The Radical Implications Of Oneness

By Leo Gura - October 29, 2018 | 19 Comments

What it really means that “we are all one”

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Andrew says:

Wow! I had no idea that the full implications of non-duality were quite so disturbing or so beautiful. But one thing still bothers me Leo: if God (acting through us) is getting to know Itself through all the infinite experiences of humankind, does that not then imply that God (because reality is infinite) can NEVER fully know Itself? It true, it is a harrowing thought.

Sevi says:

Great costume Leo!
And the topic is so scary even to accept conceptually, but at least it’s a start. Thanks for taking the courage to talk about what we want to ignore the most.

Happy Halloween!

clem says:

Thanks Leo. This topic has a profound influence on my ability to define the contrast between my “actual” and my “conceptual” perception of reality. I recognize that “little me” is engaged in the process of evolving through the Spiral Dynamics field, expanding my conceptual/intellectual understanding of existence to accept the inclusive actuality that “all is ONE,” and that “I am” both the created and the Creator of Life.
From the limited perspective of “little me,” it is difficult to realize that my suffering and the suffering of humanity is the physical manifestation of different aspects of myself which are unsuccessfully struggling to change the world that I have misunderstood to be something “other” than me. The key to ending the pain of war is to recognize and take responsibility for my hateful thoughts/actions which are contributing to my debilitating circumstances. In other words I can’t solve my problems using the same “little me” dualistic thinking that created those problems. Shifting my consciousness to the meta-perspective, I am faced with accepting the actual reality that all evil, injustice, and suffering in the world is the unrecognized and unwanted outward manifestation of myself. Confronting this “shadow” side and unraveling it’s enfolding darkness within the light of higher consciousness is difficult, but it is the path way for realignment and resolution to all the problems.
A practical daily spiritual application is to be aware that all duality is a distorting conceptual “little me” reality. Duality of mind is creating and perpetuating unconsciousness. As soon as I realize that I have taken a side on any issue, I counter it by seeking the middle ground; dissolving the duality of “us vs them.”. Applied to gender, I am both male and female. Applied to morality I am both good and evil.
The challenge is waking up from the dream of conceptual duality to the recognition of the Oneness of actuality.

Ossi says:

Is there a good conceptual explanation for the question of whether or not there exist egoic streams of consciousness of infinite duration as in stage blue Christian heaven and hell? I suspect the answer must be that there isn’t because how could I ever escape the heaven or hell to become everything? But can I deduce this without assuming in advance (or of course embodying) the fact that I’m absolutely everything?

One thing that for me seems a bit hard to swallow at first, is the existence of worlds that don’t make any sense whatsoever. Like first you are a tennis ball and after a couple of seconds a dog and then there is black and the sound of a guitar and so forth. And of course worlds that contain so strange forms in so strange orders that we can’t even begin to describe them from here.

Of course I’ve gotten a taste of such strangeness from psychedelics, but to live a subjectively million year life in complete randomness for example seems a bit implausible for me at this stage of my developement.

By the way I was so satisfied when you said that that you’re also going to be every possible perpetrator (not because of sadistic tendencies just to make sure) . The victim list was so long that I was already worrying like damn no, is he leaving out the other half!

John Quelch says:

Thanks for that Leo! Having looked into non dualist teachings for a long time now, you are the first to really paint the canvas so directly, so broadly. I’ve found that many other gurus on the non dualist path will hint at the truth but maybe to some degree end up gilding the lilly so to speak and fail to confront our ego with the brutal truth: it is the good, it is the light but, equally, it encompasses the evil and the dark. Maybe, it’s because, as you say, the vision is just too terrifying for our small selves to behold and for our egoic minds to comprehend. It’s a picture, however, well painted for those who are ready.

Yann says:

I wish you could read one of the most powerful book I’ve ever read. It’s not that far from non-duality teaching. Except (and that’s a huge difference) that it says that we created this fake, dream world, by projecting our guilt from separating (in dream) from God, of Whom we are forever part of. Like prodigal sons if you will, who need to come back, i.e. to wake up from our sinister dream of separation.
Read it without prejudice if you haven’t yet. I guarantee you’ll be philosophically floored at almost every page!

The name of the book is : A course in miracles

Jimmy Feiling says:


Get hard and tough and eat spinach for iron it also prevents asthma (in case it dont give popeye muscles) no! Lol

ZMO says:

Infinitesimal ONE filled the VOID and created all our of LOVE to fill the melancholia of Nothingness ….. It created the Thought Boundary …. I remember being Hyperversal, Transversal, and Transducer before the Big Bang!

ZMO says:

A. R. Bordon – THE LINK
A. R. Bordon ( on Lulu-com ) and lifephysicsgroup-org (lpg-c)
Mantak Chia ( TAO books)
Carlos Castaneda (12 books & Wikipedia)
Alien Mind by George (Author: George LoBuono)
HumanOne only as strong as its weakest Link … A R Bordon

ZMO says:

The conscious mind processes at 15 bytes per second and the unconscious & subconscious mind at 80 million bytes per second …… If you gain access to your unconscious & subconscious mind you could create the 1st and 2nd Meissner-antiMeissner fields …. Astral Body and Causal Mind…. Tranfer consciousness into the Causal Mind and travel to before the Big Bang …. To travel through time is to travel through space …. Then you could experience everything including all infinitesimal causal minds that are connected through energy filaments, and you can pulse all filaments to travel to the thought boundary. The entire creation expands and contracts …. It breaths and palpitates…. Very very beautiful …. The Thought Boundary Contracts and Expands as a double walled undulating energy….You are all that and much much more …. Oversoul HumanOne …. I LOVE YOU …. I created you out of LOVE to fill the melancholia of Nothingness. Remember ME remember US ! Shakti within SHIVA within Shakti!

ZMO says:

Then you could experience everything including all infinitesimal causal minds that are connected through energy filaments, and you can pulse all filaments to travel to the thought boundary …. I want to describe more … We are linked together …. Their is no separation…. I could hear all infinitesimal points, all their thoughts all at once all thinking into infinity…. A cacophony of mind thought and sound extending into infinity …. Layered and superimposed … Groups of mind intermingling with each other dispercing like molecules and atoms then coalescing and dispersing infinitely… The Causal LINK … And then the Translation to the Thought Boundary to my/our SHIVA the HumanOne our Oversoul …. Only Poetry can more fully describe this … Two poems

ZMO says:

“Death will come to all of us. Especially soldiers. It will come, inevitable as the sun. It is only to be feared if you fear what is on the other side of it, if you see darkness in your soul rather than light. In a way, I suppose soldiers are gods. You give your life away so others will live in peace, even if it’s only fleeting. The ones who live carry parts of you with them, your deeds become seeds for theirs. The sacrifice carries forward. And in their final moments as a soldier, you know they will have to answer the same question you did in yours: with your life, would you only create death, or with your death would you create life? That is my question to you, Commander Locke, how will you die? And for what?” ( Halo:: Nightfall)

ZMO says:

Signals to Her Heart
Out where the ocean beats its calm thunder
against grainy shores of quartz and sand,
she strolls, hands pocketed in a flowing gown
of pearl-like luminance.
I can see her with hair the color of sky’s deepest night
when it whispers to the sun’s widow
to masquerade as the sickle’s light.

So this is she.
The only one who knows me as I am
though untouched is my skin.
The world from which she steps pounces from mystery,
announces her calm purity
like a willow tree bent to still waters.

In this unhurt place she takes her body
to the shoreline listening for sounds beneath the waves
that tell her what to do.
How great is her love?
Will it take her across the sea to me?
Does she hear my heart’s voice before the translation?

She scoops some sand with her ivory hands and
like an hourglass the particles fall having borrowed time
for a chance to touch her beauty.
Her lips move with prayers of grace as she tells
the wind her story;
even the clouds gather overhead to listen.
Her gestures multiply my love with the sign of infinity,
disentangled from all calculations,
adorning her face with a poetry of tears.

I am unsummoned though I hear her voice
so clear it startles me.
I watch her because I can.
I know her because she is me.
I love her because she is not me.

In all my movement, in the vast search
for something that will replace me,
I have found her on this shoreline, her faint footprints,
signatures of perfection that embarrass time with their fleeting nature.
I am like the cave behind her watching from darkness,
hollowed from tortured waves
into a vault that yearns to say what she cannot resist.
A language so pure it releases itself
from my mouth like long-held captives
finally ushered to their home;
jubilant gods dancing away from sorrow’s reach.

She turns her head and looks past me as if I were a ghost unseen,
yet I know she sees my deepest light.
I know the ocean is no boundary to her love.
She is waiting for the final path to my heart to become clear.
And I am waiting for something deep inside
to take my empty hands and fill them with her face
so I can know the rehearsals were numbered,
and all the splinters were signals to her heart.
(wingmakers-com — poem16 )

ZMO says:

” No, it is not the soul. What happens to sorcerers, when they pick up that hidden option of death, is that they turn into inorganic beings, very specialized, high-speed inorganic beings, beings capable of stupendous maneuvers of perception. Sorcerers enter then into what the shamans of ancient Mexico called their definitive journey. Infinity becomes their realm of action.” ( Carlos Castaneda )

ZMO says:


From A.R. Bordon -Secret Lockheed Martin Skunkworks Reverse Engineering Division

ZMO says:

What is a youth?
Impetuous fire
What is a maid?
Ice and desire
The world wags on

A rose will bloom
It then will fade
So does a youth
So does the fairest maid

Comes a time when one sweet smile
Has its season for awhile
Then Love’s in love with me

Some may think only to marry
Others will tease and tarry
Mine is the very best parry
Cupid he rules us all

Caper the caper; sing me the song
Death will come soon to hush us along
Sweeter than honey and bitter as gall
Love is a task and it never will pall
Sweeter than honey and bitter as gall
Cupid he rules us all

A rose will bloom, it then will fade
So does a youth
So does the fairest maid

sung by Glen Weston

ZMO says:

The Link 2007 A. R. Bordon

Scientists today even use the term “words” to describe genes, describing the variations in the protein sequences as different “spellings” of those words. Yet, they completely miss the grammar of those words: the music, the poetry, the linguistics. So let me take those same words (genes) and rearrange them to reveal poetry, thanks to poetry of its creator, Robert Frost:
Fire and Ice

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

They are the same words scattered linearly inside the box above, but now suddenly they create something complex and intelligent, for more than the simple sum of their parts. Through the arrangement of the symphony of the words, Robert Frost takes us to the meaning of life itself, and the end of the world as we know it. All is brought forth by a set of words, meaningless when isolated, absent the context of their interrelationships, their holographic relationships in the whole. Albeit made a metaphor above, it is the same thing with our biology and the biominds we are. It is this the biology we are, that we have, that we must defend against all enemies, off-world and earthly. It is this biology from and through which our species interconnects within itself, and interconnects to all other biokinds in the universe. It is also the biology that underpins the Hu-manOne and the HumanOrg envisioned on these pages.

Veil says:

Hi Leo,
I try to understand some spiritual concepts and I have a few things that I dont understand very well. Related to the concept of oneness or non-duality, I feel like there is a conflict with individuality, or individual soul or consciousness. The way I feel it should be, is that every human has an individual soul, conrsciousness, energy, whatever, which of course is different from the ego self. We should not identify whith emotions or thoughts, but at the same time i feel that this higher consiousness permeates them more or less. Like, normally, when we are aligned with it, it should guide our feelings or actions. So, I was wondering if this is true, if our souls are unique from the point of view of spiritual energy or what they are made of and if in the case when we choose to express our individuality by art like singing or dancing or something else we choose to do in life as an occupation or work, could this be an ego thing or not, because somewhere in a video i understood that everything we do that promotes the self or guards the self is a selfish think is this the case with individual expression ?

Max Raoy Gron says:

It’s strange that Leo’s dressed like an elf and acting very serious, this is a cult, since individuality isn’t what’s the category of normal, it’s the strange, the eerie, the scary, believe it! I know because (most unpopular comment) when I was acting normal it felt safe, mundane, and mediocre. Why can’t people kick it up a notch, like being so weird as to believe in furry brown aliens on an irregularly-shaped planet? That’s enough of that, the above video’s about nonduality and pessimism. It’s pessimistic talking about everything I hate, except fish butchered for sushi, I’m not that kind of vegetarian, I can still eat fish, and eat a dead pig if it’s salted and smoked as ham. I’m not the animal being eaten, and I’m not in front of the camera in Vegas, what’s meant by I’m Leo and Leo’s me is that we’re connected, we have an essence of his traits, in the process creating little Leos just like him, it’s all about Leo, it’s all about his philosophy and his worldview. I don’t have a worldview, for one thing beasts being slaughtered for meat don’t exist, for another there’s only plants and minerals and water and that’s what vegetarians eat. It’s way more complicated than that, not only is all this fantasy merged into one, it’s also scattered in trillions of pieces across the universe, and not only that even, things are only very specific things, this one finite thing (Leo’s language), that’s how you form for 39 years an identity, it’s a very small number of things you do. I learned to be the whole package deal and not this one finite thing, but I’m very specific things, it’s an extremely small variety of things I do under every circumstance. I have a small moral code and a small set of beliefs, and, with the aid of Leo, I can surrender everything for this infinite fantasy, to fly with no equipment and change the size of the moon, but it can’t happen, Leo’s living in what you call fantasy, even though he’s very sincere about it. He laughs loudly off camera him sucking us into his labyrinth of magical elves, fairies and hobgoblins. The reality is the real magic is superstition, science based on causation of events and luck, I never got luckier since I immersed myself completely in superstition. I stopped wearing green and yellow (those two colours aren’t the norm, most people are superstitious and try to keep it to themselves). It’s a very complex thing in life, as it’s tangled in myth, gods, conspiracy theory, occultism, lack of popular religion, witchcraft, sorcery, Aztec mysticism, Chinese philosophy, Taoism, Zen, that’s Leo’s beliefs in a nutshell. He believes a ton of things and doesn’t know when he’s being logical or not, he doesn’t have the intention of doing logic, but the irrational thing of blending logic with anti-logic. What it all boils down to is we’re married together as one, therefore there’s one blade of grass and you don’t exist, only me, a thin green leaf exists and not even the dirt I’m growing in. No grasses exist but me, we’re one, and one element, we’re total, breathing simplicity and our souls are pure light and you can’t see it, light exists when it doesn’t, paradox must exist because every magic that doesn’t work must be true. I can’t accept that, it’s fantasy, there’s no such things as spirits and magic and souls and all this bullshit of Leo, it’s crazy stuff, starting your own channel making spirituality up is crazy!

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