The Topic Of Mindfuckery

By Leo Gura - October 23, 2017 | 5 Comments

The mechanics of how and why mindfucks happen

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al dire says:

Why cant we trust you,, Leo?

Lindsey says:

Great work!
I went back and listened to the 2014 holloween edition to get inspired again, to really soak it in!!!!

Crystal says:

I love listening and absorbing your videos, Leo.

I feel I am just at the beginning of change – change of burying and trying to escape negative emotions for decades.

You are such a help to me and have enlightened me so much about life and the realities of life.

I am now learning to modify my former ways of coping with stress … ways that were actually working against me and manifesting even more anxiety, panic and paranoia.

Thank you so much,

Robert says:

Leo is great many people have been brained washed and spend their time playing computer games, watching television , working at jobs they hate just to get a good pension and salary, at the end of their lives they think is that it. Leo takes by the shoulders and shakes you out of your comfort zone and shows you there are alternatives it’s up you to listen with an open mind and come to your own conclusions. Thanks Leo love listening to you – much better than mindless television reality shows or radio programmes.

Daniel says:

I couldn’t stop laughing at 5:28

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