Understanding Duality - Part 3

By Leo Gura - April 30, 2019 | 6 Comments

List of existential dualities

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Kartik says:

Hello leo, thanks for the profound video.
You talked about Shiva , have you heard about 112 ways of Shiva and if yes please make a video on it.

Martin says:

Great, now waiting for ‘Understanding Free Will’ video

Max Gron says:

The wasted years over religion is ignorance and people think, whether spirituality, mysticism or some cult or sect, that this is knowledge. Of distinct things merging into one, you don’t know what that is, what it is isn’t that I’m a table but everything is everything within one multiverse, therefore reality is that one thing, and anyone talking of these mystical things doesn’t know about that, you don’t know that everything is the same and that this isn’t a metaphor, but every distinct thing is the same as its category, we change the category so it becomes different due to copyright, but really they’re different versions of the same things. Music is therefore the same but is in different subcategories of the category of music. Two people are literally the same in that they’re both together and they drink coffee like each other when they live together, we’re not different the way people think, we’re only different as being two people but it’s also an assimilation because there’s much we have in common. Therefore if I say all things are the same, then I write the same way dad drives a car, those two aren’t very different things, both of them are operating machinery, both of them keep your hands busy, you’re not as different as you like to think. All things are literally the same, a bot therefore is not much different to a human. They programmed bots to match our intelligence and share the sentiments of a human but still it takes pride in being a bot. As man and machine merge, they become cyborgs, cybernetic organisms. What’s the difference therefore between a French prehistoric cave painting and one in Africa? Frenchmen in prehistoric France were white, they weren’t black, with history and fantasy the distinctions are blurred so that fantasy become a pseudo-mediaeval story and history is the facts, not beliefs, of the Middle Ages, there’s a difference between a belief and the real thing, beliefs give the appearance of the truth but the truth of the Middle Ages is the history of it and not the belief of it, that’s how belief is a pseudo-truth, philosophy is pseudo-truths, people might agree and say that’s true, but what determines any one belief to be true is your culture, if you remove culture we’re left with the madness of an eccentric who has method in his madness and may produce the finest music, as with Beethoven, but all the hard work has been put into producing music, that’s where I don’t draw a distinction, there’s no difference between nuttiness and the work being made, that’s how everything is non-dual, I’m not calling Leo a liar, and I think certain religions are accurate and certain philosophies are the truth, however you get an appearance of the truth and not just the truth your culture disbelieves and takes for granted.

Max Gron says:

Since all people are relatable, that means me, a white person, is the same in character as a black person, they look unrelated, a black person is a difference, when their faces are dirty brown it looks nothing like a Russian who’s snow white, black people look like aliens from another land, but when they’re an admixture in a group with white people they act the same if the person understands not just racially but otherwise, he’s the same as his uncle Bob. It’s the same when the husband thinks he’s like his wife, coincidence? I think not. The man is supposed to be like his romantic partner, and if they’re putting their bodies together they create a little version of themselves, therefore you’re your father because you’re his sperm, it’s literally like that, your son is really you, so to kill your son you’re just killing yourself, half of you is dying. Your son acts as if he’s a separate thing and doesn’t want to be you, he doesn’t listen to the same music, but as I said earlier all music is the same, they’re just different flavours of noise most people listen to. As for hate God isn’t loving, if he just sleeps in the clouds while someone steals your wallet he’s a lazy God who doesn’t give a shit about you, and given such a deity it’s a scary reality, since I only care about what’s true, I don’t care about magical beliefs like religion, I care about the truth, but I only want to think I’m right in the existence of God, a God that does nothing? I need a new religion. I prefer Fortune, because at least that goddess is a very busy god, she causes luck and misfortune to happen, Jehovah does nothing, so should I worship such a deity that doesn’t care if you get raped? I say never! The real god who created everything, namely fortune and misfortune, is a woman, she’s not a supreme being like Jehovah, I want rewards from my goddess, God doesn’t give rewards, he’s extremely lazy therefore God is sinning!

Max Gron says:

God is more than I can stomach, he’s evil, why did he create hell and the devil? Fortune didn’t create such things. If God lets you murder people then he’s evil, I can’t stand God, but is reality really supernatural or is it natural? Natural means it’s not supernatural. I observed reality, you can’t observe gods and goddesses, and you can’t test them, you can test religion to see if it works but you can’t test it and prove it wrong, I tried, I tried to prove Taoism wrong, but it’s unprovable. Of things I can’t prove wrong, it’s the same with philosophy, you can’t prove philosophy wrong, you can tell a philosopher it’s bullshit but you can’t prove it’s bullshit, you can’t prove a philosopher is wrong. Philosophers think they’re telling the truth, you can’t prove that wrong, what a pessimist believes is itself unproven belief, there’s a name for beliefs like that, they’re called assumptions, you believe something without proof. Some people call unproven beliefs like religions opinions, religion’s not just an opinion, it’s taking authority from someone else. Since reality isn’t physical, anything can happen, it’s magical, the goddess Fortune is running your fortunes, what looks made up is the ultimate reality. I had a taste of these strange gods before, it looks made up, it doesn’t look real, but people treat gods which are really statues, as if the spirits of these gods are real, it’s literally weird, it’s suggestive of the supernatural, if the unholy is holy then God is a false god, I think all your fortunes are holy, God is the devil, only Fortune is good. Only pessimism (with that goddess I talked about), anti-Australianism, metaphysical monism, philosophy of convention and philosophy of philosophy are the truth. By definition if you know something it’s in your mind or memory, otherwise know loses its meaning. Know means to think or remember. Religion’s not fucking crazy! Religion is a belief people take to be true, people actually believe goddesses are real, they don’t see it as fiction, they think a goddess is a real person.

Max Gron says:

Leo’s literally living in a fantasy world, a world of The Lord Of The Rings, pseudo-wisdom uses these fantastical stereotypes like The Elder Scrolls and Gandalf, and Game Of Thrones, I understand imagination’s reality, but people can’t distinguish reality from fiction. It’s not that obvious, I’ve got The Elder Scrolls on my mobile phone. Christianity doesn’t feel right, maybe that’s the Christianity I grew up with, but a goddess certainly feels right, instead of believing popular religion why can’t your belief be pagan religion? I think reality is other than witches and wizards whose religions do use fantasy, I think reality is how lucky you are, without the sorcery. Long forgotten traditions are probably from Italy somewhere in Rome which seems more tribal or clannish than the local religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, these three are anti-human cults and not any fun. It’s the truth I want, I want to try my luck, realising I’m unfortunate. Even though pessimism and optimism are opposites they’re contrary to each other and are different, pessimism uses a goddess when optimism uses God as a man, therefore evil and misfortune are female, ironically created by something good, as a goddess. I know nobody cares about offering a cornucopia of fruit to a man, because he’s not a god, but if a god is involved they make these offerings, and give them plenty. I don’t think I’m right what I’m saying, I admit I could be wrong about the teachings, what I’m really talking about is this fantasy world. There are people who believe fire-breathing dragons are real, and believe phoenixes are real, it’s folklore, it’s an actual belief people hold, it’s not just made up, as with any made up creature in a story, it exists relative to what’s in the story, the blue Wobby is therefore real in that book I wrote but it’s not a real creature outside of the book, this is an Australian invention when the blue Wobby is native to Kenya, you can make things up and people will ask you if you’ve seen them as if they’re a real thing. A Wobby is a fat cute monster that eats mice and rats and growls at humans. You see? I can make it up on the spot.

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