The Ultimate Guide To Dealing With Fear - Part 2

By Leo Gura - September 23, 2019 | 6 Comments

Top 12 techniques for dealing with fear


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Joel says:

If GOD is infinite intelligence and infinite imagination, HE can create a man who is totally enlightened, realizes that his children being burned to death is an hallucination, and can still care and grieve deeply (while recognizing that his caring and grieving are also hallucinations).

Constantin says:

You make an extraordinary work. All the information you make available to people is so true and so well exposed in words. But here is a problem , you speak but there is no one to really listen to you. Of the thousands of people who have access to the teachings you offer, only one percent understand something, and of these only just a small percentage apply in their life .It’s so sad, people are so preoccupied with fulfilling their thousands of ephemeral desires that they forget to be themselves. However, if only one person in the thousands who listens to you ,wakes up and reaches the end of the spiritual journey, it is a wonderful achievement. Tanks a lot.

Joel says:

Constantin, if YOU wake up, everything will work out exactly as it must.

Constantin says:

Doesnt matter you wake up or not, everythingh work out exactly as is shoud.

Joel says:

Constantin, you are correct.

truth says:

the bubble metaphor was always about his own community. the irony is not a paradox, its about the inability to change. every attempt to help must be rejected. they are so selfabsorbed and blind and keep each other trapped. the same way the labyrinth metaphor was not about life, but about the bully in the box and his followers.

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