Life Is A Dream

By Leo Gura - February 12, 2018 | 26 Comments

How to use your dreams to start awakening from life

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Harcharan Gill says:

Another amazing Video Leo. Thank You. It makes so much sense now that consciousness is all that is happening in this bigger dream similar to I am the one doing everything in every night dream.
Everything you say in every video is so true except one that I could never buy into. Totally understand that life and death are simply part of this dream and so are totally meaningless. And it is possible to awaken from this dream and is the only purpose of human beings. But when you say this dream will end with physical death, I think you are short selling the concept of awakening. If this illusion will end with death then why so much effort. I do not know how many breaths I am left with. And if this hell will end with this body anyways then what is the worry. Also how is it possible in this dream that has action reaction as one of the rules that for example if someone do mass murder, rape etc and then takes his life will have same fate compared to another person who had relatively caring life or even to a person who has fully awakened. If everyone’s illusion will end with physical death then where is the problem.
Once someone asked Gautama Buddha if there is bigger sin than murder. He answered yes and explained that if someone is intentionally mislead on the path of self-realization is way bigger sin compared to murder as murder only ends one life but this sin of misleading leads to entrapment into endless cycle of life and death.
I think if fruit of awakening or self-realization is put as freedom from this endless hell of coming back again and again will be way more motivational. And it has to be started at some point anyways as this is the only purpose of human beings. It can be postponed but cannot be avoided. So why not to start working on it now. Who knows how many lives later a similar opportunity will come. What do you say Leo. Sorry for long comments. Thanks again.

Max Gron says:

Can’t you see it’s a lie? This is not a dream!

Yann says:

Yes, but don’t forget God experiments the dream too, through us ! Would He like this to end ?
Ok, it’s dream material and not base reality material. But that’s just debating the mechanics behind, whereas what really matters is the purpose or the a-purpose of the shiny interface we’re living in.

Yann says:

Personally, my nighttime dreams have always had only one point of view (mine).
I think that’s the main difference with our daytime reality

clem says:

Life is but a dream?
I once had a dream that I was stuck in thick mud and unable to run away from some threat. It occurred to me that I was dreaming, so I woke up just enough to change the outcome. I thought this ability to change the circumstance of the dream with a “thought” was really cool. But then I was surprise that I was still dreaming. This realization awoke me a second time to find myself at home and in bed. Now I am awake, having another dream and you are in it.
Experiencing a dream, within a dream, within a dream, helped me to realize how “reality” is layered in a multi-dimensional spectrum. I also felt empowered to change my circumstances by intervening in the dream when ever I desired. Exploring deep meditative states validates the concept of consciousness being the only constant feature within an infinite ocean of dreamscape probabilities. However, right now I am dealing with the pain of a tooth ache and there is no intervention of a “thought” that will allow me to escape the fact that my awareness is very strongly attached to this illusion of a physical body ordeal. Intellectually, I can understand that this suffering is just a dream within my “waking reality.” This abstract concept loose meaning when the “waking dream reality” can be so damn painful and difficult to manipulate. What I need to know is how can I change the circumstance of this “waking” dream the same way I change my “sleeping” dreams. The option to kill myself, and wake up in a different dream does not strike me as a responsible option. I really don’t want to keep waking up in this same matrix again and again because of my fearful avoidance of pain. The evolution of consciousness is a slow process of solving problems and learning through experiences. Gaining insight into understanding how to achieve total dream reality manipulation can be a slow process. Right now my learned-conditioning informs me that I need to get some pain medication and find a dentist to intervene. My dream is to override this illusion of inherent programing by applying the biology of belief. To embody Creator means I create beauty and abundance. The elements/DNA of this waking dream are malleable; that includes us. Its time to wake-up! The path of spiritual focus presented by LEO is waking us to our inherent ability to start manipulating this shared dream. The desired out come is to create a dream which reflects what we need instead of what we are being programmed to want. Be well, clem

Mayur says:

If life is a dream then what are psychedelics ?

clem says:

Hi Mayur,
I have some ideas about dreams, waking reality, and psychedelics to share, but I am not sure about your question. Are you unfamiliar with the power of psychedelics?

Mayur says:

I have idea about psychedelics. My question is that- If life is a dream then psychedelic substance is also a part of this dream, how strange is that a substance inside a dream helps to wake us from the dream. What could be similar substance in our sleeping dream ?

clem says:

I have not confronted this as a issue, but it is an interesting concept to research. Here are some thoughts;
The substance of every dimension is different when it is measured in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. Sleeping dreams and waking dreams are different because they manifest in different densities of “substance.” This alters the laws of physics, in sleeping dreams, allowing us to change our circumstances. With thoughtful intention we can fly and travel through time and space at the speed of thought; no psychedelics required. The laws of physics and material density in our awaking dream is much more restrictive, making it more difficult to change our circumstances. We are born into bodies and educated to survive in a physical reality. It can take a life time of experiences or an extraordinary event to gain any awareness of our true essence of being consciousness that is experiencing life in an earthly dream. But this appears to be the challenge for us; to expanded awareness, and realize our full potential. Our quest, on this path of learning and self-realization, is to know the truth about the nature of everything. We are assisted on our journey by spirit teachers that manifest in different forms, be they plant, animal, human, or spirit. Psychedelics are primarily obtained from natural sources. Known as “plant teachers,” they can help us to discover who we really are, resolve personal development issues, open unused potentials of the mind, and gain access into other dreamscapes of consciousness. Through the application of the insights gained we are learning how to make behavioral changes. This is the key to learning how to minimize the pain, change our circumstance, and love this beautiful dream we call Life. Not sure this makes sense to you, but I hope it helps you find the answers to your question.

Olga says:

If life has no purpose and goal, as it is an imagination and a dream, what is the life purpose course for ?

Marko says:

If we subscribe to the theory that humans and all forms are just flukes, shaped by nature, Darwin, then we are just a bunch of cells that happen to percieve the world as a dream. We are mostly dividing cells which have a mysterious method of memory, way before birth. Every cell has the ability to remember what it needs to do next. A rocks’ atoms also know this. Our dreams began with the first matter, whatever that was…. then at some stage, if you study Kraus, Pinker, Dawkins etc. by an amazing natural phenomena atoms formed a ‘living’ entity. Which has a part of itself which can put together a story, or ongoing movie which manifests into a dream. The ‘i am’ bit is just generations of cells multiplying into ‘memories’ that pool together to form and percieve an identity. This is where science and spirituality merge, not separate. There is no conscience nor connections other than we are all of the same stuff … just different shapes. There is no purpose, other than our cells can form this dream … just embrace our ability, through luck to live in movies and soon enough even that with the help of nature will cease. Knowing this allows us to look back on how we got here, which was by a natural force to reproduce, divide at a cell level, however that happened???? I think it is here that deconstruction is its most powerful. As we sit, in harmony with our existence, nothing more, we can inquire about what it is to feel, to talk, to build language, to divide, to experience this fluke of being………to dream some more.

Joey e says:

Leo! God loves you!

anonymous says:

i have been lucid dreaming since my childhood. For me the major difference between dream and awaken state is that when i am in a dream and i get a doubt that it is a dream, i get fully conscious that it is a dream. Then I can clearly understand that everything that is happening is coming from my consciousness. However, if i am awake, no matter how much i doubt i don’t get conscious of the fact that it is an awaken-dream and nothing seems to be coming from my consciousness.

When i say everything comes from my consciousness, I meant that i have to think everything to make it happen in my dreams. This gets very overwhelming and results in lack of details in my dream. In my awaken state, i don’t have to think anything to make it happen and everything is full of persistent details.

So i agree with leo that the awaken state could be a different type of dream; but i don’t understanding why leo said that in the actual dream, one can not know if it is a dream. For me even a single hint makes me conscious. but that clearly does not happen when i am awake. Even though leo shouted multiple times to wake up.

anonymous says:

Just for an update, as per the recent experience, now there is no difference between reality and dream. It’s all the same. mysterious and infinite.

Sean T says:

Great content – I certainly agree.

However..why’re you yelling? hahahaha

No need to take the dream seriously, right?

(I tease, but also post to provide more feedback – it’s actually getting kind of draining to listen to your tone of presentation. It’s not about how you’re coming off to people, and clearing you aren’t struggling for more reach – it’s really a matter of energy. I’d rather vibe with those celebrating the mysteries of life rather than those preaching about it – guess it comes down to personal taste?)

Pablo says:

He uses the word dream but a dream is a state of consciousness then he says that when we awake we dont realize its still a dream but its just a different type of consciousness so why use the word dream at all He is saying both the consciousness of a sleeping person and that of an awake person are alike even if they are different. So awaking from my awake consciousness will lead me to another different consciousness that is more real, what is more real

Michael says:

Wow this is one if the most Amazing and Insightful videos I have ever seen! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! You have really helped me open up my eyes to what this existence is all about!

Ana says:

I use to be a big fan of this channel but this.. this was the most idiotic argument or lack thereof ever seen from Leo. If this is all a dream,
1-what is the point of it all?
2-If you have awaken, how do you live your life from that point?

Strong statements but poor arguments..

Yann says:

Reality is a dream, but it’s made out of love, so even if there is no substance to anything, there is nothing to worry about

Max Gron says:

You’re wrong, this is not a dream.

Ray says:

If life is a dream, why do we have such an attachment to “self preservation” to keep dreaming? Self preservation is common in all creatures. Then this dream doesn’t really matter? Then why not just end the dream?

michael says:

sorry mate, i like your other videos but you lost me on this one. I’ve got my own concepts on dreams. This one disappointed me.

Max Gron says:

The argument that this isn’t the matrix took some arguing that this isn’t the materialist universe. It’s strong arguments considering doubt is needed.

Max Gron says:

Bulldust upon bulldust, this isn’t a dream, get in the real world! It’s real to me, I’m not inside a dream, it’s very different to when I’m in bed with the lights out. It’s objective, in search of the most beneficial wisdom of the universe I’m not going to find it fantasising. I’m on my own, too much theory, I should be practicing instead of listening to videos.

Max the shithead says:

Yeah, let’s think reality is real literally like a wanker without any concept that an illusion can fool you and you’re silly enough to think everything is real, I used to be in the real fucking world, but I lost it, there’s no reality except that reality’s a deception. Consciousness creates everything but to know if it’s real stop imagining it and it won’t go away, reality seems like that, it looks a little too real, it’s suspicious, it can’t be as fucking real as it seems!

Max the shithead says:

It looks as if you really are a shithead, you talk shit!!! You’ve got a troll name and were originally a troll, now you’re a piece of bad news for you bode no ill, I think you’re good, you slapped people into reality, well done, but there’s something missing, this video isn’t for you, pretending to agree with Leo, what the hell is wrong with you? You usually disagree with him. Well let me tell you something most ominous, the curse has already begun on you the day the doctor put you on a “community treatment order”, you perfectly sane person, because of this people are jealous of you,
why don’t you murder someone already, hoping he’s alive to club you?

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