Understanding Duality - Part 2

By Leo Gura - April 22, 2019 | 3 Comments

List of scientific dualities

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Ralf says:

Thank you for presenting spiral dynamics to us. You do a great job. You mentioned, that you feel to be in state yellow mainly. That may be correct for most areas of life. But applying spiral dynamic to your talks shows me, that you are stuck in stage green when it comes to politics. You rant against the limitations of stage blue and stage organge. That’s okay, but stage green politics has critical limitations too. Get more distance and don’t get stuck in self-deception here. Try to evolve to the next Stage. Stage yellow means system thinking! For example try to apply the concepts of “system and environment” when analysing societies and national politics. Study green open border demand in societies like sweden and germany, if it comes to an environment like current middle east and afrika. Don’t mistake stage yellow conclusions with stage orange conclusions, even if they seem to appear similar. And perhaps in a system thinking approach the chinese wall did a better job over the last 1000 years, than a stage green rant against it will suggest. Be more open-minded in this area.

Sahib says:

Thanks for the video. Understood all the video except last 15 minutes. How to get out of mind/brain duality and especially physical/mental duality. Can you suggest a book or specific episode of yours so I could start to play with the idea?
I appriciate your time.

I know I’m being a bit pedantic here, but being a physicist, I just had to correct something you said. By questioning whether scientists are open to discovering more than matter and energy, you make it sound like these are the things we think the universe is made of. That’s not really true. Matter and energy taken together are what’s called a “conserved quantity.” That doesn’t mean the universe is “made” of these things, it just means that taken together, initial mass + initial energy = final mass + final energy (when using natural units). There’s other conserved quantities: charge, momentum, angular momentum, etc. Physicists love these things. Wherever that’s a symmetry in the universe, that corresponds to a conserved quantity. You consistently paint physicists as some sort of closed-minded materialists. They are a lot more abstract and open minded than you give them credit for; I suggest you hang out with a few.

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