The Radical Implications Of Oneness

By Leo Gura - October 29, 2018 | 7 Comments

What it really means that “we are all one”

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Andrew says:

Wow! I had no idea that the full implications of non-duality were quite so disturbing or so beautiful. But one thing still bothers me Leo: if God (acting through us) is getting to know Itself through all the infinite experiences of humankind, does that not then imply that God (because reality is infinite) can NEVER fully know Itself? It true, it is a harrowing thought.

Sevi says:

Great costume Leo!
And the topic is so scary even to accept conceptually, but at least it’s a start. Thanks for taking the courage to talk about what we want to ignore the most.

Happy Halloween!

clem says:

Thanks Leo. This topic has a profound influence on my ability to define the contrast between my “actual” and my “conceptual” perception of reality. I recognize that “little me” is engaged in the process of evolving through the Spiral Dynamics field, expanding my conceptual/intellectual understanding of existence to accept the inclusive actuality that “all is ONE,” and that “I am” both the created and the Creator of Life.
From the limited perspective of “little me,” it is difficult to realize that my suffering and the suffering of humanity is the physical manifestation of different aspects of myself which are unsuccessfully struggling to change the world that I have misunderstood to be something “other” than me. The key to ending the pain of war is to recognize and take responsibility for my hateful thoughts/actions which are contributing to my debilitating circumstances. In other words I can’t solve my problems using the same “little me” dualistic thinking that created those problems. Shifting my consciousness to the meta-perspective, I am faced with accepting the actual reality that all evil, injustice, and suffering in the world is the unrecognized and unwanted outward manifestation of myself. Confronting this “shadow” side and unraveling it’s enfolding darkness within the light of higher consciousness is difficult, but it is the path way for realignment and resolution to all the problems.
A practical daily spiritual application is to be aware that all duality is a distorting conceptual “little me” reality. Duality of mind is creating and perpetuating unconsciousness. As soon as I realize that I have taken a side on any issue, I counter it by seeking the middle ground; dissolving the duality of “us vs them.”. Applied to gender, I am both male and female. Applied to morality I am both good and evil.
The challenge is waking up from the dream of conceptual duality to the recognition of the Oneness of actuality.

Ossi says:

Is there a good conceptual explanation for the question of whether or not there exist egoic streams of consciousness of infinite duration as in stage blue Christian heaven and hell? I suspect the answer must be that there isn’t because how could I ever escape the heaven or hell to become everything? But can I deduce this without assuming in advance (or of course embodying) the fact that I’m absolutely everything?

One thing that for me seems a bit hard to swallow at first, is the existence of worlds that don’t make any sense whatsoever. Like first you are a tennis ball and after a couple of seconds a dog and then there is black and the sound of a guitar and so forth. And of course worlds that contain so strange forms in so strange orders that we can’t even begin to describe them from here.

Of course I’ve gotten a taste of such strangeness from psychedelics, but to live a subjectively million year life in complete randomness for example seems a bit implausible for me at this stage of my developement.

By the way I was so satisfied when you said that that you’re also going to be every possible perpetrator (not because of sadistic tendencies just to make sure) . The victim list was so long that I was already worrying like damn no, is he leaving out the other half!

John Quelch says:

Thanks for that Leo! Having looked into non dualist teachings for a long time now, you are the first to really paint the canvas so directly, so broadly. I’ve found that many other gurus on the non dualist path will hint at the truth but maybe to some degree end up gilding the lilly so to speak and fail to confront our ego with the brutal truth: it is the good, it is the light but, equally, it encompasses the evil and the dark. Maybe, it’s because, as you say, the vision is just too terrifying for our small selves to behold and for our egoic minds to comprehend. It’s a picture, however, well painted for those who are ready.

Yann says:

I wish you could read one of the most powerful book I’ve ever read. It’s not that far from non-duality teaching. Except (and that’s a huge difference) that it says that we created this fake, dream world, by projecting our guilt from separating (in dream) from God, of Whom we are forever part of. Like prodigal sons if you will, who need to come back, i.e. to wake up from our sinister dream of separation.
Read it without prejudice if you haven’t yet. I guarantee you’ll be philosophically floored at almost every page!

The name of the book is : A course in miracles

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