it empty there? if we know brain is just reacted by our situation, what can we do next if we are empty? (sorry about some bullshiting when you read it, and this is my brain thinking process.)
  17. Everytime I set comprehansive tasks with my big dream, or I work with my normal job, it always comes with lots pressure feelings. During this pressure time, my mind comes up lots negative memories that tells me I am victim, I want win that fight. So I keep practicing how to fight with that past, and then I waste my time. I suffer this problem about 20 years, and I realized this is my brain system that it has been already built like this. Any idea? Which video I should watch?
  18. This is the point that I missed thx for help me
  19. I have this problem too, and I have read through all comments in this thread. Before I come out the answer, I keep asking myself how to solve, becoz this was just feelings, I don't even come out any language to describe this feeliings. Here is my history: 1. Don't touch them, then I feel lonely, lonely is fine, but ignore people is not good. 2. Forget spiral work, observe and be chicken with chicken, be wolf with wolf. be color with that color. 3. I suffer betray, and I can see they suffer with their own survival too. I feel lost. 4. Create a space when I deal with different colors, and that little space in my mind is my breath. 5. I find be authentic is demand. becoz I only have little space for myself. 6. I need more, I want to touch different colors, I want happy, and I want to be authentic also. 7. God perspective, Look down from the sky view, I feel cool. but I am not awalys keep that in mind, tired. 8. Ant perspective, think about why they act like this, it's easy to guess thier triggers becoz we good at spiral job. 9. I don't have that kind of energy to think about all people's history. So I need energy. something to push me to solve this. 10. I don't have that huge energy. But I have my spiral level here. And then back to your question, I think at the very beginning you and I were seperated them, or made a wall between self and them, and they can feel it. and I dunno they can feel it. I just thought they are stupid. Self-love, that means you care about them, is avoiding people to create problem to you. use their perspective to feel thier question but use your own spiral level to help them. they only see the result. they don't care what level you are, what method you use. Or, I can say, sometimes lower level people can solve the problem that I cannot do. Do you wish to see higher level people? I could see lots in TV or Youtube. but same as you, I never see higher stage in my life. When I watch them, there are some reasons their levels are higher than me, that is, lower stage people create a chance for those people to let you observe they are higher than you. What I think is, ok then, deal with different colors is a chance to let other people who higher than me to actuaclly see me.
  20. When people saying something about you, how to make sure that is fact or judge?
  21. I feel like this moment I am yellow, that moment I'm red, green, or orange. What I mean is life is complicated, plus the brain is complicated. then this complication interlocks with that complication will matrix bigger complications. Each situation triggers different level of fear or my positive stuff. I feel lonely, brave, love, evil, or happy, so many different emotions. how do I make sure which stage i am in? For sure, people will start from the beginning of the stage, but have you thought about, anyone in your life is just so different to others? Maybe human A always listen to the rules in his life, compare to human B is not listen to the rules, but jump to stage orange, to do his business without school? I feel like all these colors are just in each people's DNA already. people want to grow, fine, go up through the spiral path. but to those people who are locked in their culture and believe, isn't those people just jump to the stage when they born?
  22. I have long time to not enter this forum to see what people reply to me, like you. Because I am afriad that my question is very kid. everytime I come back with brave and read the answers that I feel people are respect and truely to answer my question. so I feel release. Coz I want to say Thank you. ---------- Helping others with same problems that I also have, is the best way to help myself. This is what I find from you. you have lots ideas and many aspects to answer my problem. The difference is, you have many ideas that I never think about, like, 1, 4, 6. and other opinions are what I afriad to think of.
  23. Introvert, Im not good at talk with stranger, schoomate group and party people. and there is quite ego topic that I don't feel that I want to talk about it. plus I think they are not offensive and just make friends. good or bad? I make an excuse that I don't want to talk about it becoz it's too ego, actually, that topic is for survival. so what is your way to face collective ego?