Balancing Theory vs Practice

By Leo Gura - May 15, 2017 | 7 Comments

How to use theory and practice against one another

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Naseem says:

Hey leo!

How much theory is wise to implement at once?

How many “experiments ” should I set up ?

Should i stick to one thing or keep implementing as much as possible ?

Thanks !

Frederick says:

Hey Leo,

thanks for the video ! Could you make a video about journaling ? I couldn’t find one in your videos, but are very interested in that topic.

Thanks for your good work,

Darren Bennetts says:

Hi Leo
Could you make a video explaining how to do Spiritual Autolysis
As that can lead to enlightenment if done properly.

I don’t understand Jed McKenna’s instructions and was hoping you could explain more clearly and perhaps show us how to do it.

Try to Write something that is true, and keep. Goingnhntil you do is just not enough for me to understand

I know the only truth that cannot be disproved is “I Am” and therefore that must be truth.

But I don’t know how writing a statement like “my name is Darren” can be broken down to eventually arrive at the truth. I would like to try Spiritual Autolysis and become enlightened, but need your help to get started and understand the process.

Cheers & Thanks

Ben says:

I had trouble understanding the idea that we have to “read between the lines of our thinking.” Could you elaborate on this?

By the way, excellent video, as always. Thank you for everything you do!

Dave says:

I was disappointed what you said about using psychedelic drugs. Being in recovery, I would never use them. Everything else is great.

Dave says:

I was disappointed to hear your comments on psychedelic drugs. Being in recovery I would not use them. Everything else you mention is great.

Ehsan says:

Hey Leo
I’ve just started watching your content for a few weeks now, and I’m astonished. I AM ASTONISHED!
I want to express my deepest gratitude to you just because you’re an awesome person and trying to help as many people as possible in the world without expecting anything special. I’m thrilled to watch more and more, but man this is serious stuff and takes me so much time to understand.
Again, I can’t thank you enough. Most of the times I cry at the end of your videos and I know this path is gonna make me a better person.
with love, from Iran

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