True vs False Skepticism

By Leo Gura - April 3, 2017 | 9 Comments

The problems with modern versions of skepticism

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Drigo says:

Hi Leo, I really like your website. What content management system do you use? How do you align little images and logos with text in different arrangements on the same page? Thanks a lot

Patrick says:

He’s not here to hold your hand with things like this. Go figure it out.

You look hot, kind and sweet, but i’m a sceptic so i’m gonna leave room to allow for the fact that you may actually be an ugly ahole. Are you even real? I bet you’re just a CGI. I kidd Leo, I’m just wrong this way. Seriously tho, this is an awesome video. So this is your ancient wisdom? You feel particularly at home in this specific topic don’t you. When not even Yoga can help me I come and listen to you. Thank you for these videos.

Joseph says:

Jesus loves you

Andrew says:

Really enjoyed this video has been like treasure for me !

Unfolder says:

Beautiful Leo!! I guess it all boils down to the tendency to take a certain point of view, while the absolute truth transcends all limitations. All points of view are Being with apparent blinders on

Oliver says:

Hey Leo! Great, Fantastic episode! I have a question for you though.

I have upped my meditation to 1 hour a day now, 3 x 20 minutes per day. I am seeing massive results already, however I am struggling in meditation to get the ego to let go.

Sometimes I can surrender completely and enter a non-dual sate. I even had my first samadhi like experience the other day. But usually I get to a deep mediative state and then the deep structures of the ego just will not let go.

Will I be battling with this issue until I reach enlightenment?

Donna says:

By far, one of the most crucial videos you’ve made to date. The pervading sense of unease that comes from our ego’s stances and conceptual ideas about which we have to defend and justify at an unconscious and constant state is, I believe, the basis of all our unhappiness. It is that which all marketing schemes target and keeps us chasing that illusive carrot.

Thank you, Leo. I am indebted to you for this work.

Karthiksuryavamsiv says:

Hey leo please provide subtitles or transcripts for this video

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