What Is Paradox?

By Leo Gura - October 4, 2021 | 1 Comments

Why does paradox exist and what does it tell us about the metaphysics of reality?

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So, what is paradox?
Is anything beyond infinity?
Try to imagine…No no no no no.
that is exactly the opposite direction.

At night, all you know is dreamt, by what?
Waking consciousness is dreamt, by what?
Truth-limited-to-Infinity is dreamt, by what?

Infinity is a box, a nasty limitation of Truth.
Consciousness is like an itch, a nuisance.
But very, very few people want to get out

of ALL incomplete, void-filling loopyness.
First feeling empty, finally feeling filled,
feeling is not Truth, but a cheap bait.

WHAT was before consciousness.
Is this tabu, a silly question?
Perhaps you remember.
It cannot be known
But it can be

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